This is the second message concerning the consecration of the priesthood for this hour and again I am releasing the audio message first:



Moving from Aaron to Melchizedek

I want to continue just chatting about the consecration and ordination of the priesthood in this week of the month of Adar, and I mentioned last time about Jesus bringing forth a Melchizedek priesthood. He was a high priest after the order of Melchizedek and we read about that in Hebrews 4:9; it says He does away with the former order so that He might inaugurate and establish another order. If He were still living on earth, He would not be a priest at all, for their priests offer sacrifices according to the law, and Jesus made a sacrifice once and for all, completely cleansing and perfecting those who are consecrated and made holy.

Unfortunately, there seems to be, deep within the nature of man, the tendency after being born again to revert to the Aaronic priesthood style of worship, where there is a man between you and God, whereas Jesus, the high priest after the order of Melchizedek went once for all into the holy of holies and completed all the sacrifices necessary to keep the way open for us to approach the Father on his throne.

Jesus was a forerunner; someone who goes ahead to make a way for others. Therefore, it's time for His priests to follow on in His footsteps in the order of Melchizedek. This priesthood is very different from the Aaronic priesthood, which is a priesthood of works unto righteousness. The Melchizedek priesthood functions as kings from the foundation of established and completed righteousness—very, very different. The Aaronic priesthood functioned in an earthly sphere, the Melchizedek priesthood functions in a heavenly sphere.

So I want to speak to you about Joshua, the high priest in the Book of Zechariah, chapter 3, because the Lord showed me that here is an example of moving from the Aaronic priesthood to the Melchizedek priesthood. Joshua was a high priest, and in chapter three, it says:

'And the guiding angel showed me Joshua, the high priest, standing before the angel of the Lord and satan standing at his right hand to accuse him... Joshua was clothed in filthy garments and was standing before the angel of the Lord, and he spoke to those who stood before him, saying, 'take away the filthy garments. And he said, 'behold, I have caused your iniquity to pass from you and I will clothe you with rich apparel.'

Now why were Joshua's garments dirty? Because he had been laboring in the Aaronic priesthood, which is a priesthood of works. Also, if you look at what the priests had to do in their Aaronic priesthood, there was a lot of sacrificing; a lot of slaying of animals. There was a lot of sprinkling of blood and oil, and the garments would have got very dirty from that. In fact, the garments were actually sprinkled with blood and with oil.

Then the angel of the Lord, which is Jesus in this instance, says, "Take away his filthy garments; the garments of the Aaronic priesthood. They are the garments of a past order and they are unclean and dirty, and God says to Joshua, "I'm moving you out of that place, I'm taking your iniquity away from you in an instant by removing your high-priestly garments of the order of Aaron. And I am going to reclothe you, with rich garments—garments of state. That word 'rich' in the Hebrew has an implication of garments of State; governmental robes for someone who bears great authority. The Lord calls for Joshua to be clothed in those garments; ruling garments—the garments of the Melchizedek priesthood, because the melchizedek priests operate as kings. So this whole process depicts moving over out of the Aaronic priesthood era into the Melchizedek priesthood era. Then Zachariah said that they must also put a clean turban on his head—in other words, you need a fresh mindset; a different mindset to operate in the Melchizedek priesthood. The old way of thinking, the old way of acting is not going to work in the Melchizedek priesthood.

Then the Lord gives Joshua a charge and says, "If you will walk in My ways and keep My charge, then also you will rule My house and have charge of My courts. And I will give you access to My presence and places to walk amongst these who stand here". And how we see the complete difference between the Melchizedek priesthood and the Aaronic priesthood; the Aaronic priesthood, as I said before, functions in the earthly realm, grounded to earth, whereas if the Melchizedek priesthood keeps His charge and walk in His ways, then they rule. That's a kingly function—having rule and charge of the house and the courts. And they are given access. In other words, a door is opened.

for them, to God's presence and throne. If you have a key to a door, then you have access. And the key is a change of mind set.

