This morning, 17th January 2021, The Lord showed me two visions. As difficult as it is, considering what they contain, I am going to simply share both of them and then I am going to share the deeper understanding the Holy Spirit shared about them:

Vision 1

I am shown the scene inside a theatre. The audience is in darkness and the stage is lit up. There is a male figure dressed in the garments of Elizabethan England; leggings, pouffy bloomer pants, shoes with big buckles and a hat with 3 points. He is standing central stage in front and he is bowing repeatedly and theatrically, as if his performance is complete. Those who have watched any pantomime will know just how the characters come onstage and bow at the end of the performance while the audience applauds. This what he was doing, although there were still other players on the stage in various positions and it was obvious the play was far from over.  As he came up from his final bow, I saw it was actually the current president of the USA in this costume. The he walked off stage.

The audience was very confused because he was one of their favourite characters and they had come to see the performance because they knew the story well and this was not the part in the play where this character finished his role. I was told the play they had come to watch was the Shakespearean play 'As You Like It' and this was supposed to be the end of Act 1, with Act 2 following.

Then the lights dimmed onstage, but the red curtain did not go down, as usually happens in between acts in a play. There was barely enough light to make out the shadowy movements onstage as people dressed in black tiptoed purposefully and quickly about, and one could see the background scenery and props were being changed and a new backdrop lowered. When the lights were again turned up onstage and the actors stepped out of the wings to play their well-rehearsed parts, it was not only a completely new set of scenery but a totally different play. There were gasps and shouts of, "No!" and loud murmers of disbelief—the audience was totally shocked and confused as they discovered they were now watching the opening moments of the Tragedy of Macbeth, Act 3. A few people got up and left the theatre; some waving their fists angrily as they had paid good money to watch the performance of their favourite play, while others leaving were weeping quietly and shaking their heads in despair. Most of the audience, however, just sat frozen in their seats with 'rabbit in the headlights' looks on their faces.

Vision 2

I was shown an old-fashioned overhead projector; the kind that churches used to use to put up the words of the worship songs during a service. It was projecting a blank screen of light onto a wall. Then I saw different transparent overhead projector sheets being laid one on top of the other, until there were seven in total. As I saw each sheet before it was laid on top of the one before it, I was given knowledge that each one represented a certain prophetic word or blog post which I had shared in the past. I was then very quickly shown a glimpse of the top view of these sheets stacked on top of each other and saw that there was a pattern on each sheet that fitted exactly with the one underneath it, so that there was not one line or curve from the underneath sheets that was sticking out on the sides of the topmost sheet. They all fitted perfectly together; layer upon layer, so that the message of the whole stack of 7 sheets was the same and would project a simple clear image on the wall. I want to stress that though I was shown that each sheet represented a prophetic word, the resultant stacking of these words/sheets was going to produce not line upon line of words, but a simple image that a child could identify.

The prophetic words were identified to me by key words, images or objects in the content and the sixth sheet was a word which I have not yet written. The seventh sheet was the one you are reading now. I sought the Lord as to whether I must delay the releasing of this word until I have released the word on the 6th sheet, but He stressed very strongly that I was to release this word today, the 17th January. He stressed the number 17 and then He said He wanted it done in this order to 'cushion the blow for His Beloved'.

Here are the keywords or objects identifying the seven sheets in order:

  1. The Lynchpin part 1, Dec 2009
  2. The Lynchpin part 2, Dec 2009
  3. Two sides of the same coin, March 2017 (Examining the Touchstone)
  4. Smashed Statues, Nov 2020 (How the Mighty Have Fallen)
  5. The Door Handle, Dec 2020 (Waiting in the Wings)
  6. The Wolf ~ yet to be written (The Wolf is at the Door)
  7. The Jester's hat, Jan 2021 (All the World's a Stage)

Then, the sheets turned into folders bulging with papers which I was told was 'Evidence'. A person picked up all the folders, climbed up the ladder of a trapeze act in a circus ring and tossed them all into the air as if he was dumping them. They landed with all their contents strewn on a big net that was slung underneath to catch the trapeze artists after they finished their act. The audience at the circus, who had been enjoying the highwire balancing act; eating popcorn and toffee apples and oohing and aahing at the manoeuvres of the artists, were suddenly silent. No-one moved for what seemed like an eternity and the last papers floated down to land on the pile with the text side up and open to view.

