Fresh Oil
Light to walk by in the darkness of this world


My name is Christine Beadsworth

I live in Somerset West, South Africa. I am foremost, a passionate lover of Jesus and, at various inspired moments, I am also an artist, gardener, poet, and speaker. I have written since the time I could hold a pencil, and since 2006, have been publishing articles under the Lord’s direction, using the ‘Fresh Oil Releases’ banner. I have always had a passion for the preparation of the Bride of Christ.

Seeing with a prophetic eye can be challenging. Often one is shown scenes and messages that seem so imminent and close at hand, but unless God adds a timestamp to the message, we really have no clue as to when it will unfold. God showed Isaiah and the other prophets of the Old Testament some things that have yet to happen many centuries after their deaths. Understanding of the times in order to share with people what they ought to do is desperately needed in the Body of Christ. Perhaps it is pivotal to grasp that the word ‘times’ denotes a period, a season, a chapter, rather than the day and the hour.

Yet, my earnest desire is to be found faithful, a bond-servant who is handing out meals at the right time as Matthew, 24:45 describes. No-one wants to be served morning tea when it is time for the evening meal. Help me, Jesus, to release the right food at the right time and keep me in step with Your Spirit.


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