Keeping His Charge Opens Doors

We are bondslaves of the Lamb, but the Lamb is the high priest after the order of Melchizedek ,not after the order of Aaron. And if you read a Leviticus 8 about the ordination of the Aaronic priesthood, God also said to them that they must keep his charge; that they were to stay in the place of consecration for seven days, and keep his charge in order to complete the inauguration and the consecration. And here we see with Joshua, God says, 'If you will keep My charge...'—in other words, what I tell you to do, if you will do it, if you will guard it, if you will keep and fulfil what I give you to do, THEN you will operate in kingly authority. AND you will have access to the throne room of God, and places to walk amongst these who stand here.

Where is that? Before the throne of God—it's a completely different realm to the realm that the Aaronic priesthood operates in. So when we move over into the Melchizedek priesthood; when we begin to experience that, it's a completely different spiritual realm that were operating in. We're coming up higher. Remember God said to John, "Come up here" in Revelation, chapter 4. And John saw things from a completely different perspective. He saw the throne of God. He saw the emerald rainbow above the throne, saw the twenty four elders. He saw the throngs of angels worshipping. He was given access to a place that he had no access to before, when he was penning the message to the seven churches on earth. So the Melchizedek priesthood is a completely different realm of function; a higher realm—a realm of kingly authority.

Joshua was transferred out of the Aaronic priesthood into the Melchizedek priesthood, and it began with a change of garments (and ended with a crowning and a seating in Zechariah 5). Just as the Aaronic priests took off their common garments and were clothed with holy garments, Joshua took off Aaronic garments and was clothed with rich garments of state. Access is the most powerful thing, and the granting of authority to go to the throne room of God and walk amongst those who are appointed to be before Him; the twenty four elders, is a completely different place of relating spiritually than the Aaronic order. So God wants us to become bondslaves of the Lamb, after the order of Melchizedek.

Remember, the Melchizedek priesthood functions out of a sacrifice that has been done once and for all, by the one who went to a forerunner into the holy of holies. The Melchizedek priesthood functions out of a place of established authority BECAUSE of the finished works of Christ. Rich garments are for being seated and for ruling and reigning. The requirements and payments in order to access this place have already been completed—we know this in theory, in our heads, but we are going to be walking experientially in it as never before in the season ahead. The sound of the Blood of Christ that was shed at Calvary is still speaking, and is still accepted by God as a complete payment of the bridal price for the Remnant Bride; the called out ones. So we are moving out of the Aaaronic mindset into a place of being fully experientially positioned in Christ and functioning in the appointed measure of ruling authority in the Melchizedek priesthood in these end times.

The Melchizedek priesthood functions in a ministry of REST; the Aaronic priesthood is a ministry of WORK—two very different priesthoods, and we are told by Paul to strive to enter into God's rest; rest from our own labours to work the works of God. As I was meditating on these things, I saw a bow, the kind made of ribbon, and the Lord said, "I am releasing you from the Aaronic pattern and installing you into your appointed place in the Pattern Son." The Pattern Son is Jesus; the forerunner after the order of Melchizedek. We are moving from 2 dimensional; black words on a white page, to 3 dimensional. We are moving from the shadow to the reality. What was written down by Moses is what was already manifested and existing in the spiritual realm where Moses saw it when he talked to God face to face. Moses recorded the pattern and the Israelites in the wilderness had to build according to the pattern, to make an earthly copy of what was already in heavenly places. So now we are moving to a place of seeing and experiencing the original.

The Lord said to Joshua that he and the men who were his colleagues were a sign. Who were his colleagues? They were Aaronic priests. God said, "Behold, I will bring forth My servant, the Branch." God is saying that out of that company, He will bring forth His Melchizedek priesthood; the Branch who function as kings and priests. They function out of the power of the finished works of Christ. Then God mentions that He gives Joshua a stone with seven eyes. That is speaking of the seven spirits of God. Remember I spoke of the anointing of the oil and the blood upon the right earlobe of the priest, and how that symbolised the anointing of the seven spirits of God for the Melchizedek priesthood.

Let's look at psalm 110. The Lord says to my Lord, "Sit until I make Your enemies Your footstool" and He refers to extending His sceptre from Zion so that He Can rule in the midst of His enemies. The sceptre of God's strength is the Melchizedek priesthood, who walk in the power of the finished works of Calvary. They have rule of His house and His courts. They have access to the throne and places to walk in heavenly realms.

