The Army is Within the Gates ~ transcript

Hello, Precious Remnant.  I'd like to share with you something that I saw and heard on the 10th of June. The Lord said to me, "There are lambs falling through the cracks. My people are perishing for lack of knowledge."

 And I heard a great cry from the Lord over this – great pain was in His voice. And I saw Jesus bent over and sobbing on His Father's lap. And He was saying this:

"All I have paid for, all I have died for is being invaded by enemy hordes."

 And then I saw the barbaric, demonic faces of riders beating their horses furiously as they rode into battle against the Lord's people. Their teeth were bared and they had pagan and demonic symbols tattooed on their foreheads and axes in their raised hands. And there was such an atmosphere of darkness and oppression – it was a terrifying sight. And I said to Him, "What is this, Lord? Is this the locust army in Revelation 9?"

And He said, "No, my daughter. This is what has been unleashed inside the body of every one of My children who have taken this potion. The army is within the gates." And then I saw riders inside a walled, gated city, devastating and decimating everything they came across. They were hacking with their axes, scattering, chopping down every structure that they passed by, so that it was no longer in its original form, and I thought of the photograph of the spike proteins and the deformed red blood cells in the photographs of the researcher who studied the bloodstream of people who had taken the potion.

And I could feel the great grief of the Lord's heart as He continued, "All who have listened to the voice of reason; all who have followed another Jesus; all who value their lifestyle more than their Lord, have opened the gates to this horde."

And I heard one sentence from Revelation 9:11

 '...and the king over them is Abbadon, the Destroyer'.

And then Jesus said, "They cry and weep upon their beds, but not from their hearts. They have incurred the loss of health and strength, but they do not cry because they have lost their connection with Me. They don't even realize it yet because their focus is upon themselves and their comfort levels. They did not jealously guard their covenant with Me, and now they are overcome..."

And then I was reminded of the parable that Jesus told where Jesus spoke to those who had fed the hungry and clothed the naked, and He says, 'Go to My right hand'. And He spoke to those on His left hand and sent them to judgment because they did not feed the hungry etc... and I  heard the question they asked, "Lord, when did we not feed the hungry?" But when I heard it, I heard them say, "Lord, when did we not honor our covenant with You?" They had no clue that the things they were doing and not doing were being taken personally by Jesus and that their decisions concerning their bodies were affecting their covenant with Him. You find that parable in Matthew, 25:41.

So this is a very serious word. And it was really heartbreaking to hear the Lord's cry and think of the incredible price He has paid in Blood to purchase a people and translate them out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of Light, and then to have them open the gates to this horde of demonic destroyers... I don't know what else to say. It's just terrible.

Beloved, guard your covenant with Him above all else that you treasure. Even if it costs you your life on this earth.


Psa 74:4 In the midst of Your Holy Place Your enemies have roared [with their battle cry]; they set up their own [idol] emblems for signs [of victory]. Psa 74:5 They seemed like men who lifted up axes upon a thicket of trees to make themselves a record. Psa 74:6 And then all the carved wood of the Holy Place they broke down with hatchets and hammers. Psa 74:7 They have set Your sanctuary on fire; they have profaned the dwelling place of Your Name by casting it to the ground.

I was sent the following info on graphene:



I was sent the following prayer to deal with the contents of the vex and its biological warfare contents. If you are struggling, please pray it over yourself, even if some of terminology used may be foreign to you:

