This post is for the Body; those who call themselves by the Name of the Lord. I found it very distressing sharing this message as it holds eternal consequences. People don't want to listen but God, full of tender mercy, is still warning. I am very aware that the time of warning is coming to an end. May you have ears to hear and a heart to understand and be quick to obey.

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This was going to be my third of three messages concerning the shot in the arm that is being practically forced on all the population of the earth, and as I sat down to prepare for this podcast, knowing what the content of my final message would be, the Lord gave me a prelude for it and because I don't want the message to be too long, I'm going to do the prelude or part one of the final message in this post– and then released the final message in a separate message.

The verse that keeps coming to me over and over again is the one that says there are multitudes in the valley of decision at this time. And I think we can all agree that this is certainly true concerning whether to take this jab or not (and of course the decision made is about far more than just a medical therapy).

This message is really for the Body of Christ; it's for those who name themselves by the name of the Lord. This message is not for those who are already part of the kingdom of darkness or have not come to the light. God holds us accountable to a higher standard, and He sees His people perish for lack of knowledge. He says you will know the truth and the truth will set you free! However, something very important is that we have to have a love of the truth. Truth is sometimes painful and yes, when we know the truth, that sets us free, but if we do not love the truth and embrace the truth — if we choose to lean on our own understanding rather than to receive the truth, then we are going to be in serious trouble spiritually and physically!

Do you remember the parable of the sower and the seed? Four different situations; stony ground, the weeds growing up... The seed is the Word and those who hear the Word and the only one that bears any fruit is the good soil. The seed takes root and grows to maturity, and Jesus explains that these are the ones who hear and receive the Word, and, in the Amplified Bible, it says 'hear, receive, love and obey'. That's how it translates that word 'hear' because that word actually denotes an action, not just a passive hearing of a sound. When you hear a sound you have to open your heart and receive it. And then when you have received it, you have to love and embrace and cherish that word. And then you have to obey that word. We cannot lean on our own understanding with this time.

In 2 Thessalonians 2 it speaks about the coming of the wicked one, whose coming is after the working of satan with power and signs and lying wonders. Chapter 2:10 says 'he comes with all deceivableness of unrighteousness, in them that perish, BECAUSE they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved'. So we see from this verse that these people are perishing because they did not receive the love of the truth. They did not have this attribute in their hearts: that they loved the truth. Verse 11 says 'for this cause, God will send them strong delusion that they shall believe a lie, and that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness'.

Now, we as the body of Christ tend to think this just refers to those who don't accept Jesus as their Savior, but it is a lot bigger than that. All through the old testament, and Paul in his letters in the new testament, and Jesus when he spoke to the Pharisees, all address those who name themselves by the name of the Lord and yet ,they do not live as people of the Lord. And they have His name on their lips but their hearts are far from Him. So this love of the truth is an incredibly crucial thing because, if you don't love the truth, you're going to be deceived and you're going to perish and you're going to come under strong delusion and believe a lie – and we know who the father of lies is! So those who don't believe the truth but have pleasure in unrighteousness (that would be believers partaking of the sins of Babylon in this case), come under the strong delusion.

Now I want to say I don't know if it's been your experience but I have found it incredibly difficult when trying to speak to people about the spiritual and physical dangers of having this shot in the arm. I found it incredibly difficult to get them to hear and receive and love and obey what I'm sharing with them even though it is the truth. There is a stubborn wilfulness in refusing to hear the truth. In fact, people would rather stubbornly go on in their error and deception, then to hear the truth, admit that they've believed wrong, repent and change their way of walking, embrace the truth and be saved.

There is a stiff neckedness. Jeremiah 17:23 speaks of this:

'but they obeyed not neither inclined their ear but made their neck stiff that they might not hear or receive instruction'.

