This release of this post has been assigned to me by the Spirit of Truth, because when people know the truth, they can either be set free by it or be held responsible for deliberately choosing to ignore it. Either way, they cannot say, "I never knew".

I ask you to pass it on to those you care about, BUT not the lazy way—just sharing it on FB or some other social platform, because then you will be exposing this blog to the distinct possibility of being shut down by the powers that be. Rather copy and paste the text into an email or download the printable version HERE and do it the old-fashioned way, by placing it in someone's hands. The Lord really wants His people to know the truth about the spiritual principles behind the current rollout worldwide. Many doctors have stood up, risking their licenses and their lives to warn of the biological consequences of submitting yourself to two doses of the hastily prepared shot (I am choosing words carefully here to avoid being picked up by search engines looking for those who dare to go against the official narrative).And yes, it is true that part of what is being introduced into your body is an operating system that can relay information about your body to outside parties via 5G networks AND that you can never remove it from your body if you change your mind. Yes, the changes introduced are permanent. BUT there is something deeper, something much more spiritually fundamental which is at stake here.

If you are a Christian who reads your Bible, you will be aware that the blood of someone murdered cries out from the ground to the throne of God for justice. And I have spoken before of the judgement of God that is coming because of the horrifically large number of the slain unborn; whose blood calls out to God for His justice day and night. Last year in July, I was given a prophetic word for the nation of America 'Blood for Blood' concerning this, but other nations would do well to read what He said as the murder of the innocents in the womb is a worldwide epidemic of the spirit of murder rampaging.

Read also the prophetic poem on this barbaric practice given to me by the Holy Spirit many years ago.

Queen Athaliah murdered her grandchildren to fulfil her ambitions of possessing the throne and how shocking that sounds to any decent human being, yet daily, women all over the world rob their parents of grandchildren and great-grandchildren when they choose to terminate the life they carry because it is more convenient for them.

And now we know that the doses being rolled out to keep the plague at bay contain fetal cell lines; namely human embryonic kidney RNA. Some may think that one tiny human was sacrificed for the good of all mankind in making this concoction that is being administered at an alarming rate. But no, the truth is far more devastating than that. Please read the detailed report of a Biologist of the procedures for harvesting these tissue samples. (There is a video to watch if you have the strength to hear the full details. I simply could not, because my spirit began to weep at even the brief detail given in the written report.) Here is one quote from this interview:

"So, they’re removing this tissue, all the while the baby is alive and in extreme amounts of pain. So, this makes it even more sadistic.” 

Now, we all shudder and are outraged when we hear of human trafficking and the children snatched and tortured for the perverse desire of the depraved. WE know what God thinks of that. And after reading or watching the content of the link above, you most certainly are FULLY aware of the Creator of the Universe's opinion of the techniques used in procuring the ingredients from the live victim for the creation of the potion people are queuing up to have released into their bloodstreams.

And YES, once it is being delivered by your blood vessels to every cell in your frame, the SOUND OF THE BLOOD CRYING OUT FOR JUSTICE IS BEING RELEASED FROM WITHIN YOUR VERY OWN BODY!

And it is not just one plaintive wail... Because the mRNA introduced makes itself one with your own God-given blueprint for existence, every time your cells replicate and create new cells, that sound of the blood of the slain unborn is carried over and begins to be broadcast from the new cells. So essentially, your body is no longer a carrier of the sound of life, but a vessel releasing the sound of death and the cry for justice for the slain unborn. One it starts releasing its frequency within your body, you can't turn it off or mute it or turn it down. You have become a partaker in the sin which shed that innocent blood. And the Bible declares that a murderer should not live.

In December, The Spirit of Truth spoke a short statement to me:

"The Blood of the slain unborn will be balanced by
the blood of those who take the v.a.k.s.een"

That is a shocking statement, but that was all He said to me at the time. Every time I pondered it, I saw a scale with one side heavily weighted down with a basin of shed blood. And then the other side began to be filled up slowly, but not by liquid blood. Rather, I saw bodies being piled up; adult bodies stacked like cords of wood one after the other, over and over until the heap was quite large, but still the scales did not balance out. And then I remembered the vast number of slain unborn and thought how many bodies it would take to satisfy the justice of God on this issue, and I could watch the scene no longer.

The outgoing President declared 22nd January 'The National Sanctity of Human Life Day' and spoke of the need to protect the innocents in the womb. On this day; the anniversary of Roe versus Wade in 1973, the new President of USA announced they would codify Roe versus Wade into Law, thereby ensuring that no State could try to save the unborn from the slaughterhouse. By doing so, he is in direct opposition to the Living God and solidifying the case for the just judgements of God to be rolled out. Have you ever visited or looked at pictures of the Nazi death camps? There is still a visible and palpable cloud of desolation and death hanging over the land there. The land mourns. And by writing this abominable practice into the Law of the nation, one is proclaiming the nation a death factory. This v.a.ks.ene is a judgement/plague/stroke released and God is using His enemies to do it.

You were given life by the Author of Life and made in His image. Your body was designed to be a temple for the Holy Spirit. What does the Word of God say? 'When you see the abomination that causes desolation in the Holy Place, flee to the mountains'. This potion being administered is an abomination which causes utter desolation in what was intended to be a holy place. You can either choose to dwell safely hidden in the secret place of the Most High as you witness the reward of the wicked, or you can choose to become a part of the vast crowd who willingly submit themselves to the procedure and receive the just judgement of death within your own body.

So consider all I have shared and choose wisely. Consider the price paid in pure Blood for you to be in relationship with the Author of Life and choose wisely. He sets before you life and death. I pray with all my heart you choose Life.


for those interested in deeper study on these things, here is a very informative VIDEO