Fresh Oil
Light to walk by in the darkness of this world

The Waiting Wine Scribes

[gallery ids="1016,1012" type="rectangular"]I would like to share an experience I had during worship last weekend. As I lifted my hands and began to sing, I heard the Lord say, “Come with Me”. He led me down a passageway which seemed ... Continue Reading →

Branching Out

Hi friends!This post is a little different from my usual prophetic article. I have felt the Lord stretching me in new directions and so will now be publishing children's books as He leads. Perhaps the Lord is also causing you ... Continue Reading →

Sought Out and Sent

Dear friends, I would like to share a vision I received during worship last week. I saw the heavens open; it appeared as if double doors got folded back and a beam of golden light shone down through that open door. ... Continue Reading →

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