So there is a two two pronged operation here  –  they don't open their ear to hear and they stiffen their neck that they might not hear. In the book of Ruth, Naomi had two daughters-in-law, Orpah and Ruth. Orpah means 'stiff necked' – and what it produced; she chose to go back to Moab, she chose to go back to uncleanness, she chose to go back to idolatry – and she was lost. But Ruth turned her face towards the House of Bread and said, "Your people will be my people and your God will be my God". So we have to repent of all stubbornness in refusing to hear truth, and sometimes, for some of us as believers, stubbornness and the unwillingness to be corrected is a real stronghold in our hearts and minds. In God's eyes, stubbornness is as idolatry because we making an idol of our own opinions. We would rather worship at the feet of our own opinions than receive the truth and change. Now that's a serious thing, Beloved, because we are in dangerous days.

I want to also speak to you about Romans 1, where it speaks about those who worshipped the creature rather than the Creator. God gave them over to a depraved mind, and then it speaks about the wrong sexual habits and the men going after men and women abandoning their natural inclinations to go after women and all that kind of thing. We have seen it happening in society. But what the Lord showed me this morning was, from Romans 1:22 onwards. The whole Word is truth, and we are coming into the fullness of manifestation of Romans 1 in these days in which we live. There is the beginning of a manifestation and there's a fullness of manifestation! Romans 1:23 says the following:

'they changed the glory of the uncorrupted God into an image made like corruptible man and birds and four footed beasts and creeping things. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts'.

Now I just want to show you something incredible here concerning the shot in the arm. We are made in the image of God and my other messages on the short in the arm have clearly spoken about where God put his name in every strand of DNA in our body; twenty three human chromosomes in a sperm and an egg twenty three – forty six altogether. In every one of those chromosomes, there is the name of God; Yahweh in the sulfide bonds holding the strands of DNA together. We are the third temple, as the body of Christ and the bride of Christ. However, Romans 1:23 says they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image into an image. The word 'changed' in Greek means 'to make different'. So they make the image different – how did they do that? I explained to you about the messenger RNA and how it splices itself into our dna strand and changes the image. That word 'corruptible' means 'decayed, or perishable' and it comes from a root word, which means 'to shrivel, to spoil, to ruin, to defile'. In other words, this image that we are being changed into by taking this shot in the arm is defiling us.

We also know that there are male human kidney cells — foetal kidney cells, that have been grown as cell lines and put into this jab. They are defiled because they have been mixed in with bovine serum. Here it says in Romans 1:2 'four footed beasts'. Human embryonic kidney cells mixed with bovine serum. And then it says 'and to birds' – the birds of the air always symbolize demonic spirits; it's the birds of the air that steal the seed of the Word when it is sown on the ground, and the people lose .it. So we have corruptible or defiled male cells, we have demonic spirits, we have bovine serum and then it says 'and creeping things' and that word 'creeping things' (some translations say 'reptiles') but the Greek Strong's concordance says 'serpent'. So the glory of God and the incredible image of God in our dna is changed to a hybrid of all these things mixed in together. Luciferase is the neon green added to the vaccine – they said they called it luciferase because Lucifer means 'light', but they could have actually called it photonase because photon actually means 'light', but they called it Luciferase because it's connected to the creeping thing or the serpent. The patent number for that is 060606 – and there is the number of the name... and we have that in the vaccine.

The glory of God was changed into was AN image – one image. And what image is it? It's a hybrid. The vacks is there in Romans 1:23. Two verses later, it tells us 'they changed the truth of God for a lie'! And worshipped the creature more than the Creator... That word 'creature' means 'formation, building, ordinance, something created'. The angels were created. The fallen angel that wants mankind to worship him was created; he is a creature – a dark and evil creature.

In the fullness of the manifestation of Romans chapter 1, many many people are changing the truth of God for a lie. They serving the creature; the fallen angel creature more than the Creator. For that reason, Romans 1:26 says 'for this cause God gave them up...' Why? Because they were worshipping creatures. God 'gave them up'– the word means 'to surrender' to yield up'. God allows you do this thing! He doesn't stop you! It's no use praying, "God, if a bird flies across my garden this morning, I will know I must have the vaccine". God allows you to go and get the witches brew pumped into your arm! Why? Because you're not loving the truth. And you are doing it because of fear, and because of the fear of man. The fear of man brings a snare and a trap and a prison.