They were frozen, shocked as they knew the show was over and then they began to file out very soberly from the stands, leaving their popcorn and half-eaten toffee apples behind. No-one spoke. No-one knew what to say. The sense of gaiety which existed moments before the dump was replaced by an atmosphere of gravity and mourning; regret that they had even wasted their time and money coming to watch the performance.

Then in the final scene, I was shown the clear outlined monochrome image projected onto the wall from the seven sheets. It was that of a wolf's head, mouth open in a snarl and teeth bared. And I understood why the Lord would be releasing the post 'The Wolf is at the Door last—because it is the sum and manifestation of the fullness of times and performance of all seven words released. The understanding it will contain will explain exactly why what I saw unfolding in the first vision of the theatre is allowed to happen at exactly the juncture it did. I realize this is a cryptic phrase but you will understand completely when I release revelation held within the final sheet.

The dumping of the folders refers to the declassification and mass release of information and evidence by Trump which has already begun. By the time the last page of this evidence lands face-up on the internet, the circus will officially be over. What follows next is what was projected on the wall. The time of the 4th beast of Daniel 7, the harrow, is at hand.

I have prepared a dropbox folder of the 6 articles already written (they were stacked as transparent sheets in the order listed above); line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little. I have also added an article 'Weighing in On Fruit, which is the foundation of the word 'The Wolf is at the Door' that I am about to write. In it you will get the understanding of the principle of the fruit of our lives being weighed. The last sheet or word will contain current revelation on the same topic.

You are able to download and read them at the following Link:

The Overhead Projector Sheets

I do sense it is very important that you do take the time to read over these words released in past seasons in the coming days, in order to understand fully what God is doing and saying in these days. The audience in that theatre represented Bible-believing Christians and the prophetic community, both from the United States and the rest of the world. The word 'performance' alludes to the fulfilment of a prophetic word.

Now, below, I want to share the extra understanding given me by the Spirit as He led me to dig deeper into certain details of the two plays chosen to be part of that vision:

As You Like It 

by William Shakespeare was believed to have been written in 1599 and was first performed in 1603. Its plot is structured around acts of deception that complicate the play’s narrative and allow for events to unfold that otherwise might not. There has been a plot to remove the current leader from power through deceptive means and take power.

Before the play has begun, Duke Senior has been banished by his usurping brother Duke Frederick, (joined by some loyal attendants and Lords) to live in the forest. Duke Senior’s daughter Rosalind has remained in Court but is warned that if she stays, she will be killed. She goes into exile with her cousin,

taking the clown Touchstone with them for safety and goes to join the Duke in the forest.

The fact that the Spirit chose this play with a court jester named Touchstone directly links to my word in 2017, where God says Trump will function as a touchstone. In the scene I was shown of As You Like it, Touchstone was taking his final bow and leaving the stage but not according to the script of Shakespeare's play. The Spirit shared that the title of this play, As You Like It, was an allusion to the desires of the prophetic Christian community for Trump to remain onstage and continue to speak his scripted lines in Act 2. The second act refers to a second term in office. However, before their eyes, he bows out and leaves.

The the Holy Spirit prompted me to take the date of the first performance of this play and look it up in Strongs Concordance.

H1603 means 'loathing' from a root word meaning 'to reject or cast away'

G1603 means 'to accomplish fully or fulfil'

The most famous quote from 'As You Like It' is the following:

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts

Background Information on the Role of a Jester or Fool in Shakespeare's plays

Whereas the court jester often regaled his audience with various skills aimed to amuse, Shakespeare's fool, consistent with Shakespeare's revolutionary ideas about theatre, became a complex character who could highlight more important issues. The "groundlings" (theatre-goers who were too poor to pay for seats and thus stood on the 'ground' in the front by the stage) that frequented the Globe Theatre were more likely to be drawn to these Shakespearean fools or jesters. However they were also favoured by the nobility. Most notably, Queen Elizabeth I was a great admirer of the popular actor who portrayed the jester or fool.

