This post has been an exceedingly difficult word to share as I know the release of it will trigger the beginning of its manifestation and have profound effects on  the lives of some members of the Bridal Company. I initially received this word on 22nd January 2021 and have been carrying it in my heart and experiencing the weight of it since then. There is no easy way to share its contents, so let me just say it as He said it the day I received its contents.

I saw two distinct images one after the other. They were connected but different. Firstly, I watched a bullet coming out of the chamber of a gun, and the casing fell to the ground as the bullet sped to its destination.

And the Lord said, "This represents many marriages; the bullet and the casing — the wife and the covering of her husband. The firepower is contained within the casing and when sparked, launches the bullet. And at the appointed time, the hammer pin released by My finger on the trigger will cause both the propulsion of the bullet and the separation of the bullet from its covering. There will be many widows in the Kingdom in these days, who will be joining themselves to the House of David. The Paltiels and the Nabals will be removed by the executive order of the reigning King or by their death. And the Michals and Abigails will be escorted by royal guard to their appointed place at the Bridegroom's side. The time of marriage to Paltiel has been preparation for the time of marriage to David."

What the Lord was referring to in using the names of these two women is:

  1. the account found in 2 Samuel 3:14 where David was betrothed to Michal after paying a huge bridal price, but her father Saul married her off to Paltiel. After Saul's death, David sent for his wife and a royal guard was sent to escort her to David, and there was a complete separation from her husband Paltiel. Michal made the journey to the House of David at Hebron and became His wife.
  2. Abigail was married to Nabal (1 Sam 25:3), described as a rough and evil fellow. When he refused to feed David's men, Abigail interceded and supplied food to the men and persuaded David not to slaughter her household. After God struck Nabal and killed him, David sent for Abigail and made her his wife.

As I pondered this word that day, wondering if I had heard correctly, I received a text message from a friend, who told me that her husband had just unexpectedly passed away that very day! And the Spirit of the Lord said, "Here is your confirmation." I knew it was a word from the Lord.

As I prayed into it further, I understood that the bullet needed the casing. Without it, it was not correctly 'clothed' or prepared to be put into the gun chamber. The base of the casing housed the explosive needed for launch. The casing covered and protected, but also obscured the bullet and its abilities from the eyes of man until the time of firing. When one looked at this pair before the placing in the gun chamber, the casing was visible and the qualities of the bullet hidden. Upon the pulling of the trigger, the task of the casing was complete and it fell to the ground; a phrase describing the death of a person. This is exactly what happened with Abigail. Her life with her difficult husband Nabal was a furnace of refining, fitting and equipping her to display the necessary character in the moment of assaying, proving her fit to be the godly wife of David.

Michal was used as a pawn in her father's hatred and jealousy of David. In those days, betrothal was as legal as the final marriage covenant and could only be dissolved by divorce. Being forced into marriage with Paltiel put Michal in the position of committing adultery and the accompanying social disgrace. When her illegal marriage to Paltiel was dissolved and she was returned to her rightful place as David's wife, her shame and disgrace and the unequal yoke were stripped away. She began to walk in her destiny, becoming one with her bridegroom taking her place at his side.

The second vision I received was of chaff being stripped away and separated from grain. This picture was also given to depict the removal of a covering and the separation at the time of maturity of the grain. The grain kernel, stalk and outer husk are all grown using the same DNA. The outer husk both protects the grain in its growth to maturity and obscures its contents. Without this outer covering, the grain kernel is vulnerable to predators and the elements. While the growth to maturity is taking place, the outer husk and inner grain are one, inseparable. Then harvest time comes and threshing separates the chaff and grain. It is not that the outer husk is 'evil' in any way, as it is the same DNA as the grain ( in other words, both are of Christ), but the separation takes place depending on the weight or inner content of all being threshed. The work of the outer husk is complete at the time of harvest and it is time for separation. The chaff is removed from the precious grain kernel simply by the assessment of the spiritual weight it carries. When the winnowing fan tosses and the wind of the spirit blows, the chaff is separated far from the grain because of its vastly inferior weight. The comparatively heavy grain remains grounded and is transferred to the storehouse. This picture is not depicting the separation of Nabal and Abigail. These two depict the separation of the wheat and the tares, which occurs before the separation of chaff from wheat at the threshing floor.

As I have meditated on the stark reality of this word from the Lord, I have been very aware that, in these days when some wives become widows and are joined to their final assignments for the Kingdom, this word was not given by the Lord to strike fear into the hearts of married women in His kingdom about what may happen. Rather, it is intended to provide understanding, should a woman find herself suddenly widowed in the days ahead. And perhaps it also provides confirmation to those whom the Spirit has already been speaking to on this matter. There is also a warning not to judge from a natural vantage point what is happening spiritually. Some 'bullet casings' fall to the ground and go to their eternal reward, having completed their earthly assignments as faithful husbands before the Lord. Others fall to the ground as Nabals and go to eternal punishment, but it is not for us to decide which are which.

For those kingdom women who find themselves becoming widows in the days ahead, know that it is the hand of God that placed the bullet with its casing in the chamber of the gun and it is the finger of God which moves with precision timing and purpose, with His eye on a specific target. The hand of the enemy is not involved in this separation. I want to repeat this :

The hand of the enemy is not involved in this separation.

Do not waste time looking for any open doors which invited attack. Don't accuse yourself of failing in some way as you work through your grief. It is the hand of God and the perfect will of God that is at work. Even in the separation of Abigail and Nabal, the Word clearly states that God struck Nabal and God killed Nabal. It was God Himself who separated Abigail unto David. As you become a widow, know that the Lord your Maker becomes your husband and you will never lack or walk unprotected, no matter what lies ahead. He never makes mistakes and you can trust Him completely.

We have entered the days of separation unto our final assignments for the Kingdom and whether this word manifests in your earthly marriage to another person or whether it is executed in your 'marriage' to a ministry, a job or any lesser assignment, ALL Paltiels must yield to the precision timing of the starter's gun for the final leg of the race. We are to be completely separated unto Him and fully focused on the assignment that will complete our purposes for the Kingdom and His glory. May God grant you grace and strength to endure whatever comes as you surrender yourselves body, soul and spirit unto Him.