scroll fire

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Hi, Beloved remnant of the Lord. For many weeks, the Spirit has been bringing the following scripture to mind:

 Isa 60:8  Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows?

So I have been digging into these words and the Hebrew words they come from, very much aware that Song of Songs refers to the Bride as the Bridegroom's dove. I once heard the late Kelly Varner do a teaching on this, explaining that the dove is the only bird in which both eyes look in the same direction. Other birds can see independently out of each eye, speaking of the ability to have divided focus, whereas the dove has her eyes fixed on her Beloved - an undivided heart and gaze. The Holy Spirit descended like a dove on Jesus after His baptism. There is a reason it was a dove and not a pigeon!

Isaiah 60:8 indicates that the doves each have a particular window. These are their windows, not anyone else's. The Hebrew word used here for 'window' is:

H699אֲרֻבָּה'ărubbâh - a lattice; (by implication) a window, dove cot (because of the pigeon holes), chimney (with its apertures for smoke), sluice (with openings for water): - chimney, window.

The phrase 'who are these?' reminds me of the verse in Song of Songs, which says, 'Who is this coming out of the wilderness, leaning on her beloved?' (songs 8:5). It seems this company of doves are attracting attention, they are unknown or so transformed they are unrecognizable and there are so many of them that they form a cloud as they fly together to their 'windows'. Doves fly to their windows when they are returning home to a place of safety and shelter for the night. However, notice that the word for 'window' also means 'sluice gate' - in other words, this is not only an entry portal to a safe place but an exit point for an outpouring.

On the 38th day of the omer, I saw a vision in which there was an ancient post-office wall or a mail-system wall of sorts with wooden partitions and rolled up scrolls placed in every pigeon hole. I stared at this for a moment, wondering who the scrolls were for. Then the Spirit said, "Those are not pigeon holes, those are dove windows. Each dove has a letter, a scroll to collect, eat and digest. It contains the power-hour words from Father's lips for their particular portal. I cannot open My windows and pour out the blessing ordained until those who are stewards of these portals are in place and prepared. I saw the seals on the scrolls were digital locks and each dove had to enter a code of 4 numbers in order to unlock and open the scroll.

"What are those 4 numbers, Holy Spirit?" He referred me to a Strongs number He had given me as part of a personal prophetic word, concerning the release of the Order of Melchizedek. However, each dove would need to get their own number from the Spirit as each scroll was unique, each portal designed for pouring out a different portion of endtime Kingdom blessing in the earth.

The Hebrew for windows, arubah, is made up of the letters Aleph, resh, beth, hei. Aleph is the chief one, the head. Beth means house or family. Resh means head or mind and hei depicts the breath of God and means 'behold' or 'look'. So within this word for windows is encapsulated the idea that these portals or sluice gates are part of the house of the family or sons of Aleph, Who is the Head of the Body and they release His breath in a manner that causes people to  look.

While meditating on this concept, I saw a mountain split open and waters flowing from it and in the waters I saw princes riding forth in rank and file, wearing white garments. They had battle bows and quivers and eyes of fire and they rode behind a Man on a white horse who wore a garment dipped in Blood. "What are these waters, Lord?" I asked. "They are the waters of My righteous judgements and we ride to execute justice and righteousness in the earth ." The verses of Psalm 45 came to mind:

Psa 45:3  Gird Your sword upon Your thigh, O mighty One, in Your glory and Your majesty! Psa 45:4  And in Your majesty ride on triumphantly for the cause of truth, humility, and righteousness; and let Your right hand guide You to tremendous things. Psa 45:5  Your arrows are sharp; the peoples fall under You; Your arrows pierce the hearts of the King's enemies.

