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You can find here a video done to the audio of my Divine Image Destroyed podcast. The video is now available in English, Filipino (subtitled), French (dubbed), German (subtitled), Greek (subtitled), Italian (subtitled), Portuguese (subtitled) and Spanish (dubbed).

There are a number of ways you can access my media...

1) You can download the audio files directly from this site by going to the podcast listings page. This page is also accessible via the PODCASTS menu link above. You can also download the entire library with this zip file - it's 3.6GB in size.

2) You can play the audio files directly from this site by going to this page. It will open in the same window as a standalone page. There is a tiny glitch in the script in that it automatically starts playing the second file in the first folder instead of the first file in the first folder. That is the only known issue. The green mp3 title color lets you know which file is being played at the moment. A blue checkmark lets you know which files you have already listened to. The mp3 files will play one after the other unless you pause the player or exit the page. If you leave the page and come back to it at a later time the player will pick up where you left off. You can also choose whatever file you wouild like to listen to by clicking on it once. Hovering over the folders or tapping them will open them to let you see inside them and which files are playing, if any.

3) If you prefer, you can access all AUDIO or PODCASTS for 2016/17/18/19 at:

i) Fresh Air Releases

ii) or my 2020/21 podcast site Fresh Sound Releases for the messages from 2020 onwards.

iii) Food for the Journey Podcast features short readings from my books and is updated as I am able.

4) NB. As of Feb 1st 2021, I have closed my youtube channel Fresh Air Releases

**Please visit and subscribe to my new Brighteon channel:


5) I have deleted my Twitter Account – FreshCheeps, because of the continual censorship of free speech and the blatant attack on anything considered Christian or conservative.



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