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I have been pondering the types, and patterns in the Word and their relevance to the prophetic season we stand in. Because there is a lot to share, I am going to do it in two parts, both posted today as the date is significant, but be led by the Spirit in when you read and pray over what is shared. I want you to receive the full benefit of the revelation light that the Spirit is blessing us with.

Today, Wednesday 28th October, is the 10th Cheshvan. It is the day on which God issued final instructions to Noah before the flood came. In the conversation, He confirmed that judgment was coming in a specified time period and He reiterated the reasons why it was being sent. He also told Noah exactly what he needed to do on the day when the waters of judgment began to fall upon the whole earth. Bear in mind that what was about to happen was not in Noah's range of experience. But his obedience to the instruction of God in the preparation season ensured that he and his family became the holy seed, sealed and set apart and protected from the judgments being executed in the earth.

Gen 7:1  AND THE Lord said to Noah, Come with all your household into the ark, for I have seen you to be righteous (upright and in right standing) before Me in this generation. Gen 7:2  Of every clean beast you shall receive and take with you seven pairs, the male and his mate, and of beasts that are not clean a pair of each kind, the male and his mate, Gen 7:3  Also of the birds of the air seven pairs, the male and the female, to keep seed [their kind] alive over all the earth or land. Gen 7:4  For in seven days I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights, and every living substance and thing that I have made I will destroy, blot out, and wipe away from the face of the earth. Gen 7:5  And Noah did all that the Lord commanded him.

Gen 7:10  And after the seven days the floodwaters came upon the earth or land... Gen 7:13  On the very same day Noah and Shem, Ham, and Japheth, the sons of Noah, and Noah's wife and the three wives of his sons with them, went into the ark,

There is no record in the Bible of what Noah did during the seven days which remained of the world as it was. However, the very next day after his conversation with God, Methuselah died. The death of this man, whose name means 'when he dies, it shall be sent' only underlined the truth of what God had spoken the previous day to His righteous servant, Noah. The prophetic word built into his grandfather's name 969 years before would be fulfilled within a week. Methuselah was the firstborn son of Enoch, a carrier of the double portion inheritance and a student at the feet of a father who walked with God and was taken without leaving a body to bury. Methuselah, the 8th generation from Adam, was Noah's grandfather and so a seven day mourning period would have been carried out by the family. Noah's last week with his feet on terra firma was conducted in sackcloth and ashes. They were days of weeping and saying goodbye, of thanking God for the long life of Methuselah and the completion of his life message. There are some whose life purpose is fulfilled by their death. As Methuselah released his last breath, the heavenly gavel fell and the execution of the judgment spoken first to Enoch in heavenly places, written down by him and, 2 generations later, decreed openly in the earth by the Father, began to be set in motion. Noah also at this time received the books of Enoch which were kept for him by Methuselah. Within these documents was the prophecy by Enoch of the flood which would last a year and destroy the wicked (as Gen 6:8 attests to). Noah stored these scrolls in the ark so that they would be available for future generations.

There have been a number of true prophets releasing final warnings of the judgment to come in recent days. What should the response of the remnant be in the final days before the sluice-gates of judgement open fully? It would be appropriate to don sackcloth and ashes and weep for the lives which are going to be lost, to cry out for the gift of repentance to be given in these last few moments when all still seems relatively normal, albeit 'the new normal'. Let there be praise and thanksgiving for all the goodness of God experienced up to this point. Lift up His Name and let your life be a prayer and a holy sound as it ascends to the heavens.

These days are days of saying goodbye to what we have known, of giving thanks for the fathers and grandfathers in Christ who have mentored and nurtured us in our journey thus far; of holding firmly to the impartation we received from them. Let us also put in order the missives from heaven which we wish to carry with us on the journey ahead. Print out and store in waterproof iploc bags all words of revelation from the Father that you would like to be able to consult in the months and years ahead. A time is coming when the internet will not be available, so download, print and store that which the Spirit leads you to carry with you. There will be saints on your journey who will need to hear the contents of what has been spoken and recorded. Prepare your heart to let go of the past and set your face like a flint toward your kingdom assignment and the glory of Heaven. Cataclysmic change is just ahead. And as part of His holy remnant, you will be covered in and sealed by His mighty hand.

The day the flood started was the 17th of Cheshvan, which is the 4th November this year. There have been many prophetic dreams and words warning of extreme civil unrest in America following the election. This will in turn affect the value of the dollar and consequently the welfare of many countries worldwide.  It is only the beginning, the first few bucketfuls of the deluge of judgment prophesied.

We have also entered an asteroid belt and seeing as this earth is reserved for judgment by fire, the floodgates of heaven will be releasing fire as opposed to water. The fountains of the deep will be fountains of fire and molten rock. The approach of Niburu will cause earthquakes and trigger volcanic eruptions, and meteor showers and falling asteroids will be seen. Remember the Lord said to me that in Kislev, the asteroids will begin to fall in earnest. That is 14 days after the American election.

For 40 days those waters of judgment gushed up from the fountains of the deep and poured forth from the floodgates of heaven. They ceased on the 27th of Kislev and lay upon the earth for 5 months— the same amount of time the locusts from the pit are permitted to torment those who have not the seal of God. Surely that is no coincidence. Five months from the 17th Cheshvan takes us to the 17th Nissan/Aviv, which is 30th March 2021; the day of the resurrection of Jesus. Beloved, prepare your hearts for the fiery waters of judgment to lie upon the earth until Passover next year. In fact, Gill Broussard calculates that planet Niburu or 7X as he calls it will cross the earth's rotational path 3 days after Passover, which is March 30/31. If he is correct, the 3 days of darkness will occur shortly before that. Looking at the exodus from Egypt as our pattern, the plague of darkness was just before the Destroyer passed over. These are things to take to the Lord in prayer.

The 11th of Cheshvan is also the date of another important Biblical figure's death—and a birth. Rachel died during the birth of Benoni, her son of sorrow, who was renamed on the 8th day as Benjamin—son of the right hand. Rachel died on the road to Bethlehem or Ephrath, which means fruitfulness. The road to fruitfulness consists of mourning and loss but the House of Bread will know the voice of the sons of the right hand. Joel 2 calls for the priests to weep between the porch and the altar and ask that the Lord would not give His heritage up to reproach.

The mourning for the death of Rachel, the desire of Jacob's heart, took place in the same week as the mourning for the death of Methuselah. It is with great travail and the laying down of the lives of the Bride that the sons of the right hand will be brought forth. On the anniversary of Noah's first full day sealed safely inside the ark, many generations later, there was a circumcision and a name change being effected by a grieving father. This day marked a change of season and a different way of doing things. Benjamin would never be nurtured or tutored by his mother. He would only know the voice of his father. In the same way, the sons of the right hand will be presented openly after their own completed season of grief, sorrow and loss, knowing only the voice of their Father. They will be those who have not sat under the tutelage of the mother church or been fed with the milk of her doctrines, and will know only the instruction and revelation of their Father God. In a day that burns like an oven, they will be presented and openly displayed as His jewels and He will spare them as a man spares his own son who serves him.

(part 2 to follow)