Person blindfolded 

Moving into a new house is both exciting and disconcerting! In the beginning as you settle in, quite a bit of time is spent searching for things in the places you remember them being, only to discover they have been stored somewhere else!


To minimize stress levels for old friends who knew their way around the ‘former house’ blindfolded AND to help new visitors locate what they need without a fuss, I am going to highlight a few changes:

  • Your browser will tell you that is not secure!
    THIS IS A LIE! This website has been set up to be as secure as is humanly possible but because I have elected to come out from under ‘big brother’s shadow’, the powers that be are trying to direct traffic away from my blog. Please rest assured that you will be quite safe reading this blog!

  • If you want to search for a particular word or topic, please click on any blog post on the HOME page and you will find the ‘SEARCH’ function right at the top of the right-hand menu.

  • If English is not your home language, you can find a ‘TRANSLATE’ button in the right-hand menu on every blog post.

  • If you are interested in joining my TELEGRAM CHANNEL, this is by invitation only and you will find a link to an invitation to join at the bottom of the MEDIA page.

  • I no longer use Mailchimp to send out newsletters. The function is built into this new website. If you want to receive newsletters in your email inbox, use the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button in the top menu on the HOME page OR you can subscribe in the right-hand menu on the STOREHOUSE or BOOKS


It is my prayer that the Great Shepherd of the Sheep will direct many of His precious flock to drink at this newly fortified watering hole – and may the water you find here be a tributary of that crystal clear life-giving river which flows from under the Throne of God.

In obedience and with joy,