'That, of course, is the great secret of the successful fool – that he is no fool at all.' ~Isaac Asimov, Guide to Shakespeare

How clever the Holy Spirit is in His use of types and shadows. The present President of USA has been able to identify with and build a support base among the ordinary people; the workers and populace on the ground in that country. The media has portrayed him as a fool but he is a complex character who has highlighted a number of important issues and is no fool at all!

Now I want to share a few lines from the end of act 1, (which in my vision had already been acted out) where the leader who has usurped the reigning Duke Senior threatens his niece.

Act 1 SCENE III. A room in the palace.


You, cousin
Within these ten days if that thou be'st found
So near our public court as twenty miles,
Thou diest for it.



You are a fool. You, niece, provide yourself:
If you outstay the time, upon mine honor,
And in the greatness of my word, you die.

So we see there are plans afoot to not only banish but kill all supporters and family of the previous ruler. This is information from the Holy Spirit about what is going on behind the scenes in current political circles in USA, where the usurper's henchmen are being sent to carry out dastardly plans.

Now I feel prompted to share with you just a few lines spoken by the exiled Duke in the forest. This is the point at which my vision began; Act 2, scene 1. (In this play, Trump is portrayed both by the leader usurped and Touchstone, the court fool)

Act 2 SCENE I. The Forest of Arden.

Enter DUKE SENIOR, AMIENS, and two or three Lords, like foresters


Now, my co-mates and brothers in exile,
Hath not old custom made this life more sweet
Than that of painted pomp? Are not these woods
More free from peril than the envious court?
Here feel we but the penalty of Adam,
The seasons' difference, as the icy fang
And churlish chiding of the winter's wind,
Which, when it bites and blows upon my body,
Even till I shrink with cold, I smile and say
'This is no flattery: these are counsellors
That feelingly persuade me what I am.'

Now let's look at what the Spirit is highlighting from the second play which rudely burst in upon the first play. I also want to point out that the audience was expecting act 2, scene 1 or at least scene 2 to begin after the lights were turned up again onstage. Instead, they were subjected to Act 3 of Macbeth—in other words, it is much further on in the written script than they thought. We are much further on in the progression of endtime events than the prophetic community has realized! The very dim light and the shadowy figures changing the scenery speaks of a shadow government who is shifting and changing everything behind the scenes,  and one can barely make out what is being done. The people who move the props and scenery in between scenes in this play are not part of the company of actors. No-one in the audience knows their names or their roles in the unfolding drama being viewed BUT they are the ones who make things happen whereas the actors stepping out of the wings are just speaking their well-rehearsed lines in a script that was written long ago.

Macbeth (properly The Tragedy of Macbeth)

is by Shakespeare. It was probably first performed in 1606.

It was written following the gunpowder plot of 1605, which was a failed assassination attempt of King James I by a group of Catholics. The plan was to blow up the House of Lords during the State Opening of Parliament. GuyFawkes, who had 10 years of military experience fighting in the Spanish Netherlands in the failed suppression of the Dutch Revolt, was given charge of the explosives. The plot was revealed to the authorities in an anonymous letter and 36 barrels of gunpowder were discovered.

I sense the Holy Spirit may be revealing the details of a false flag event which has been planned for the inauguration which is about to take place in USA or another government event in the near future—an assassination attempt involving explosive perhaps?. This event will be used to prosecute supporters of the previous president and possibly also Trump himself.

H1606 means 'a chiding, rebuke', from a root word meaning 'to corrupt'.

G1606 means 'to expire, give up the ghost'

This cryptic clue by the Holy Spirit seems to indicate that there will be a death in the near future of someone prominent. I think this is connected to my blog post called 'Waiting in the Wings' and the vision of the door handle (see the projector sheet folder).