Once one has demonstrated conformity to the prescribed pattern, then release to function in your appointed role occurs. We see this in the tabernacle components—once they had passed Moses' inspection, then they were laid aside and at the end of three months, they began assembling the parts that had been made to fit together as a whole. On the 1st Aviv, the tabernacle began to function fully. It was constructed according to the prescribed pattern of the original which Moses saw in Heaven.

The Aaronic priesthood functions according to the Law and makes sacrifices on behalf of the people. They are intermediaries. The Melchizedek priesthood minister out of their identity in Christ, ruling and reigning from a seated position at the right hand. They minister to the Lord as priests, and they rule and reign as kings from their appointed positions. Remember that the 1st of Aviv is the New Year for Kings, and that is why the last wave of the Melchizedek priesthood for Kingdom purposes is being consecrated and inaugurated in this week—because on the New Year for Kings, the 1st of Aviv, they are then released to rule.

Inauguration Away From the Public Eye

I haven't included this in the audio, but an example of a king being anointed in the inner chamber is Jehu, who was commissioned to take down Jezebel. His placing as a king happened away from the eyes of others. Only Heaven and Elisha knew what was happening. And in this day, the same is occurring. The placing of kings is not on a public stage with the world media clustered round waiting for an interview. This is Heaven's business and the world is not privy to it!

Remember the untied ribbon I spoke of? The Lord also said concerning that, "Now you will come up higher and begin to deal in the three fold things". We have experienced the 30 and 60fold. Now it is time for the 100fold. The Lord also said, when satan was standing at Joshua's right hand to accuse him, that he was a brand plucked from the fire. A brand is inserted into the fire in order for it to catch alight, and then the firebrand is used to light fires. In Zech 12:4-6, it speaks of the tribe of Judah, that God will open his eyes upon Judah, and that the governors of Judah are a brand amongst the sheaves. Sheaves speak of the threshing floor and a burning brand would ignite the pile of chaff. In Hebrew the word for 'eyes' also means 'fountains'. So God will open His fountains, all seven of them, upon the tribe appointed to go first, to be the forerunner.  There is a baptism of fire coming in order to execute God's righteous judgements. It is coming to the Melchizedek priesthood, as they are consecrated and inaugurated in order to execute God's judgments from a place of rule.

At Rosh Hashanah 5780 in 2019, I attended a conference called the Release of the Firestarters. ( You can find some of those podcasts way back on my podcast site.) There, we prophetically spoke of the release of the firestarters which was coming. I also wrote a book called the Book of Endtime Fire, which deals with the release of the firestarters.

Serving the Finished Works

The other thing about the Melchizedek priesthood is that Melchizedek ministered bread and wine to Abraham. Bread and wine; or the communion meal represents the power and finished works of the cross. So the Melchizedek priests share the 3fold revelation of that and impart the yoke breaking anointing to the sons of Abraham. They minister in the power of the Blood, the revelation of the Bread of Heaven—which is Jesus Christ, and the wine of the Word. God is bringing forth his servant, the Branch the company of Melchizedek priests in the appointed positions in Jesus the Head. We are moving from the pattern to the manifestation; from the shadow to the reality of the fullness of Christ.

Fullness of Oneness

When the Aaronic priesthood was anointed, the oil was poured on their head. Psalm 133 speaks how blessed it is when the brethren dwell in unity. That word 'unity' in Hebrew means 'oneness, union'. It comes from a root word yachad, which means 'to become one'. It's a very shallow interpretation to think this psalm ispeaking about the brothers and sisters in Christ getting on with one another and all being on the same page. What it's really speaking about is how blessed it is when the brethren dwell in oneness with God. Jesus prayed, "May they be one, as We are one; I in You and You in Me. May they be one in Us" Jesus was praying for us to have the kind of oneness He had with the Father—He said what He heard the Father saying and did what He saw Him doing. Psalm 133 speaks about that the oil running down on the beard and on the collar of Aaron's garments. Then it mentions the dew falling on Hermon and Zion. These two contrasts are about two dispensations. In the Aaronic priesthood, the anointing that comes forth comes from the head and it pours onto the garments. The anointing is associated with the garment. And if you read about Aaron and his sons. When Aaron stepped down from being the high priest, and he died, and his son took over, h e got high-priestly garments from his father. So, the authority was in the garment—that's how the Aaronic priesthood functions; the oil runs on the garment. But the Melchizedek priesthood is like the dew that falls evenly on Zion. It is to do with where you are positioned upon the heavenly mount Zion. Paul says that the Jerusalem above is our mother, and you've come to the church of the Firstborn on Mount Zion. The church of the Firstborn on Mount Zion is the church of the Melchizedek priesthood. Remember psalm 2; God says, "I have already installed my Son on My holy hill of Zion." He laughs because the kings of the earth are plotting together, and the people are imagining vain things. And God says, "I'm five steps ahead of you. I've already installed my Melchizedek priesthood upon the heavenly Mount Zion". He is setting us in place in these days in heavenly positions.