Covid vaccine shedding, exposure and body response prayer:
In the Name of Yeshua and through the Blood of the Lamb:
We petition for our cells, cores and body systems to reject all spike protein projections, transferences, influences, imbalances and dark expected ends. We petition for the blood of the Lamb, the fire of God, the waters of life and the gold of God purified by fire to protect all of our body systems from the influence, transmission and attack from any out of body spike protein carried by another host. Where these harmful spike proteins have infiltrated, latched on or are influencing us we are nailing them to the Cross of Yeshua, injecting them with the Blood of the Lamb declaring their work null and void and reversed.
We bring our body’s pheromone responses and hormonal levels under the created by God order. All pheromone transmission, influence, synchronisation and subjecting to any power of darkness or for the purposes of darkness are now nailed to the Cross of Yeshua. All harmful pheromones and their programs, codes, intents or influence over our bodies, souls and spirits as well as all associated systems, symptoms, timelines, dimensions, realities and spaces are now declared null and void. We break all ungodly syncing, time, time devices, timelines and transmission sequences between our bodies, pheromones, hormonal balances, sickness, disease, infirmities, plagues, agendas, programs, codes, algorithms and powers of darkness with the intent of harm or subjection to darkness. We decree that our pheromone balances and attachments are now realigned with the Created by God plumbline. We declare all chemical imbalances rebalances and synced to God’s original design of us. All resulting behavioural and physiological influences creating imbalances are now rebalanced according to the plumbline and scales of righteousness and justice.
All ungodly soul, spirit and body connections, cording, feeding and energy fields created by the dark syncing of pheromones are now cut and brought to the Cross of Yeshua. We petition to be quantumly disconnected from all harmful pheromone carriers, technologies, laboratories, presences and sources. We divorce all those we have covenanted with through blood, semen or other means and break all agreements, contracts, vows, trades, transactions and oaths made by ourselves or on our behalf subjecting us to these connections, experiments, processes or presences.
All environmental changes, influences, subjections and syncing of our bodies and body systems through pheromones and their associated dark programs and agendas are now cancelled and nailed to the Cross of Yeshua. We petition to be quantumly disconnected from these harmful environments and their elements. We petition that all that pertains to us will be once again placed under the dominion of Yeshua and His authority. All changes to our bodies and its associated systems are now reversed and restored to original design.
We petition that our reproductive cycles and processes will be removed from all harmful pheromonal and hormonal syncing and harmful environmental influences. We petition that the syncing cycles will be broken and nailed to the Cross of Yeshua. Please sync our reproduction cycles with the order of YHVH.
We petition that all harmful chemicals and toxins emitted by those who have been vaccinated will be stripped from our cores, cells and body systems through the Blood of the Lamb. We wash our body systems, cells and cores with the water of life, flushing out all harmful chemicals and toxins we have come into contact with. We petition for a filter of the Blood of the Lamb to be placed over our cores and cells that will prevent these harmful toxins and chemicals to penetrate our cells and cores.
We bring all harmful electromagnetic information transferences influencing our bodies, souls and spirits and the associated systems under the Blood of the Lamb. We petition for our electromagnetic fields to be purged of all harmful technologies, energies, frequencies, powers, influences and presences. We break our fear and indoctrination agreements with all parties involved nailing them to the Cross of Yeshua.
We repent and break all quantum fear bonds and fear collectives which we have become engrafted in.
We quantumly disentangle and stop all synced vibrations, enforced signals, powers and energies which we are connected too, and are emitting. We declare that we do not want to be the source of enforcing dark signals, powers and energies. We petition that all that mark us as being signal towers, receptors and transmitters will be located, shut down, removed and utterly destroyed. All evacuated spaces and places are filled with the spirit power of the Kingdom of God.
We quantumly tune out of all dark energies, frequencies, powers and signals. We petition that the Gold of YHVH will shield us from all these dark sources. We ask that our DNA, cores, RNA, brain, waters, heart, blood, seed, grids and all of our spirit, soul and body systems will be tuned into the frequencies of life and will blot out all dark frequencies. We renounce and denounce all frequency agreements, sounds, energies, powers and signals.
We break all frequency, energy, power and signal transmission technology and petition for its removal from all that pertains to us. All reactions to these harmful frequencies, powers, energies and signals are now shut down and reversed through the Blood of the Lamb.
All dark information transference is now blocked and stopped through the Blood of Yeshua. We petition for the gold of YHVH to form a shield of protection over our energy fields and cores in order that the Godly equilibrium will be maintained.
We quantumly disconnect from all harmful signals, frequencies, energies, powers and their associated technologies and backups. We petition for healing and restoration through the Cross of Yeshua and the Blood of the Lamb.