In the play, Macbeth is a Scottish general under the rule of King Duncan. Three witches prophesy to Macbeth that he will become king of Scotland. Macbeth is spurred by his ambition and his domineering wife, murdering Duncan and acceding to the throne. His reign is bloody and tyrannical and is ended by the combined forces of Scotland and England.

An interesting aside is that in theatre, the play has been associated with a curse. People have avoided speaking its title, calling it "The Scottish Play".

So Macbeth is a play full of skulduggery, witchcraft, murder and the covering up of evil deeds. The point at which the lights go back on in my vision is the beginning of act 3 where Macbeth and his wife are now king and queen. In this act, now that he is in power, a murder is plotted during a banquet. It is carried out in act 4 after consultation with the 3 witches, along with the slaughtering of other members of Macduff's family.

A principal source Shakeseare used for this play was the Daemonologie of King James, published in 1597. Daemonologie includes a news pamphlet, Newes from Scotland, which detailed the famous North Berwick Witch Trials of 1590.  One of the evidenced passages is referenced when the witches involved in the trial confessed to attempt the use of witchcraft to raise a tempest and sabotage the very boat King James and his queen were on board during their return trip from Denmark This was significant as one ship sailing with King James' fleet actually sank in the storm. The three witches in Macbeth discuss the raising of winds at sea in the opening lines of Act 1 Scene 3.

This type and shadow used by the Holy Spirit in choosing this particular play seems to allude to the man who was declared the winner of the recent election in USA coming to power using much witchcraft and occult power.  And it is clear the Spirit is warning of assassinations and murders being plotted once power is taken.

Here are some quotes from Act 3 which the unsuspecting audience was subjected to, and also the act following it. Blood and witchcraft is the main theme:

It will have blood, they say: blood will have blood.
(Macbeth, Act 3 Scene 4)

Double, double toil and trouble:
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.
(Witches, Act 4 Scene 1)

By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.
(Second Witch, Act 4 Scene 1)

Beloved saints, these are very disturbing visions and I would encourage you to go to prayer and to speedily download this folder I have made available. We do not know how long all these things will be accessible. Reread the prophetic words that make up the seven layers of the overhead projector sheets producing the wolf with bared fangs. Remember the harrow's teeth are likened to a wolf's fangs. Should I have heard and seen accurately, then the smashing of the statues will occur in the earth after the audience realizes that the performance that they have come to see and expected will never play out. It will be a shocking and heartbreaking time for the Church.

I was given one scripture after all the extra understanding was given by the Spirit and it was spoken in a voice thick with emotion and sorrow because the Spirit knows what a blow this is going to be for a hopeful, believing prophetic community:

Eze 13:6  They have seen falsehood and lying divination, saying, The Lord says; but the Lord has not sent them. Yet they have hoped and made men to hope for the confirmation of their word.

My heart is aching for my precious brothers and sisters in this great nation of America. You have prayed so hard and shed so many tears of repentance on behalf of your country. Only God whose ways are not our ways knows why it must be as it is. We cannot cling to dreams and hopes that are based on falsehood and that, in the days ahead, will be proven to be hopes without substance. God will deal with those who have claimed to speak in His Name when He has not sent them. He is very clear about that in Ezekiel 13.

I will try to get the last word, the 6th sheet, as quickly as possible. Its contents undergird and provide a foundation for what I have shared today, just as the 6th sheet supports the 7th sheet in the stack and rests on the other 5.

 There is no time to go back and rehash where you took a wrong turn; no time to retrace your steps. It is enough that the Lord says falsehood and lying divination has caused the saints to have a false hope. Time is of the essence now. Regroup quickly. Brace yourself. The best counsel I can give is to correct your compass needle speedily to true North and flee to the Name of Jesus and may the Spirit of Truth lead you into all truth and overshadow and protect you in the days ahead. There is still Kingdom work to be done. Set your face like a flint on Heaven and do not be distracted any longer by the events being displayed on the billboard. The Kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdoms of our God and of His Christ, and He will reign forever. That is the end of the matter. We are about to live the chapter that leads to that...