One of the things listed in Romans 1:30 that is a product of worshipping the creature rather than the Creator is 'the invention of evil things'. This is an evil thing that's been invented; it's harmful, it's going to cause injury! That's what the Greek word means –  injurious. It causes harm.

All through the centuries, idolatry has been an outward thing. We as Christians think of pagan religions as worshipping idols; they have statues of Buddha etc.

The Chinese worship the dragon. They make sculptures of them, but in the fullness of manifestation of idolatry, idols are being set up within in the human body. We are defiling ourselves if we allow this shot to be put into our bodies because it is sorcery it is pharmakeia. 1 Corinthians 3:17 says 'if any one defiles the temple of God, him shall God destroy because the temple of god is holy whose temple you are'. Are you thinking of defiling the temple with corruptible defiled male images, mixed in with four footed beasts and creeping things, serpents and birds of the air? With the demonic mixed in.

The recipe for this witch's brew is received under the tutelage of fallen angels. This is the key to open the bottomless pit. Now a very interesting thing about this in revelation nine where it speaks about an angel being given a key to open the bottomless pit. I don't know who actually made the statement, whether it was the pharmaceutical companies who make the jabs or whether it was bill gates himself, but people were dissatisfied that people were taking the jabs and then they were still getting the virus – and they were told it takes about five months to have a full effect! Remember Revelation 9 says that these locusts are allowed to rampage for five months and to hurt anyone who doesn't have the seal of God upon the forehead.

I want to show you something very interesting. Revelation 9:3 says they came out of the smoke – locusts always symbolized destruction; something that eats up and destroys all life and takes away all ability to live and to thrive. They were given power as the scorpions of the earth. The word for 'scorpion' in Greek means 'to poison'; and it comes from the base of a word 'scopus' which means 'a watch, that is by implication a goal or MARK. The word 'mark' is connected to the word 'scorpion' and they torment men for five months. And the torment will be that of a scorpion when he strikes a man. In other words, poison is injected in to the limb.

Isn't it interesting that the locusts are prepared for battle and on their heads they have crowns. Stephanus is the word for 'crown', which is a wreath. Corona also means 'crown' and their faces were as the faces of men. Now we know that the face of a man, male DNA is in that witches brew because it has human male foetal embryonic kidney cells. Isn't that shocking?

So, beloved saints of God, we need to be like the Israelites of old. Protection comes by the blood of the Lamb. Franklin Graham has turned out to be a wolf hidden very well in sheep's clothing! It is an abomination that he says that the vackz heals like Jesus heals! First of all, it's not a v. a .x. and secondly, it does harm! It doesn't heal and Jesus never harmed anyone. He healed and made people completely whole. Thos who are listening to Franklin and queuing up to get the shot because they've always admired him as a man of God are following him straight over the cliff.

Let's look at Revelation 17:5. It's describing mystery Babylon and it says upon her forehead was a name written Mystery Babylon the Great, mother of harlots and the abominations of the earth. Do you know that that word 'harlotry' also means 'idolatry' and she has it written on her forehead. A mystery is something hidden and that word 'mystery' in Greek means 'to shut the mouth, through the idea of silence imposed by initiation into religious rites'. Do you remember when I shared my vision in my last message about the person that was led into a dark room with flashing red lights everywhere and they had a hood put over their head? I mentioned that the freemasons, when they initiate people, they put a hood or a hoodwink on their head and 'to hoodwink' means 'to deceive'. The reason why they do that is because they believe that the person is in darkness and so they put the hoodwink on the head to symbolise the fact that person is in darkness, and they intend to lift the hoodwink and initiate them into Luciferian light. So when that hoodwink is applied to the man and he can no longer see the warning lights, he has taken the first step in the initiation in religious rights in the worship of Lucifer.

