Since the discovery that the news report concerning the miracle birth was found to be full of inconsistencies, the Father has been showing me how my past few posts have been connected. He referred back to the two freezers of rotten food and the small remnant which remained good to eat once the power was removed. A large store of flesh was displayed for what it was once the power source was removed and the valuable was preserved for use. Then He pointed out that my word 'The Night of Trial' was not 'rotten meat' but contained mixture — partly my own fleshly understanding; a portion of my own thoughts after reading a news report – and this was served up alongside that which had the breath and life of the Spirit in it. In fact, on the plate I held out, I had actually stirred the one into the other, linking the fleshly and the Spirit-given. Oh dear... This is designed to give anyone eating it indigestion. The Word says 'that which comes from the flesh is flesh and that which originates from the Spirit is spirit' (John 3:6). When mixed together, one could almost call this a hybrid meal! And that is not something that can be just brushed under the carpet or lightly excused.

It is because of exactly this kind of smorgasbord that the current prophetic movement has strayed into divination and accepting the input of any 'voice' that speaks in their inner ear. My freezers contained a mixture of both meat/flesh and true grain, both the rancid fat of beasts and pure, wholesome butter. No wonder God said these freezers represent His people. We are full of mixture and the tragedy is that this kind of diet has been served up for so long from the pulpits of the modern-day church, that most of the sheep are completely unable to tell which mouthful is flesh and which has its origin in the Spirit of Truth. In fact, that which is fleshly can whip up quite a bit of emotion, a few shivers down the spine and stroke the soul quite expertly.

We see what it looks like when the power of God is removed from the midst of His people in the story where Elijah confronts the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18:19). Those false prophets acted like maniacs for the whole morning and got no response from Heaven. God's power was not manifested for them and they basically displayed themselves as 'rotten meat'; their words were not good to listen to or consume. During the whole drought, the people of God only ate the spiritual diet dished up by the prophets who ate at Jezebel's table, because she had slaughtered the true prophets (and the spirit of Jezebel, I have learnt, falls under one of the main principalities of the marine kingdom ie. Water spirits). Elijah on the other hand had been set apart unto the Lord for the last 3&1/ years, hearing only His voice and eating only what He supernaturally provided. And when Elijah prayed and obeyed God's instructions, Heaven showed up to confirm him as God's bondservant.

What God was actually doing in this showdown was cleaning out His 'freezers'; sorting between the defiled vessels and the pure, the nourishing and the poisonous, so that His people could be delivered from those who only knew how to serve up a fleshly word. And now, in His house, God has declared He is separating between the fleshly and those who truly contain the Spirit of Life. And the fleshly vessels will be removed from being His mouthpieces. The remnant which remains will minister true nourishment.

When praying about all this, the Spirit repeatedly brought to mind this verse:

Jer 15:19  ...and if you separate the precious from the vile, you shall be My mouthpiece...

So, not only is God separating between sheep and sheep and sifting the company of prophets, He is also requiring a separation WITHIN the hearts of the sheep. The holy must become more holy. That word 'vile' is the same Hebrew word I have mentioned before – H2151 'zalal', meaning 'prodigal, worthless, glutton, riotous eater'. It is used in Deut 21:20, translated 'glutton', Proverbs 23:20 translated 'riotous eater' of flesh. A glutton is someone who indulges excessively in food or drink. It makes me think of those meetings where people would show up to 'drink' of what they thought was the Spirit of God and then fall around like lunatics, claiming that this was a work of the HOLY Spirit. The Greek word for 'flesh' means both 'the meat of an animal' and 'to be carnally minded'.

