WW1 pilot in cockpit of his aircraft while flying

October 2021.

Precious Saints, I have quite a lot to share with you. I'm going to present you with somewhat of a smorgasbord because there are multiple rumors that the internet is going to go down in the middle of October, and I want to give you all the information and importation that you need so that you can listen to it again and again and allow the Lord to minister more light and truth to you from the foundational things I'm sharing with you. So, the first thing I want to discuss is what I shared in my last message concerning Cyrus releasing a proclamation. Do you remember I shared with you that the word ‘proclamation’ in English comes from two Hebrew words ‘abar kol’ - and abar means ‘transition’. Kol means ‘sound’ or ‘frequency’. So, the Man-Child Company releases a transition sound or a sound that triggers movement and transition and progress towards original intent concerning God's plans for our lives, and a return to original placing in Kingdom purposes and original calling. The silver and gold vessels were never intended to be used or displayed in the temples of other gods in Babylon. They were intended to be set apart and used for holy purposes in the Temple of God, which is His body. And we know that God is going to be restoring and raising up the tabernacle of David in this time, when the woman flees to the wilderness. The tabernacle of David or the tent of David is really the end time Body of the Bridegroom in the earth, executing His purposes and fulfilling His plans.


So, I want to focus on that ‘abar kol’; the proclamation. I've been breaking bread every morning as I spent time with the Lord, because it's very important to avail ourselves of the power of the Blood and the transaction that was effected for us at the cross, and as I was taking communion yesterday morning, I suddenly realized that the communion meal is a proclamation or an ‘abar kol’. There is a frequency that's released into the atmosphere and into our spirits, our souls and our bodies as we partake of communion. And it is a transition frequency - a frequency that initiates movement, change and progress towards original intent, purpose and placing in God's mind and plan. So please, precious remnant, would you break bread every day? And understand that the frequency and sound of the Blood and the frequency or sound of the broken body of Jesus (which releases the Blood) Is a proclamation in the spiritual realm over your lives and over your family and all you include as you Avail yourselves of this Bridal Covenant meal. Please ask the Holy Spirit to magnify and saturate you with the proclamation that is within the communion meal, because it is the sound that is still coming from the Blood upon the Mercy Seat in Heaven, and it triggers movement and spiritual progress and spiritual change. And it releases you, as Cyrus's proclamation did, to begin the journey back to original intent - and obviously, original intent was the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve walking and communing face to face with God. So, we are returning to that original intent as His Endtime Remnant and Body in the Earth in this time in history.


Now, I have been sharing much with you about us entering the time of the threefold things. And God is showing me in many ways what the threefold things involve. I spoke to you about gold, frankincense and myrrh and the frequency released from them being an equipping for the manchild. Well, on the 4th of October 2021, I awoke in the morning watch hearing a phrase and the phrase was this – ‘Bound to the light during flight’… And I thought to myself, what is this, God? Is this the title for another message? What are You saying? But He reminded me immediately of another message that I had shared earlier in the year, which is called ‘Moved and Marshalled’. Please go back on my original podcasts. Listen to that again or search for it on my website. The search function is found by clicking on any post and then on the right hand side in the right hand menu, you will find the search function. So, the message you're looking for that goes with this current message is ‘Moved and Marshalled’.


In that message, I spoke about God uttering His voice before His army. We find that in Joel Chapter two. And in that message, I shared that the word ‘martialled’ means ‘harnessed’ - As in the harness on a horse. I had a dream in which I was being prepared for a solo flight by putting on a leather harness and the stitching on the straps of the harness were words that had been spoken (or revelation light that I had received; personal words for me). And I was also instructed to wear goggles, which were like World War II flight goggles; you know the kind - sort of oval-shaped with leather around them. And as I re- listened to that Moved and Marshalled message, the Lord began to speak to me specifically about the goggles, saying that what the goggles did for the pilots in the Second World War was, they protected their eyes from any form of shrapnel or poison gases or any form of penetration during warfare. So spiritually, those goggles protect our spiritual sight by limiting exposure to atmospheric assault. Now, the pervading atmosphere in the world at the moment is one of fear and lies. And in that atmosphere, there are shards of lies and poison that the enemy intends to hinder and cripple our spiritual sight and ability to see during flight. Those goggles that the pilots wore were a bit like blinkers. They could only see straight ahead. They harnessed the eyes of the pilot. Effectively, they were like blinkers on a horse, which means that there were no distractions. They had to focus on the flight route ahead. Now what does ‘the flight route ahead’ mean? It is, yes, referring to the woman fleeing to the wilderness, to the place prepared; fleeing from the flood of the Dragon. But the flight route also refers to the specific personal blueprint that God has for you, for your family, for, perhaps, the group that you're in close fellowship with, there is a personal flight route. When the pilots flew in World War II, they were each given specific instructions, they didn't all just fly on one general flight route, because if they had done so, the enemy would have found it exceedingly easy to take them all out at once. So, what the Lord is saying with those goggles that have to be worn during individual flight is that we must be intentional with our time and the exposure of our senses in this season. We cannot afford to have our eyes uncovered at this time because the enemy is wanting to prevent us from seeing where we are going and if he can blind us, or severely injure our spiritual sight with his poison and his flying shards of lies, we will not be able to see where we are going or to get to where God intends us to be.


