I get the feeling that the relocating of my website is a prophetic sign in itself - a sign of the end of a season in which we have grown comfortable with the way things work and confident in the familiarity of our surroundings both naturally and spiritually. Now suddenly a new season begins and everything feels different! No longer can we go through the motions on autopilot. Every step must be considered, measured and then plunged into, with an accompanying feeling of trepidation as the outcome in this new place is not assured....

This is a good thing, I think because it makes us less cocky and more dependent on the leading of the Spirit; more aware of our smallness and the need for our Father's guidance and presence in this strange new place! Yes! I know I am only setting up a new website. It's not like I am climbing into a space shuttle... but considering that I have never been this way before, it feels just about as daunting. Yet, at the same time I know there is a moment to be seized, both in this small practicality and in a larger sense in the spiritual realm. Enlarge the place of your tent...stretch out...lengthen and strengthen your stakes. Why? Because you are going to get visitors that you didn't expect and you need room to accommodate them! The barren woman needs only one bedroom in her house but when God announces a new season, there are things to be done and leaps of faith to be taken and after He has spoken this instruction, nothing is ever the same again. Is anyone identifying with me?

Being conformed to His death is a long process. The flesh dies very slowly and reluctantly but finally the tomb comes... and it is quiet in there. No visitors to plan for. Just you and God. But did you know the Hebrew word for 'tomb' means 'a stack of sheaves'? So the grain of wheat that has fallen to the ground brings forth fruit. Out of quiet intimacy in the hidden place of the closed tomb comes an explosive new chapter. The tomb becomes a womb which brings forth more children than the married wife.

God says you are going to break out on the right hand and on the left. Something bigger than you have known or experienced is about to come forth. From the place of small known parameters, He is bringing you forth into a large place - because He delights in you! And yes, that sounds good but as anyone who has done tomb time knows, it is also very scary. It is like being thrust onto the dance floor to take part in a dance which you don't know the steps for and the music is something your ears have never heard. The only familiar thing is your Dance Partner! He will get you through this. You have danced with Him before, face to face, in the secret place. This isn't going to be that different, as long as you hold on tight and keep your eyes on Him. Feel His hand at your back leading you gently each step of the way. Do not fear. You will not be ashamed (Is 54:4)

I woke last night at 4:20am with a verse; Romans 1:4 and a flooding awareness that God is about to declare His sons in power by bringing them out of the tomb.

Rom 1:4  who was marked out the Son of God in power, according to the Spirit of holiness, by the resurrection of the dead, Jesus Christ our Lord...

The time 4:20 refers to the 42nd generation from Adam; the many sons Jesus is bringing to glory, but what struck me is that the above verse stresses the involvement of the Spirit of holiness. That says to me that only those who are not their own, who are set apart as bond-slaves for the King of Glory will follow in His footsteps... not those who declare that the outpouring is coming; not those who stand behind pulpits necessarily...but those who have done tomb-time, become conformed!

And outside the tomb is very different to inside. The wide open space can be disconcerting after such a confined season. You may even wonder why you longed for the season to change... Fruitfulness brings activity and interaction and responsibility. Prepare you heart for change. In ways you haven't even imagined yet..



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