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Releasing the End-Time Light

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After releasing the word on the sieve and gate of consecration, I experienced the power of it in my own life. I have been trying to write the Book of End-Time Light; the 3rd in the trilogy. I have known it is urgent to make it available before the December holiday season because there will be much rampaging of darkness in this time of excess and fleshly entertainment. I have known the remnant needs the contents of this Book to equip them for the next leg of the journey.

On Sunday, the Lord said to me, “Consecrate yourself to the writing of this book.” Now I normally live in as consecrated a manner as I can in my daily walk with God but I sensed He was talking about consecration to the mission He had laid before me – in my case, this latest book. So I anointed myself and did so in prayer.

I then used every available moment in my days to sit down and write. And the book was complete in 3½ days! IT JUST FLOWED WITHOUT ANY RESISTANCE WHATSOEVER. I HAD ALL THE ENERGY AND ATTENTION SPAN TO COMPLETE THE TASK! I was beyond amazed when I realized what a short time it had taken to finish what God assigned me to do!

This is not a natural phenomenon but I believe there is a prophetic message in this. If you will fully consecrate yourself to the mission God has for you, you will receive all the power and provision to complete what He is asking you to do in the next 3½ years. You may not understand fully all the details of the blueprint, just as I only had a skeleton outline for the content of the book, but the Spirit of God will download and equip you with everything you need to flesh out the full dimensions of that blueprint and cause it to be manifest in the earth realm! Total consecration is the key to passing through that narrow gate and leaving the demonic harassment behind you in the last chapter!

Now once again this book is in full color with the dimensions 22.22cm by 22.22cm. This connects to Isaiah 22:22 – the key of David being laid upon the shoulder of the one God has raised up as the treasurer of His household. I finished the book at 12:22am on 14th of 11th month and the Holy Spirit emphasized that these numbers had a message.

H1222 means ‘gold’ and H1411 means ‘treasurer’. This book is for the golden vessels who are being raised up with governmental authority and knowledge of the King of King’s treasury and its contents.

Tomorrow is the 17th Cheshvan in the Rabbinic calendar, the day the fountains of the deep and the windows of heaven were opened. It is the day of the double outpouring and I know the Spirit desires this book to be a firstfruits of the outpouring of the double portion in the earthly realm. Noah had done all the preparation he could. He had been obedient to the smallest instruction and then he had entered the ark and been shut in by God. On the 7th day after that ark door shut, the rain began to pour and the ark began to be lifted up to move towards its appointed destination at Mount Ararat some tie later. From that point on, none of the judgments being meted out touched Noah and his family. They were only lifted higher and higher and moved with a lack of friction and resistance, in complete security and safety in the ark. The consecrated ones move forward in this manner, sealed within the blueprint of His end-time purpose for each fo them.

This Book of End-Time Light discusses the third cord in the plait of our God’s DNA plan to prepare His precious Bride. Of course, as in the case of a plaited threefold cord, each cord makes contact with and lies alongside the other two. Similarly, this discussion of the end-time light will run parallel to and make reference to portions of the Books of End-Time Wine and Fire. It is, in essence, a 3-in-1 message; a discussion of the threefold things.

Why focus on light in the end times? Because we are moving towards the culmination of all things, barreling into a time when dense darkness is permeating the earth, and the plan of God is to release a corresponding supernatural measure of light within His Bride to wage war against the darkness. This book contains a small portion of the end-time revelation light He has shown me, but there is much more to be discovered. Call unto the Father and ask Him to show you deep and mighty things that you do not know (Jerem 33:3).


Now, just some housekeeping….. I have had a couple of people ask me why my latest print books on the End-Times are so expensive. So to answer any questions in that regard –, the site I use to publish on demand, sets a minimum price to sell a book and as I am producing full-color books, the production costs for one book at a time are very high. The photographs in the manuscript are a vital part of the message. I had set the book prices at 40% discount but that function has been removed from Lulu. If you find the price of the print book outside your budget, please have a look at the e-Book.If this is still outside your budget, please write to me at freshoil@polka and I will send you a pdf version.

In His service and for His glory


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