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Behold the Bride

Behold the Bride' image

This painting is birthed out of a vision the Lord gave me of the Bride of Christ. There is an announcement made in the heavenlies; “Behold the Bride, the Lambs wife” and as the veil parts, she is revealed. She is clothed in all her wedding finery, beautiful embroidered linen, pure and bright and on her feet are army boots for she is a warring Bride. But there is something strange… She is found not in the cloistered comfort of a palace, protected from anything that might sully her garment or taint her purity. She is not even found in a church building – she is found in the street, in the marketplace, kneeling in the dirt and refuse of a broken world, surrounded by the wounded, the sinner, the poor and the lame, reaching out in compassion and love in the pattern of her Bridegroom and as she touches them, the glory that is upon her is transferred to them. She is faceless because she is made up of many nameless and faceless ones who have no desire for their own glory and fame but seek only to glorify the Bridegroom. These are the ones who have been behind the veil in the secret place of intimacy with their Beloved, gazing upon His beauty and adoring Him, those who have been through the fires of testing and purification, vessels of honor who are willing to follow the Lamb wherever He goes. The day of unveiling is at hand.



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