This the first in a series of 3 messages which I shall be releasing this pivotal week in Heaven's calendar. I am releasing the audio message first and will post the transcript as soon as it is done. Please listen to the content below. My prayer is that the light I share would be multiplied and increased in intensity and power in your earthen vessel as you lock in to what the Spirit of the Lord is doing in this week.

Consecration and Ordination AUDIO


Consecration and Ordination Transcript

I'm going to be releasing a number of messages in this week because it is very pivotal week in God's calendar. And I mentioned in previous blog posts that every time I hear the word Adar, I see a gem being set in place. Well, I discovered why this morning... The 23rd of Adar is the day that Moses commenced the consecration of the priesthood for the tabernacle in the wilderness. You can find it in Leviticus 8 & 9. And I discovered that the word 'consecration' in Hebrew is 'millu', which means the setting of a gem or ordination of the priesthood. So we know that God's priests are His gems and when He sets them in place in their function within the end-time tabernacle of David that He is raising up, this is the 'consecration'; this is the setting of a gem in place. This is the setting apart in holiness for a specific purpose. Remember Malachi 3 speaks about those who fear the Lord, and He said 'they will be My jewels in the day when I openly declare them and I will spare them as a man spares his own son who serves him'. So the gems or the jewels—the priests I'm speaking of are His holy set apart priesthood. 

Now, the interesting thing, if you will read Leviticus 8, is that there was 7 days of consecration. The Amplified Bible speaks of 'consecration and ordination', but in the Hebrew it's just the one word 'millu'. And it involved anointing with the blended oil for holy vessels on the right ear, the right thumb and the right toe. It also involved anointing these places with the blood of the ram as well. Thirdly, it also involves a change of garments. Those priests on this date the 23rd of Adar, in the wilderness, took off their common garments and put on the priestly garments that had been made for them according to the pattern that Moses saw in heaven. 

So this week is a very important week in the lives of His end-time priesthood, His holy remnant, because they are being consecrated and set apart as holy unto His purposes; as His end-time tabernacle in which He will display his glory. So, the priests had to stay in the place of consecration for 7 days (you read at the end of Leviticus 8, they're not allowed to go out of the door of the tabernacle). They are to fulfil the charge of the Lord for the 7 days while they are being ordained, clothed and anointed into the priesthood. 

Now why the right ear? This is the place where a bond slave was marked. I wrote my Book of Endtime Wine about that the piercing of the lobe of the ear of the bond slave.  Now of course we are not being set in place in Aaronic priesthood, but in a Melchizedek priesthood because Jesus began a new order of priests. He was a forerunner; a high priest after the order of Melchizedek. And so with the Melchizedek priesthood, the anointing is with the oil of the 7 spirits of God—indicating the ability to hear the sounds (the messages) of the 7 spirits of God, and the anointing with blood being the application of the sound of the Blood of the Lamb.

So, I really believe that in this week, there is going to be an opening of our ears to hear the seven spirits of God and to understand the sound of the Blood, even as we are being set in place as the bondslaves of the Lamb. Think of those 144000 on Mount Zion; first fruits to God and the Lamb 'and they follow the Lamb wherever He goes'—that's what a bond slave does; follow the Master wherever he may go. I know you may have dedicated your life to the lord; I know you may consider yourself a bondslave, but this week, there is a sitting in place into your assigned portion or part in the end time tabernacle that God is raising up in the wilderness. The holy set- apart remnant becomes His endtime tabernacle containing the glory of God.

Remember that on the first day of Hanukkah, 25th of Kislev I think it was, Moses inspected all the components of the tabernacle that had been made by Bezalel and his helpers, and he approved them as being according to God's pattern? Then they were set aside, and only 3 months later (which is now), the tabernacle began to be erected. For the 7 days, the tabernacle was set up in the morning and taken down every evening. But the priests remained in a place of consecration. They did not mingle with their families or remove their priestly garments. And then on the eighth day, it was set up permanently in the sense that until the cloud moved it would be set-up and functioning. 

So this is a week of going through and rehearsing what you've been appointed and ordained to do in God's endtime tabernacle. It is the harnessing of a set-apart priesthood as bondslaves into their appointed positions.  May the Spirit of Life imbue you with the 7 spirits of God and gift you with His sevenfold light that you might know your place; and at the end of the week of consecration and ordination, may you be released to fully function in your appointed place in His endtime purposes. We are appointed to be part of the bridal tabernacle filled with the glory of the Lamb in the end-times. It is at the end of this week, that you arise and shine, because the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. After the 7 days of consecration, the next day, the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle, and the fire of God consumed the rightly prepared sacrifice. This week is an ordination and consecration process unto glory. I've spoken often about with the measure of suffering we undergo—to that measure, there is a measure of glory pointed. But there has to be the setting in place first; the setting of the gems. Just as Aaron the high priest had a breastplate with the gems representing the 12 tribes of Israel, so too, Jesus the high priest after the order of Melchizedek has a breastplate with gems that are being set in place over his heart. They carry the different colors or radiations; the different expressions of the 7 fold Spirit. 

May the Lord bless you and keep you and position you securely as you enter into the inheritance stored up in heaven beyond the reach of change and decay for you. May you connect into that in this week! Remember these priests had been part of their families and before this week they had just been functioning in their positions in the family, going about normal day to day stuff and then today, on the 23rd of Adar, that was changed as they were set apart in holiness unto the Lord. Their lives would never be the same again. Aaron and his 4 sons were consecrated into the priesthood beginning on this day for a complete and utter consecration. 

As you meditate on these things in this week and surrender to the Spirit, remember psalm 110, with speaks of being a priest after the order of Melchizedek. It says 'Your people will offer themselves willingly in the day of Your power'. What is the day of His power? It is the Day of the Lord. And one who offers himself willingly is a bondslave. A slave would be set free after a certain period of time, but if he decided to continue in the service of his master out of love, then he would become a bondslave and serve him for the rest of his life. So we are becoming bondslaves; offering ourselves willingly in the day of His power and He will extend his scepter from Zion, verse 2 says—that scepter is a bondslave priestly Bridal company operating in His authority and ruling in the midst of His enemies. May you be placed immovable in your endtime setting and receive a greater measure of revelation and wisdom through what I've shared with you.