So I really sense the Lord saying that His people need to separate the precious from the carnal within our own understandings and our own spiritual thought processes. We must not feed ourselves or others on the mixture of thoughts, some fleshly and some of the Spirit. This means a separation and a sorting of our thought life. Imagine me digging in my freezers... I had to grab each bag of meat, smell it and declare it stinking or safe for consumption by others. A mixed thought life cannot produce a power-filled pure conversation for others to benefit from. I taught the following verse to my children when they were young and it's an excellent plumbline for speech:

Eph 4:29  Let no foul or polluting language, nor evil word nor unwholesome or worthless talk [ever] come out of your mouth, but only such [speech] as is good and beneficial to the spiritual progress of others, as is fitting to the need and the occasion, that it may be a blessing and give grace (God's favor) to those who hear it.

The Lord has an amazing way of confirming the point He is making. This very week, a good friend of mine in USA had to have a growth lasered out of her tongue. She has had this lump right in the middle of her tongue on and off for many years. Sometimes it flared up and at others it disappeared, only to return. She kind of knew she should deal with it, but just put it off repeatedly. She was too busy working and passionately pursuing God to deal with an area in her flesh that needed cutting out.

So the laser separated the precious from the vile within her mouth, just as the Scripture in Jeremiah 15:19 speaks of! The tangible presence of the Lord was in that room as it was removed and her testimony is that she feels like a different person with it gone. Before her operation, a sister was praying for her and saw a sword touching her tongue and she is personally testifying that a burning coal has touched her mouth, just as it did with Isaiah! (Isaiah 6:6,7)

If we want to be God's mouthpiece, whether it is to our neighbour or on a wider platform, God is now demanding a separation from all that is carnal, fleshly or deathly within our hearts, because out of the abundance of our hearts, our mouths speak. He will not have His power associated any longer with that which is carnality dressed up in spiritual robes. Nor will He tolerate mixture any more. And this is a message addressed to His remnant. It's not only for the big, flashy charismatic TV evangelists. There is more flesh in our freezers than we realise!

We cannot bless God and curse man made in His image – even if they do cut in front of you in the traffic! We cannot convey the messages from Jezebel's table on our mobile devices without a second thought and then demand God show up to confirm our own ministry. Nor can we lean on our own understanding, life experience or education. Jesus chose unlearned fishermen as disciples, but with the Word of God in their mouths and God confirming that word with signs and wonder, people knew they had spent time in the presence of Jesus.

So, it took a laser to remove that growth from my friend's tongue – a laser is a concentrated beam of light. God's Word is a light to our paths. If we are to be counted as those God trusts with His words in the season we are entering, we have to make an appointment and ask Him to apply the laser light of His Word to every vile place within. That area which has been a continually reappearing problem is not going to go away by itself. And we have to sit very still before Him for long enough for that Word to do a deep work.

Joh 6:63  It is the Spirit Who gives life [He is the Life-giver]; the flesh conveys no benefit whatever [there is no profit in it]. The words (truths) that I have been speaking to you are spirit and life.

Do you desire to be considered trustworthy as a messenger working for the Kingdom of in these days? Are you willing to let Him use the sword of His Word of Light upon your heart and mind? He knows exactly what needs cutting out. The Sword of the Spirit is a precision instrument. He will separate the precious from the vile, destroy that which carries the odor of death and preserve that which is valuable and useful to Him. So, as a demonstration of this very action, He instructed me to take the post called 'The Night of Trial' and to separate the precious from the vile in it and then to post the pared down message which contains the breath of God. As He said to me, "It is not necessary to prophesy from the changeable winds of earth. Speak from My heart a word that is borne aloft by the winds of the heavenly realm. Call that which is not into being. You are moving past the place of observing that which is and drawing parallels. My remnant will no longer operate from the shifting ground of mixture but will fully lay hold of and possess the realm of the Spirit and speak a pure word from pure lips."

Why is the Spirit putting such an emphasis on this now? Because there is coming a strong manifestation of STRANGE FLESH and STRANGE FIRE – the fallen ones will begin to manifest more brazenly as they perform the opening act for the revealing of the Antichrist. And the remnant must be WHOLLY set -apart in purity of soul and spirit. Otherwise we will be vulnerable to their deception and seduction. Jesus said that satan had nothing in Him. We need to ask the Spirit to bring us to the place of being able to say the same.