He continued: "The Rider utters His voice at the head of His army of warrior princes and in that sound is the sword of two-edged word. Say to the righteous it shall be well with them, but for the wicked, My judgements fall upon their stiff necks." I saw the waters which gushed forth were like the waters breaking when a birth occurs and they consisted of many colors and streams. And as they flowed, I saw a golden city in the heavenly realm, full of the sound of rejoicing for their King is come and He rides forth for Kingdom causes. I heard the words of Isaiah 25: 'This is our God for whom we have waited...' and the phrase from Psalm 46: 'There is a river whose steams make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the Most High'.

Possessing Your Portal

On the following day, I was breaking bread and repenting for the sin of judging a matter before hearing the facts, which is something that I have had to deal with at different levels on many occasions. This time, I was asking God to remove the root of it right back to Adam. As I applied the blood and pulled out that root, it was so easily removed and I was again shown the dove windows I had seen the day before. So I prayed and received my scroll by faith, asking God to unseal it. Immediately, He replied that it was unsealed by my repentance. Like a flash, I realized that until a scroll is fully unfurled, you cannot read its contents in fullness or judge the matter and receive full understanding, plus all the counsel imparted! Therefore, there must be a waiting, a listening, a reading, a time of digesting and meditating on the contents, a time of seeing or understanding that must occur before you are in full possession of the facts. This inability to wait until full knowledge of   a matter/blueprint is possessed has been a generational stronghold in my bloodline and the Spirit showed me that until I had fully dealt with the matter to the root, the Lord had kept the final endtime inheritance scrolls sealed. He could not afford to have them opened unless those for whom they were intended were in the right place of heart to fully receive them.

For me, the root was leaning on my own understanding, instead of waiting for the Lord to fully reveal a matter. This is like trying to read a map that is only partially unrolled. You will never reach your destination or manifest what is written in Heaven into the earth realm if you cannot see or understand all the instructions. Moses had to come up higher and sit with the Father for 40 days, in order to receive the fullness of the necessary instructions for the task ahead. He had to hear and see ALL the details and understand what they meant before he could come down and impart them to the people waiting below. I do not know what is keeping the seal of your particular scroll locked but the Spirit will show you where you need to repent in these days of preparation before Shavuot.

Today is 2nd Sivan in the Hebrew calendar. On the 6th Sivan (Thurs 29th May this year), God descended in a fiery cloud on Mount Sinai. The 2 days preceding this were days of final preparation and for this encounter:

Exo 19:10  And the Lord said to Moses, Go and sanctify the people [set them apart for God] today and tomorrow, and let them wash their clothes Exo 19:11  And be ready by the third day, for the third day the Lord will come down upon Mount Sinai [in the cloud] in the sight of all the people.

Exo 19:16  The third morning there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mountain, and a very loud shofar blast, so that all the people in the camp trembled. Exo 19:17 Then Moses brought the people from the camp to meet God, and they stood at the foot of the mountain. Exo 19:18 Mount Sinai was wrapped in smoke, for the Lord descended upon it in fire; its smoke ascended like that of a furnace, and the whole mountain quaked greatly.

As we know, many generations later, the Holy Spirit was poured out on the 120 in the upper room, accompanied by tongues of fire. They had also spent the days preceding this praying and preparing for what was coming. On both occasions, there were manifestations, mighty sounds and fire that came from Heaven. Man had done their part in preparing and then God did His part.

Beloved, I want to encourage you in these days before Shavuot to re-consecrate yourselves to the purposes and plans of God, to cleanse yourselves and your mantles by repentance, prayer and communion and to rightly position yourselves to receive your individual scrolls by faith. There is a baptism of fire coming!

The windows of heaven are readying to open. Fly to your window, your appointed portal or sluice gate. Position yourself in the Spirit. This is your place of stewardship, your measured portion of inheritance of the revelation of Christ. His doves will spend the night season in the earth overseeing their appointed portals of spiritual impartation, while they shelter in the safe place prepared for them.