So, Beloved, do not expose yourself excessively to the pervading atmosphere in the earth at this time. That means you have to be even more careful what you look at, what you listen to and what you are spending your time exposing your spiritual eyes to. Focus on the flight route ahead. Remember the phrase I woke hearing: ‘Be bound to the light during flight’. In other words, do not be bound to the darkness. Now the word ‘bound’ speaks of being tightly joined to, by some form of cord or chain. When Abigail spoke to David, when she was interceding and providing food for his army, she prophesied over David and she said, “The life of my lord is bound up in a living bundle with the Lord, your God and the lives of your enemies, He will fling out as out of the centre of a sling”. What an amazing picture of being bound to the light, and God is saying to us, Remnant, that we must be bound to the light during flight in this next season ahead. What fellowship can light have with darkness? Do not expose your eyes so much to the darkness in these days. You know the basic facts of what the darkness is doing and what the darkness is saying now. It is imperative that you be harnessed and bound with that leather harness stitched with the words of light in order to be able to be lifted above what is going on in the Earth, and to be carried to your appointed place. Do not spend all your time reading the news about what the darkness is doing, focus on the flight route ahead.


Now, the next day, after I had heard that phrase bound to the light during flight, the friend of mine who moved to the farm called Goshen (I have shared about her before and Goshen meaning ‘drawing near’; So coming under the shadow of the Lord's protection like the family of Joseph when they moved to Egypt and dwelt in Goshen and were provided for and protected}, that friend had a dream, which was about me. And in that dream, I said the word ‘hover’ twice. So, I said, “Hover, hover”, and then in the second part of the dream, she saw me in a garden and my hand was holding a stalk with two pepperdew fruits on it. And they were cut in cross section, so that all the seeds were visible. Now, first, I am going to deal with me saying the word ‘hover’ twice. Why did I have to say it twice? In Hebrew, when a word is used twice, for instance, in the Scriptures, which says, ‘I will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are fixed on Me’, what is translated ‘perfect peace’ is actually the word ‘shalom’ appearing twice. So it says, ‘shalom shalom’, I will keep in a double portion of Shalom, those whose minds are fixed on Me.


So when in her dream, I said the word ‘hover’ twice, it is the intensive form of the word ‘hover’ i.e. ‘keep hovering’. And it took me immediately to Genesis 1:2, where it says:


‘The Earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters’


That word ‘moved’ in Hebrew also means ‘to hover or to brood’. So, we find that the earth is in a state of destruction and darkness, but I want to dissect this whole verse, Genesis 1:2 and connect it to where we are now in the end times. It says the Earth was without form. That word ‘was’ is the word ‘hayah’. It means ‘to become or to come to pass’. In other words, the earth was not always without form and void. It became like that. Without ‘form’, the word for means ‘desolation, confusion, waste, desert and to lie waste’. So, the earth became desolate, full of confusion and empty. And the word ‘void’ means ‘an indistinguishable ruin’, in other words, you cannot even recognize that the earth is the same earth you were living on before, because it seems to have been completely changed and destroyed. So, I'm sure a lot of you can identify that we are in the process of the earth as we know it and our nations becoming without form and void.