On Aaron's forehead, as the high priest, he had a gold plate that said 'holiness to the Lord'. On Babylon's forehead is a name written: Mystery Babylon, the mother of harlots or idolators and the abominations of the earth. What is going to be on your forehead?

The abomination that causes desolation is setting itself up in the holy place of those who call themselves members of the body of Christ because they are allowing themselves to be injected with this poisonous hybrid brew that has blood sacrifices in it. That is defiling our temple. Remember this verse:

1Co 3:16  Do you not know that you are a temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? 1Co 3:17  If anyone defiles the temple of God, God shall destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which you are.

Those human embryonic kidney cells – those babies were murdered as blood sacrifices, and the kidney cells are harvested while the baby is still alive! That's a blood sacrifice. That is torture. I have spoken to you before about the sound of the blood crying out and if you take this thing into your body, the sound of the blood of the innocent unborn is crying out in your body. It rises to heaven and calls for judgment from the living God.

I can clearly see in the earth in these days an incredible separation coming. It is the separation between those who identify themselves as children of Babylon and those who identify themselves as children of Light. Tragically, a great many of those who called themselves part of the body of Christ are falling away – this IS the great falling away. They are coming under the skirts of Babylon the Great. They identify themselves with Babylon because she is drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs. I'm really so disturbed by the number of Christians I see just putting their faith in pharmakeia, instead of in the Living God. It's so distressing that the people of God do not want to hear the truth. It breaks my heart to see and to hear of the great numbers of those who are children of God who are just blindly allowing themselves to be poisoned and defiled.

I said before in my last message that when one develops new land, one lays down roads, sewage pipes – that kind of thing. And then, when all that infrastructure is laid down, then people can move in, build their houses and it becomes an indwelt area. When telephone lines are laid down in the streets and a person buys a house moves into it, then they get a connector put in their house to the fibre lines that are already laid down in the streets. When that is connected up, then the person is able to make and receive phone calls; to connect to the outside world. Similarly, when one takes this first step of having the operating system injected into your arm, it is like connecting your house, your temple so that you can receive and send information. There are, for want of a better word, phone lines being laid down in your body. There will be booster shots next year where they will add further and further nanobots and computer pieces into your body. And they will all move and link up because they are remotely controllable. They take substances already inside your body and they build networks. And one day, there is going to be a voice that speaks... A phone inside your head is going to ring and a voice is going to say "Hello, this is god". But it is not going to be the One Eternal True God, the Father, Creator of the whole universe; the God Who is Light and in whom there is no shadow of turning... It won't be him. If you continue with this laying down of communication lines within your body, the voice that you hear is going be the voice of the one who wanted to sit upon the throne of God, Lucifer himself  –  the voice of the antichrist, and you are going to be connected up to 5G satellites and completely controlled.

In the human body, in the forehead – actually right in the middle of your brain between your eyes but in the middle where you can't see, is your pineal gland. t is the connecting link between the spiritual and the physical world. When people pray, when they have worship sessions, when they connect with the Lord, the pineal gland lights up. It has its own bioluminescent properties. It's an incredibly amazing gland, and it is right there in the forehead that the antichrist wants to put his mark. The King James Version and the original version doesn't say it's ON your forehead. It says it's IN your forehead. That's where your pineal gland is. And that’s why the enemy introduces his own version of light, luciferase in. This v.acks is masquerading as an angel of light, purporting to bring protection, when it actually brings destruction both physically and spiritually!

There's a gene called the VMAT2  gene (I think it's on chromosome 8, but don't quote me on that). That gene they call the God Gene, and it is that gene that they are endeavouring to dismantle and stop it functioning, because the VMAT2 gene is the gene that gives people an inclination and a desire for spiritual things. I heard a testimony last night of a couple; the man had the va.ckz for work purposes. And his wife said he has had a complete personality change – he now has a complete distaste for spiritual things. In fact he has become a mocker and a scoffer. He no longer believes in the power of prayer and has no desire to pray. That is because his VMAT2 gene has been switched off or disabled by the shot and his pineal gland is no longer functioning.