While preparing for this word, I came across a word released by Julie Whedbee last year, which had much confirmation concerning the scrolls. It may be 18 months since it was released but the Spirit has brought it to remembrance again. I have attached here below, should you be led to read it:


Tuesday, January 22, 2019


This is a message and vision I was given in three distinct parts. It is a word Father has told me to release NOW. This is the hour! There is no date, because it is meant to be understood and revealed to those who have ears to hear now. So much is about to drastically change! Be prepared! Trust in His plan and purpose, His protection and provision with all your heart! He thunders from the Heavens as never before, and His glory will only increase in the earth, AMEN! To him who has ears to hear, His Spirit is speaking boldly!


I was taken into the whirlwind of fire, the Glory pillar, and was drawn up, higher and higher into the presence of the Lord. It was an experience and sensation that was overpowering in my physical body, a tearing or separating of soul from spirit. It felt like being stretched beyond what the body could endure. As this was happening, the Lord revealed that my DNA, my blood was literally being changed from the flesh nature to glorification. Yahushua said I was being transformed from corruptible to incorruptible, and I was becoming pure Spirit.

The Throne Room then opened up above, and Yahushua was standing at the top of the Glory pillar waiting ofr me to ascend. The Father was behind Yahushua on the Throne, but I could not see Him. I , however, felt His awesome presence. On both sides of Yahushua stood the Council of Elders extending towards the throne, each one wearing a white robe and crown. Ornate and ancient looking containers had been placed in front of the Throne, and each member of the Council carefully and reverently removed the lid to each vessel and took out the scrolls one by one that were inside. Each scroll was unique and had the individual assignment ofr a Bride member around the world. The Elders could not open the scrolls, but instead passed them to Yahushua, who stood above the Glory pillar, waiting to give each Bride member his/her personal scroll and assignment.

I could sense the magnitude and the importance of what is occurring right now in the spirit. Yahushua expressed that He is the ladder by which all of His Bride enter into an open Heaven, ascending and descending to and from the Throne, as Heaven and all of its treasures are now available, every resource needed is accessible until our roles are completed for the Kingdom.

I then saw the Bride rising in white all over the world, being pulled into the pillar of Glory to receive their scrolls. Our spirits understand the meaning of our individual scroll, and we the Bride, Yahushua and the Father are the only Ones who know our specific purpose. Yahushua also gave us an impartation of our specific assignment, as well as His power and authority to carry it out. We also understood that we will hear the voice of our Shepherd in unison, and we will all operate as One in Spirit from our strategic locations around the world.

I was then shown a dome of gold descending on the Bride around the world. I was made to understand that this is Father’s Glory, the Glory of the Lord, and it covered each Bride member in a column of light, connected directly to Father’s Glory.


What is written on your scroll is your end-time assignment. I am revealing this now to all who are completely walking with Me, fully surrendered, obedient and faithful.

I want your extreme focus now, more than ever before. Do not fall prey to distractions, as the hour in which all you have been training for is here. It is now. It begins. Are you ready?

It is like a chess game, when you hold back your most strategic and important moves to win the game. I have held back My chosen ones until the final hour, those who have fully surrendered vessels, positioning them and waiting, until the decisive moment to confirm the victory which I have already won.

You are not walking this alone, I am always, always with you, as well as My Heavenly host, who have been commanded regarding you, and they do as I bid them to do. You will see them manifest depending upon what I have assigned to you and your specific tasks. Pray and ask for their continued assistance.

Things will come so quickly now, and expect manifestations of My presence more and more often now. You will see and experience many things not previously known. You share responsibilities in Me together, as you are in covenant together in Me. You also have your individual roles in Me. You are surrounded by thousands of My angels who watch over you and guard you. Do not fear, although ten thousand evil ones surround you, they shall not come near you, and no harm shall come to My anointed. I am holding all of you in My hands. Never fear, trust and obey.

Daughter, for those who have ears to hear, for those who have readied their hearts, for those who have given Me all and are in full surrender and obedience; I have drawn you into My Courtyard, into the gates, where I have given you much insight and revelation as to these times that you live in.

