Fresh Understanding of the Power
of the Blood~ Transcript

I'm going to share with you a conversation that I had with the Lord on the 30th of June. When I sat down, I heard a number of statements. I wasn't aware of who was actually speaking but this is what I heard:

The Blood has power over spike proteins.

The Blood has power over bio-weapons.

The Blood has power over death

The Blood has power over iniquity

The Blood has power for every one of Satan's schemes

The Blood has power to cleanse and power to heal

The Blood has power to bring the dead to life because My life is in the Blood.

I had had a vision some time previously, probably a couple of years back, where I had spoken one word – “LOOSED”. And body bags were unzipped and people raised. So I asked Him regarding that vision as He brought it to mind again, “Is it the power of the Blood that does that?”

And He said, “Yes, daughter, I will saturate your tongue with the power of the Blood. There is no weapon in Hell's arsenal that can stand against the power of the Blood. This is why it is written ‘They overcame by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony’ in these end times. Executing My righteous judgments means loosing the power of the Blood to complete what it was released to do. Men did not extract My blood from me. I gave it freely for the salvation of the world.

The life is in the flowing of the Blood and the healing is in the concentrated clotting of the Blood. The enemy has tried to turn that on its head by causing clotting where there should be flowing”.

And as He said that, He brought to mind the fact that so many people are having heart attacks and strokes and pulmonary embolisms with the current. biological weapon that is being unleashed on earth. Then He continued:

“Soon he will unleash his other diabolical invention, which causes flowing where there should be clotting.”

And He paused and showed me a picture of a wound with blood clotting, and I knew that the human body had been designed with the blood having a clotting ability, so that when there is a piercing or a wound in the body, the blood clots at the site of that wound to begin the healing process. And then the second vision I saw was of a person bleeding from every orifice of their body; their eyes, their nose, the mouth. And I said to Him, “You mean like the effects of Ebola, Lord?”

“Yes, daughter. In the first instance, he attacked the life flow, robbing and blocking what was freely supplied to cleanse and bring life to the human body. Whenever My grand design is inverted, destruction flows. When I said the enemy is within the gates, I referred to the defiling and the delivery of death where there should be cleansing and the gift of life-giving oxygen. He cannot create. He can only abort and distort. And such is his hatred for those made in My image that his magnum opus is to release the sound of death in the channels which once transported the sound of life.”

“And will his plan succeed, Lord?” I asked.

“Oh, yes, to quite a degree, because men fall easily under his spell when they have no love of truth. Their lips say that they do love truth, but their hearts are really set on their idols and so they are easily swayed. Why some have even sold their souls for a single donut - never mind a bowl of pottage!”

And I knew that here He was referring to the practice in the United States of America of certain places offering free servings of food if people would go and get a shot in the arm. And he continued speaking:

“The hunger of Esau's flesh spoke so loudly that he heard nothing else. And when he came to himself and sought reparation with bitter tears, he found the transaction could not be undone. There will be many bitter tears in the days to come. Tears of realization and tears of loss, tears of fear and tears of regret. But only those who rightly valued the birthright of the first-born will be part of the first resurrection. And those who scorned counsel and mocked holiness will cry many bitter tears.”

So, I asked Him, So, Lord, when will the second onslaught come?”

“Soon, daughter… I don't deal in days and hours. I speak in seasons and ages. Men always want days and hours, they do not like uncertainty. Everything must be precisely laid out before them, so that they are free to do as they please until the moment of reckoning. This is not the kind of heart I seek in My sons. Continual readiness brings freedom from fear because no matter what transpires, one's heart is at rest, submitted and still in My hand.”

And He stopped speaking then, but I had the sense that He was waiting to continue the conversation at another date and giving me time to digest the things that He had already said.

So as I was driving along on my way to the supermarket. I asked the Lord, “Lord, are there any idols in my heart?” fully expecting Him to say, “Oh, no, daughter, your heart is perfect before ME” LOL.

Instead, He said solemnly, “Your will”.

I was quite shocked! “Really, Lord? I thought I was submitted fully to You”.

“Yes, on a certain level, but you still go where you want to go and do what you desire to do, much more than you will in the days ahead”.

And I thought of Jesus, who in the Garden of Gethsemane, said, “Not My will, but Yours be done”. So, once I'd chewed on that information for a bit, I said, “And, Lord, is there anything else? Is there any other idol in my heart?”

And He said to me, “Your intellect… When this idol is positioned at your gates, it opens the door to the entrance of pride”.