So this is a really serious thing, Beloved Saints. You know it says in Matthew 24, the love of many will grow cold because of multiplied iniquity? When a mother gives birth and she is given that baby to hold, the whole of the frontal lobe of her brain lights up and becomes active, because that's the part of your brain that is experiences love, positive emotion, euphoria and contentment. When the love of many grow cold because of multiplied iniquity, could it be because of the huge number of people that have taken the shot in the arm? They are no longer going to have the capacity to feel love and affection. They're going to become like people with hearts of stone. Isn't that a horrific thing? They're going to have no desire to seek God or to love truth.

There's been such controversy in Christian circles as to whether the shot in the arm is the mark of the beast... isn't it the mark of the beast?  No, it's got to be on your hand and on your forehead... and this and that and the next thing. I've already shown you that the word 'scorpion' is connected to the word 'mark'.

And of course we know the word 'charagma', which is translated as the 'mark' on the forehead, means 'to pierce', root word 'a stake'. And what about the phrase 'to engrave'? In the Old Testament they used to write by engraving. Now they're writing on your dna. They're putting in a piece of DNA; a few sentences. This changes the whole context of the story of what your DNA says. Your DNA is holy; it's guarded in the nucleus by the nucleus wall. Now, they are defiling it, they are dismantling that which makes you want to cry out to God; which makes you want to serve Him with all your heart and soul and mind and strength. That's why it says in the judgment of Babylon, that there will no longer be the light of the lamp in you and the voice of the bride and the voice of the bridegroom will not be heard. Why is that? Because the spirit of man is the lamp of the Lord. And in those who show allegiance to Babylon and become hybrids, part man/part computer, the lamp is put out. They will be receiving instructions from him who seats himself where the throne of God should be – where God should be speaking to you. He is going to present himself AS God. And he's going to trample the true saints; the ones who are wholly set apart unto the lord for three and a half years and he's going to be allowed to do so. But, Beloved, don't be one of those that because you have no love of the truth and you're stiff necked, you don't want to hear and receive and love and obey the truth – don't be one of those who are given over to strong delusion. It's so frustrating to have the love and urgency of God in you in wanting to save a person from their own destruction and yet they do not want to hear…

This has been a long message but I want to end off with a small segment that it was spoken by a sister in the Lord. Her name is Jessica and she has a YouTube channel called woke truth. I really beseech you to examine your heart, to get rid of all fear. Jesus came to set those free who were because of the fear of death held captive their whole lives. If we are the Lord's, we should not be held captive by a fear of death. We should not be succumbing to the lies that this virus (that has a ninety nine per cent recovery rate) can kill us and so we must have the pharmakeia and the sorcery poison hybrid brew in order to be saved from death. It's a lie, Beloved, and if the fear of man and the fear of death is still holding you captive, I beseech you to come before the Lord and ask him to set you free. There is no fear in His love. He who fears has not been made perfect in love, because perfect love casts fear out of the door. So listen to Jessica and then go before the Lord and ask him to deliver you of any fear – the blood of the Lamb is sufficient protection!


"2nd Corinthians 10:5 talks about the vain imaginations of the 'logismo' which is our human reasoning in the flesh. It hinders us from understanding the knowledge of God whose ways are above our ways, and again, Isaiah 58:39 where the Lord tells us that we can't understand because His ways are so above us.  We're in such a fallen place in our understanding. You know, for now, we see through a glass darkly. I don't have that scripture written down but you all know that one. Now I'll say right now if you're not interested in studying these verses to understand, then you are already far from the Lord and if you don't hunger for His Word and His understanding, then you'd better fall to your face right now and repent, because the love of the Father is not in you – better get it real quick! Because if you are lukewarm towards Him, He will spit you out. (Revelation 3:16)

Often I get comments with things like, "well the Bible says 'a mark' so it has to be physical carving or tattoo in the hand or forehead, or else you're saying the Bible is lie". Well, this is what the Lord brought to my attention today, and my question to those who are stuck on things like that is are you expecting to see a literal woman riding a beast appear with Mystery Babylon the Great written on her forehead? Are you expecting to literally see that, brothers and sisters? Or is that symbolic, brothers and sisters? Please read those verses again. It says the beast is full of names of blasphemy having seven heads and ten horns. I want to ask you again, are you expecting to physically see that – literally?