Then it says ‘darkness was upon the face of the deep’. Now, the word ‘darkness’ means ‘misery, misery, destruction, death, sorrow and wickedness’. And when the Earth was in this state, the Spirit of God hovered on the face of the waters. In other words, the Spirit of God held Himself in one position - when a bird hovers or a helicopter hovers, but let's talk about a bird, rather, because the Spirit of God is often represented by a dove. When a dove hovers, it moves its wings back and forth in such a way that it stays in one place. In other words, it holds its position above the waters, where there is darkness. So, I want to connect this to what the Lord said:  ‘bound to the light during flight’. When a dove hovers, it is still flying, is it not? So, if we bind ourselves to the light during flight, the word that God has given you will keep you above the waters where darkness is. That Word will keep you above the state of what the earth has become as you are bound to the light. God is light and the Spirit of God is the spirit of light. And it is the Spirit of God that ministers your individual blueprint and word - which is depicted by the stitching upon the leather harness. So, what the Lord is saying when I said, “Hover, hover”, is “Stay in the spirit, Beloved” and you will remain fixed in position in the spiritual realm, unmoved by the darkness and destruction upon the earth.


I really sense that we're about to enter another phase of darkness that is dense darkness. Whatever is going to roll out in the next weeks is going to greatly intensify the amount of darkness, misery, destruction and wickedness that is in the earth and God is telling you, “Now get strapped in; be bound and held and supported by the words of light that I have already been releasing to you”. It is your personal blueprint. It is your personal word. It is your ‘ABAR KOL’ to transition you And move you on the flight route that God has determined for you. And it will cause you to stay in the Spirit and remain in position above what is going on in the Earth, even though it looks like dense darkness everywhere around you; misery, destruction, death, laying waste. I do think that there's going to be something going on in the financial systems of Babylon, as judgment begins to roll out. I do think, also, that there is going to be the triggering of another bioweapon, which I've spoken about before in other messages, that is going to cause excessive bleeding and cause utter panic in the earth and a lot of people are going to die. But you are going to ‘hover, hover’. You are going to be bound to the Light during flight and you're going to focus on your flight route ahead. You are going to be held up, harnessed and marshalled and your life is going to be bound up in a living bundle with the Lord. Your God, and moved and led by the Spirit of God, not moved and led by what's going on on the face of the deep with the darkness. I hope you are hearing the earnest exhortation by the Spirit. Be bound to the light, not the darkness, put on your World War II goggles. We're about to go into a complete battle zone and you must protect your spiritual sight by limiting exposure to atmospheric assault.


Now, I want to also go to the second part of my friend's dream, where my hand was seen holding a stalk with two pepperdew fruits on it. Now she did say when she had this dream, she had the sense that my hand represented the hand of the Lord. And what I first want to draw your attention to is ‘pepperdew’. I don't know if everybody knows what a pepperdew is. It is a kind of pepper that has been created by specific genetics. It's not a green or red paper, but it has a bit of a bite to it and there is a trademark attached to a pepperdew – in other words they are owned by a specific creator. Not just anybody can use the name. But what the Lord made me focus on, first of all, was the words ‘hover hover’ and how there were two pepperdews and the hand was holding the stalk above the ground – they were hovering! God’s hand was holding them in a hovering [position; holding the stalk still and displaying them. So, God is speaking about His hand holding us, hovering in position and unmoving.


When I looked at the word Pepperdew, I said, “God, what does this represent? I'm not understanding what this is”. First of all, He took me to the second part of the word which is DEW. Do you remember I've spoken often about God's directed energy weapons. The enemy is using directed energy weapons. The enemy’s servants are actually beaming directed energy weapons at the volcano in the Canary Islands, trying to make a big slab of the island fall off and cause a tsunami. But God has His directed energy weapons and He is controlling them and He will unleash them in the spiritual realm, and it will trigger reaction in the earthly realm. But, right now, we are going into a phase where God is saying, “Hover, hover. Allow Me to hold you. Be harnessed and bound to the light of the word I've given you, above the face of the darkness that is on the deep and the destruction that is about to be unleashed”. We think we've seen destruction up till now, but is far worse is about to be triggered.