Jesus was the firstborn from among the dead, and those who are part of the Melchizedek priesthood follow him there— they fellowship in His sufferings and are conformed to His death and are granted ACCESS to resurrection power. John the Baptist's father was a priest after the order of Aaron; he was trained in priestly duties by man. But John, his son, was trained by the Holy spirit and was filled with the Spirit of Elijah, even from the womb. He was trained beyond the Jordan in the wilderness and his calling was to prepare the way—he was the bridge between the Aaronic priesthood and the Melchizedek priesthood. Jesus, the forerunner after the order of Melchizedek, took the baton from John. John was the conduit, moving people away from dependence upon man, away from milk, the Aaronic priesthood, into the Melchizedek priesthood and the meat of the Word.

The Melchizedek priesthood fulfils all righteousness by going through the waters of repentance, just as Jesus was baptised by John. The spirit of Elijah has been preparing the way. Remember in acts 2, the people who were disciples of Jesus were called the people of the Way. And the spirit of Elijah has prepared the way. The people of the Way have been prepared by the spirit of Elijah, and now it's time for their lineage to be declared; for the Holy Spirit to descend and remain as God declares, "These are my beloved sons, in whom I'm well pleased. This is the adoption of sons; this is the placing of the sons. This is the consecration or setting in place of the gems.

The spirit of Elijah is sent before the great and terrible day of the Lord to prepare the way. But now the Way Company are ready. And they will receive the power of the seven spirits of God to be part of His endtime witness company.

After Jesus' resurrection, He taught the disciples for forty days about the kingdom, and then he sent them to the upper room. What was He doing?

He was setting them in place—in a higher place, positioning them for outpouring. In other words, He was consecrating them and ordaining them into a Melchizedek priesthood, which didn't operate in a physical temple, like the Aaronic priesthood, but administered in the power of an endless life; the power of the cross, the bread and the wine of the Melchizedek order.

This is why Paul preached nothing else but Christ and Him crucified, and God concerned the word with signs and wonders.

Aviv 1 is the New Year for Kings, as I said. This is the final wave of the Melchizedek priesthood that is being released into ministry to complete Kingdom purposes, at this time. They will be found ruling and reigning on Aviv 1, 5781. And so this week, is for the completion of consecration of His bondslave Melchizedek priesthood, for this end time harvest.

A Living Sacrifice

Do you remember how Elijah and the prophets of Baal had a set to? And then Elijah called the people to come near to him, and he showed them how to rebuild the altar and to how to prepare the sacrifice. The sacrifice was put in order by Elijah—and we as a living sacrifice have been put in order by the Spirit of Elijah. Then he said, "Lord, would You show that I am your servant and everything I've done, I've done at Your word. Display and manifest Your approval". And then the fire of God fell from heaven and burnt up the sacrifice.

There is a living sacrifice at this moment in this consecration week, laying their lives on the altar and saying, "here am I to do Your will, o God". God is going to show his approval and confirm the fact that we are His bondservants, by a baptism of fire from heaven.

So, beloved remnant, I've shared a lot.  I really pray that this will be meat for you to eat in the week; that the Holy Spirit would open this up even more to you and connect you to other parts in the Word where it speaks of these things, that we would really get that clean turban—a fresh mindset for a fresh place, for a higher place of function, and to be seated and to rule as part of His Branch company. He is bringing forth His bondservant out of the Aaronic priesthood, taking off the garments of an old order and establishing them, as He did with Joshua, with the garments of a Melchizedek priesthood.