I am gathering together a people, My chosen first-fruits remnant. You My chosen ones will lead and guide, teach and minister. For as I your Great Shepherd have taught you, My sheep; so I have taught you to follow My commands and follow My example, and feed My sheep. In this way, I have set you as shepherds for My flock- in that you in Me and I in you will draw many souls to Me.

As you know, there is order- perfect order to all I do. No one is above the other, all are equal in My sight. You have just been chosen for unique roles and positions within My Body. This time of now, I am establishing these positions in strategic locations, but know this, that your physical and geographical locations are subject to change. I mean this to tell you that Spirit flows with Spirit. When you are pure Spirit with Me, you are free to move and go wherever Spirit would lead you. Always be open to the leading of My Spirit. You are My kings and My priests, and it is given unto you to have dominion over regions.

Humility is the key and then obedience. Always remember that in this task of coming to Me and confirming those that are being sent, where there is no peace, it is not of Me. There is always order in My Heavenly Council, and so it shall be among you, My elders and My council in this place. Always be open to the leading of My Holy Spirit. Just as in My Heavenly Courts, all things must be presented to My team of elders. So, too, shall you operate in this manner, those of you who have already been positioned and selected to oversee what has been established in these sanctuaries. You will come together as One Body in Me, under the command of your One Captain to confirm those that are still yet to come. I will make a way for those coming when it seems there is no way, and in this you will know that it is Me. I will take the lowliest and the meekest of all and use them powerfully to lead others. I will always confirm that which is of Me.

Be ready as I am moving you into these positions now! Understand this mystery, when I said in My Word that you would do these things and more, what I am speaking of is a glorified life, yet still here in the flesh. In order to attain the maturity of a true, mature son or daughter; these ones are the ones who understand that the day at Calvary, when I spoke that it was finished, and the victory won–meant that you too can live that glorified life here and now. Everything that was attained that day belongs to you now, and always has. It was done that day.

My mature sons and daughters have now awakened to this reality. This is what you walk in. This is who We are- a glorified body, a glorified church. We are Spirit. We are limitless. We have complete authority over Heaven and earth, in the flesh and out of it. It is your spirit, Our Spirit, that governs these vehicles that you reside in. Wake up to this reality. You are not bound by physical limitations. You were freed that day, when I rose from that grave. I showed all men for all time. You are not bound. As the grave could not hold Me, it will not hold you. Amen and sing Hallelujah, ofr many of you will not die physical deaths.

The day has finally come when all that has been foretold in My Word will come true. All that you have read about these last days is upon you. You are the last generation and you will see My return. I have told you this before, so rejoice that the mysteries of the prophets of the past are now being revealed. Everything that I spoke when I spoke with Daniel and with John, it is meant for you now. All of the secrets of My Kingdom you will know, and all of Heaven rejoices that the culmination of all things is here!

I will tell you something about this mystery of time. When you speak of it vaporizing, it truly is, and this is why. As Heaven meets earth and My first-fruits are rising, all that is in this physical reality is being compressed. You are filled to overflowing with Spirit, more and more each day. You are less and less mortal in your members, in these tabernacles. This has always been the case but you are now understanding this to be your reality. So, naturally, if I am outside the limitations of time, are you not also? So as your spirits are awakening to who you really are, and I mean who you really are in Me, do you see how this notion of time is melting away? It only exists on this plane. It has to be so, but only for this dimension. This is how I have purposed it and created it to be, but not so in My Kingdom. Therefore, you have now been given understanding of another mystery of My Kingdom.. in that you are rising and being brought outside of time. It matters not anymore, for you are always in this moment of now with Me.

I will continue to lift you higher and higher in your understanding, deeper revelation. Just continue to come. Ask, seek, knock, the door is always open. I will never stop teaching you and counselling and guiding you, pouring My wisdom into you for you have asked, and as it has been asked, so it shall be given.