Wow, I was absolutely horrified... And I began to pray, “Lord, I bow my intellect before Your throne, I force it to kneel before Your omnipotence. I count my intellect as rubbish compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Jesus Christ, my Lord. Man's wisdom is foolishness in Your eyes. Lord, I repent for relying on my own intellect for understanding Your Word and Your ways. I will come to You as a little child and I say, ‘Lord. tell me what it means?’ when You show me a vision. Firstly, I want to know, am I seeing clearly and then, tell me what it means? I was thinking of Jeremiah chapter 1, where the Lord said to him, ‘What do you see, Jeremiah? ‘And he said, ‘An almond branch’. And the Lord said, ‘You have seen well!’ And then God began to explain what that meant to Jeremiah. Jeremiah didn't suss it out on his own. And then the Lord gave me the scripture in Daniel 2: 21 and 22.

He changes the times and the seasons, He removes kings and He sets up kings, He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding. He reveals the deep and secret things. He knows what is in darkness and light dwells with Him.

And I looked at that phrase, ‘He gives wisdom to the wise’, and I suddenly understood that it wasn't that these people were wise themselves and then He gave them more wisdom - the only reason they were wise is because God gave wisdom to them. And the only reason people have understanding is because God has given them the knowledge. It is not in themselves to understand and be wise. God is the One who reveals the deep and secret things. And with Him is the fountain of life, and in His light, we see light (Psalm 36) Without His light, we cannot see. Daniel goes on and prays:

‘I thank and praise you o God of my fathers, who has given me wisdom and might and has made known to me now what we desired of you, for you have made known to us the solution to the king's problem.

So, Daniel, a wonderful, humble, servant of God, freely acknowledged that in himself, he had no ability to know or understand or be wise, but everything came from God. The source was in God. My brothers and sisters, I really believe these two things - the idols the Lord spoke to me about; our wills and our intellects, are things that we need to lay at the feet of Jesus in these days. And submit our intellects to Him. Proverbs 3:7 says:

‘Be not wise in your own eyes, fear and worship the Lord and turn away from evil. It will be health to your nerves and sinews and marrow. And moistening to your bones’.

Sharing these things with me. The Lord reminded me of a word given me on the 2nd of March 2021, which I have released before in another post. But I really sense that the End-time Remnant is going to walk in a very much deeper revelation of the power of the Blood than previous generations have. This will be our weapon of war in these days - the power of the Blood. And so I would really encourage you to press in for that revelation, to press in and ask for a deeper understanding, ask for keys concerning the power of the blood. Ask for veil's to be lifted off your eyes concerning the use of the power of the Blood in your daily life. So I'm going to share again from the 2nd of June:

The sound of My Blood is the sound of the roar. The roar was released at Calvary. It is finished. The bridal price paid in full by Blood money, My Blood, the currency of heaven, My Blood, the currency that cancels debt and wipes out outstanding sin tax. My Bride will rule in these end times and their sound will be that of the fully paid debt. She will release the sound of her Bridal price fully paid.

She will shout the sound, “I am His, bought and paid for with the Blood” and the enemy will not be able to touch her as she walks covered in the sound of my Blood. I am the roaring Bridegroom King, and my roar unlocks prison doors and let sinners go free. The sound of the Blood is a key. The sound of the Blood has substance and enters situations unable to be solved by the understanding of man and unlocks them. The sound of the Blood of the Lamb covers and protects My own as the Destroyer passes overhead. And it breaks the yoke of generational slavery and leads prisoners out to prosperity. The sound of My Blood is key in the warfare of these end-times. What can stand against the power of the roar of My Blood? What can stand against a cancelled debt and a slate wiped clean? The accuser is silenced and rebuked as My Blood begins to speak. My blood has a voice that carries the authority of the Throne. The voice of My Blood refutes every legal argument the enemy can come up with. My Bride shall march with the banner of My Blood, and the enemy will cringe and flee as they hear that very familiar sound. It is the sound of ancient victory, the sound of Supreme Authority, the sound of finality. It is finished! The sound of the Blood is the sound of the Spirit of Might.’

We had to repeat that, beloved - The sound of the Blood is the sound of the Spirit of Might! You know, the seven Spirits of God, the church and the remnant up to this point has walked very much in a portion of some of the seven Spirits of God, wisdom and revelation, council, knowledge, the fear of the Lord, but the Spirit of Might has been largely untapped into by the remnant in this past season, God has reserved the power of the Spirit of Might for the End-time Remnant. And so let this be your great quest in these days - to receive your portion of the revelation of the power of the Blood. The sound of the Blood is the sound of the Spirit of Might.

So, I'm meditating on all these things the Lord has shared and the fact that there is another biological weapon that is going to be unleashed in the near future. And the Lord's emphasis on the power of the Blood to deal with all these things. Hiding under the power of the Blood and unleashing the power of the Blood against the enemy attack is going to be our only shelter in the days ahead. So I pray that He gives you more understanding, as you pray concerning what I've shared. And I look forward to sharing you the second part of the conversation when He shares it with me…