These two pepperdews represent a double portion company - God's directed energy weapons. Then I said to the Lord, “What is the word ‘pepper’ about?” And He said, “Replace the English alphabet letters with Hebrew letters”. The Hebrew letter pey is the equivalent of the English letter ‘P’, which appears three times in ‘pepper’. So, in Hebrew, they don't usually put letters in for vowels. If I wrote ‘pepper’ by replacing the English with Hebrew letters, it would say Pey, pey, pey, resh. In other words (remember the 3fold things), three pey letters and then a ‘resh’ deliver a message. Pey represents breath or utterances from the mouth of God. You remember how I spoke to you about the place in Song of Songs 8, where it says ‘under the apple tree, I raised you up and awakened you’. The word for ‘apple’ is tappuach, with ‘puach being ‘breath’.Pey is connected to breath; an utterance out of the mouth of God. So, putting the whole revelation together, the pepperdews are a double portion company being held in place and hovering, and they contain the threefold things from the mouth of God. The words of His breath have awakened them.


Now, it's important also that they were cut in cross-section - what is that telling us? It takes us straight to the location of the CROSS. And what is the cross represented by? It's represented by the communion meal, The bread and the wine, the Body and the Blood of Jesus. This double portion company that is held aloft and hovering in space or remaining (abiding) in the Spirit and they are seen or displayed in the garden. They have returned to the place of original intent and original placing. And they carry the threefold things, the fullness of revelation of the work that was effected by the cross by the broken Body and the release of the Blood of the Lamb. Pey, pey, pey resh, they carry the fullness of revelation of the mind of Christ and the breath of God.


The fact that those pepperDEWs were cut in cross-section revealed the seed inside. The seed is about DNA. The seed carries all the potential for the fullness of the original plant. So, the hand of God holding aloft and holding in place and position the pepperdews with the seed exposed connects us to the scripture in Malachi 3, which says the following:


‘Then those who feared the Lord spoke often to one another. And a book of remembrance was written concerning them, and they shall be My jewels in the day. I openly declare them (or openly display them)’


So there we have the hand of God in the garden holding in place and hovering above what's going on in the Earth and fully displaying the threefold things (the fullness of revelation of the cross) in His seed. God is displaying His spiritual directed energy weapons. His first DEW was Jesus, Yeshua, on the Cross of Calvary - opening a portal to heaven and releasing a frequency of incredible spiritual power into the earthly realm, as He was suspended between earth and heaven.


And now He's displaying His manifested sons hovering above the darkness on the face of the deep in the earth in these days will be come. His seed scattered in the Earth and releasing the same frequency and the same sound as the Firstborn among many brethren through their surrendered lives, because they carry the DNA of the parent plant. They are the seed of Christ in the Earth, the sons of God, released about their Father’s business. They carry within their earthen vessels the frequency of the Blood and the broken Body of Jesus.


So, we are entering a time during which the seed; the sons of God, are held aloft by the hand of God and used in the earth to release Light. Gen 1:3 says, ‘and God said let there be light and there was light and God saw the light and it was good, and he separated and divided the light from the darkness’. And God is separating and dividing the sons of Light from the sons of darkness. They can have no fellowship; they have nothing in common. And if you will remain in the Spirit with your flight goggles on, focusing on your flight route, focusing on the blueprint God has given you; if you will allow the hand of God to bind you to the Light during flight, His hand will hold you. Your life will be bound in a living bundle with the Lord, your God and all your enemies, everything that is sent to destroy you, attack you and wipe you from this planet - all those things will be flung out as out of the centre of a sling.


So in this message, there were three things -the phrase I heard, my friends dream and the original message ‘Moved and Marshalled’, which I released, in those three things is the fullness of the message the Holy Spirit is giving today. So, I really would encourage you to go back to that podcast, Moved and Marshalled or go back to the written version. Read it first, then listen to this message again and draw out of it the fullness of revelation and truth. God is imparting strength and fullness of might to His remnant; power to hover continually and stay in place and keep in the Spirit during what is coming. The earth is going to become even more without form and void, and great darkness is coming. But remember, the hand of God is holding you and you are hovering and held up and harnessed to His individual word of light for you. Allow the threefold breath of God to fill you with the fullness. Remember ‘Pepper’; pey, pey, pey, resh. Allow the Spirit of the living God to fill you with the fullness of the mind of Christ for you, so that you may be held immovable above what is going on in the earth in the days ahead. May the Lord bless you and greatly increase the revelation that you receive from this message, in Jesus mighty name. Amen.