All remaining harmful energy-based transmission technologies, frequencies, powers, programs, codes and algorithms are now shut down, removed and nailed to the Cross of Yeshua. Their effect over our spirits, souls, bodies and associated systems are cancelled and reversed.
We declare that our electromagnetic fields and God-given systems will be washed with the waters of life, purified with the fire of God and bought with the Blood of the Lamb. Every aspect of darkness remaining on our fields or grids will be bound and brought to the courts of YHVH for judgment for every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He alone is God.
We quantumly disconnect from all kingdom of darkness electromagnetic pairing and their associative collectives. We ask to be uprooted and removed from these – even our shattered and broken parts and fragments and that we will be grafted into the force field of God’s love.
All received information which are harmful to our spirits, souls and bodies are now purged from our electromagnetic fields, cells, cores, brains, hearts, waters, blood, seed and systems.
All dark communication devices are now located, shut down, removed and nailed to the Cross of Yeshua.
We renounce, denounce and petition to be quantumly released from all downloaded information and data contained in the vaccine (including all backups, controllers and associated technologies). We renounce, denounce and nail to the Cross of Yeshua all legality of any dark kingdom agenda, operator, controller, handler, rank. app or operating system to influence, control, manipulate or condition any part of our spirit, soul, body, office, birthright, time, land and community. We upload this information with a heavenly algorithm to deactivate and destroy it. We declare that this operating system connected to darkness will not be able to replicate or reinvent itself in any way, shape or form. All of its components are now nailed to the Cross of Yeshua. We also include all medical interventions connected to Pharmakeia, The New World Order, Population control, agenda 2021, 2030 and the so-called Great Reset.
All data, instructions and information received from all associated apps or technologies connected to the agendas and kingdom of darkness are now cancelled, shut down and reversed. All alterations to our bodies, souls and spirits are now reversed and restored to original design. Only the God-given information of our design will remain.
All alchemic electromagnetic, data responses of darkness and which are harmful or a superhuman addition to our God-given design is now shut down, reversed and nailed to the Cross of Yeshua. The alchemic trance and magic power is shut down and purged from our cores, spirits, souls, bodies and its associated body systems.
We petition for a supernatural detox from all foreign material, DNA, RNA, energies, frequencies, energies, signals and powers.
We now overwrite all dark information and data with the data contained by the supergene of Christ in us. His frequency, energy, power, light, sound and signals of life now overrules and supersedes all associated energies and protocols of darkness. The latter is now supernaturally damaged and permanently destroyed by the Light of Christ. We decree that Life is now restored to us.
We ask that our bodies will be retuned to the Life and Light of Christ in us. We restore the sound of our bodies, souls and spirits to the sound, frequency, energy, power and signal of Christ. We ask that His light will find all foreign data and information in our cores, cells and systems and that it will destroy it completely. We ask that all debris will be picked up by the angels who are assigned for this purpose.
We ask that the sound of all scripture we have read, all prayers we have uttered and all worship we have offered collectively as a body of Christ and that of the great cloud of witnesses and the angels will resound in our systems, cores, grids, energy systems, bodies, souls and spirits. These sounds with the sound of our Father which is the sound of thunder and many waters will blot out and nullify all utterances, sounds, energies, signals and frequencies of darkness. We declare that the frequencies and sounds of heaven is inverting and cancelling all sounds, utterances, frequencies, energies and powers of darkness. Their trance and power is now broken through the Blood of the Lamb.
All demonic frequency interventions are now impossible through the sound of the Blood of Yeshua crying out from His Cross. This sound expands all of time, dimension, space and reality.
Through this we ask:
● that our God-given energy imprints and resonance will be restored to God’s original design.
● that all hormonal functioning of our bodies and brains will be restored to God’s original design.
● that our spirits with the help of the seven spirits of God will be able to identify and expel all altered and artificial proteins present in our cores, cells, hearts, brains, blood, seed and waters.
● that our God-given design and order of our bodies will be restored.
Father, please reverse all the enemy intended for our harm and make us stronger, healthier and able to serve You with all of our heart, soul and all our strength. For we are transformed from glory to glory.
We declare that this prayer is set and established over all time, space, dimension and realities in all of our times and seasons, grids, DNA, RNA, seed, blood, waters and brains.
Where the enemy comes in like a flood – God raises the standard. We declare that this prayer as well as all else which Yeshua as our Advocate adds is the new standard set over our spirits, souls, bodies, offices, birthrights, times, land and communities.
We declare that the enemy will be unable to undo the protection given to us through His Name, fire, blood, water and Wisdom.
We praise You Father, for You are good. Let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.ra