Listen, listen to the Word of the Lord, please, this is your eternal salvation. Are you also expecting a literal white horse to come riding through your town and city with a bow in his hand? Brothers and sisters, Revelation is symbolic. But we can't see it until we're in the time – and now we're in the time and it's being revealed and the Lord is showing us, in everything that we're seeing, all this symbolism tied to what's happening. This is why we continuously study the Word – because things are not going to be revealed until we get there to that point. Me and so many others have been studying the Word and showing you guys how the things happening in the real world right now are taught in prophecy… but we reject them based on this and that these things like "It needs to be a physical tattoo". I'm showing you why that doesn't make sense to believe that when looking at the rest of Revelation, okay?

The next question is: are you expecting a literal giant 'game of throne' style dragon to come chasing a woman into the wilderness and stream water at her as the earth swallows it up? Are you expecting to literally see that? Because that's what Revelation says and that's the logic many of you are using for this 'mark' situation. Please listen, this is not degrading or meant to hurt anyone's feelings. This is serious  and so urgent .guys. I'm not talking down to anyone. I had to be broken down too, we all have to. We have to have our pride broken down, because pride comes before the fall.

Now, this is the most important thing that the Lord wanted me to share with you all. When He gave this to me, I almost collapsed. Oh, how did I not see this? Jesus fulfilled hundreds of prophecies when He came to earth and walked among us. The Pharisees and most of the Jewish people rejected him, even though they studied the Tanach every day and probably could quote all of it.

Do you know what they were saying? They were saying, "well yes, but you're not literally king David in the flesh and where is your sword? If you're the Messiah, you're supposed to be freeing us from our Roman oppression… and we're not seeing you fighting that and breaking down the Romans". They didn't get it because they didn't study the prophecies in the spirit, guys, but in the flesh. They read the prophecies in the flesh and understood them in the flesh, so when Jesus Christ the Messiah, the Son of God stood in front of them, they didn't see him. THE SAME WAY WE'RE NOT SEEING the end times mark situation playing out in front of us right now – because we're studying it in the flesh. Do you see? They didn't know Jesus… we're not seeing the mark. Do you see it? They knew prophecy… you know prophecy. Do you see?

Why did it the Pharisees study the prophecy in the flesh and miss everything? Why couldn't I identify prophecy being fulfilled right in front of my eyes? Stephen tells us clearly why in Acts 7:51.

 'you stiff necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, you do always resist the Holy Ghost. Just as your fathers did, so do you'.

They knew all this history; they knew everything had happened; they knew all the prophecies but they didn't know Jesus when they saw Him because they didn't know the prophecy in the spirit. They studied it in the flesh and they were looking for these physical flesh manifestations. And Jesus didn't fit that so they rejected Him as being the fulfilment of prophecy. They relied on their logic of how they thought things would be in the flesh, instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to guide them and reveal all truth outside of their current mind's understanding.

So my question to you is: would you also be denying Jesus right now because He's not a literal vine or because He didn't appear as a conquering king with a literal sword? The Lord is showing you over and over and you must stop rebuking the Holy Spirit showing you these spiritual truths, simply because of your own reasoning and your preconceived notions. Hear this: what I'm saying right now        – preconceived notions about prophecy caused the Pharisees to accuse Jesus Christ of blasphemy and turn him over to be killed. Do you not see the prophetic irony here? This is what's going to happen to those of us who will not take the mark – we will be turned over to be killed. Do you see? The ark is closing! Hear the words of the Lord. Stop resisting the Holy Ghost, I beg you in Jesus' Name.