In my last post, I mentioned that Adar is the 12th month of the Hebrew calendar; that being the month when the final loose ends of the previous season are being tied up neatly and all last minute preparations of the big NEW season being put in place.  So now let's look in detail at the specific things that occurred in the first week of this important month in the Bible:

  • 1st Adar - 3rd Adar 9th plague of darkness in Egypt

  • 5th Adar                             Moses last day of leadership

  • 6th Adar                             Moses completes writing of Torah & puts scroll into ark, transfers leadership to Joshua and releases song  of Moses and his personal blessing on the people                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  • 7th Adar                              Moses dies on his 120th birthday on Mount Nebo                

So we can see that this particular week of the Hebrew calendar is extremely pivotal!

  • It is the week of visible separation of people of darkness from the people of Light; the God of Light demonstrates who are His.
  • It is the beginning of a new season where Moses will never see the face of Pharaoh again
  • The recording of all God has spoken in the preparation season is completed and archived in the ark— in other words God's word spoken to Moses in the tent of meeting is returned to Him in written form, to testify against an apostate people in later years.
  • The transference of leadership takes place under God's instruction; there is impartation and inauguration of a new leader for a new chapter.
  • God sings over His people through Moses and a prophetic blessing is released on God's people by the outgoing leader.
  • There is the closing of the old chapter and old leadership is permanently removed.

One could write a separate blog post on each one of these bullet points, but I am going to discuss briefly what the main themes of this first week of Adar are. It is important you pray through them with the Holy Spirit, so He can give you specific application for your life and your circumstances now, in this season we stand in:


    Today, 13th February 2021, is the 1st Adar; the anniversary of the beginning of the 3 days of darkness.  It is a pivotal day because it is a day when God demonstrated so clearly who belonged to Him that no confusion remained. In essence, those who are not God's will experience dense darkness—a darkness that can be felt. But those who know Him and are called by His Name will find their houses filled with light, despite the state of affairs outside their door. The Hebrew word for 'darkness' also means 'misery, destruction, death, ignorance, sorrow, wickedness'. This is the portion of those who are not His in the days ahead. And when this 9th plague hit, there was no opportunity to quickly run into a house filled with light. The dividing line had already been drawn AND it was on the basis of DNA! Those with Egyptian DNA will experience dense darkness for a prophetic 3 days. This is a strong warning to those sectors of the so-called church who have modelled themselves after the world. Ishmael had the right father but the wrong mother and he was cast out. Only the true spiritual seed of Abraham will find themselves bathed in light in this season.

    From Transcript of the Remnant Empowered and Enlightened :
    'In Egypt, during the 3 days of darkness, the Israelites had light in their houses. It was a supernatural night. And in the same way, remnant, supernatural light will fill your life and your heart, even as dense darkness envelops the world in this night of trial. There is work to do for the Kingdom; there are greater heights of holiness to climb. Press on higher, remnant of God. Become more holy; more set apart unto Him. The 3 days of darkness was the 9th plague; the second last contraction that pushed the people of God out of the confines of slavery in the womb of Egypt and the world system and then into the wilderness, where all provision and protection promised in the marriage covenant came into play.'

    The commencement of the 9th plague marked a cut-off point. There is a time when God stops giving the enemy any more grace to let His people go of his own accord. In Egypt, this moment came on 4th Adar, after the 3 days of darkness. That was the cut-off point—no more negotiation with the powers of darkness or their human representatives; no more face to face time with the slave-masters. From this moment on, God was going to roll out a plan that gave Him all the glory, delivered His people from slavery to Egypt AND ultimately destroyed the whole enemy army. But that would only fully manifest itself 7 weeks later on 21st Aviv, a week AFTER the Destroyer carried out the first portion of His righteous judgments on Egypt.

    Exo 10:28  And Pharaoh said to Moses, Get away from me! See that you never enter my presence again, for the day you see my face again you shall die! Exo 10:29  And Moses said, You have spoken truly; I will never see your face again.


    Everything God has spoken to you in the way of training and instruction in these days has been recorded and is being archived in Heaven at this time. He doesn't waste words. He spoke them, you heard them and they will testify for or against you on your final day. They are the blueprint; the plumbline you are to align your life to. The instructions heard in this week carry power to bring forth full manifestation if you will walk them out.

    I have spoken in recent blog posts of personal pollination. Bear in mind that pollination does not necessarily mean fully formed fruit. Water, soaking in the light of the Son, nutrients absorbed from the soil where you are rooted and planted all play a pivotal role in bringing that pollination to full fruition. And the DNA of the spoken words is exceedingly precious. It was imparted by the mouth of the Creator of everything to you. Nurture and guard the Divine portion that has been assigned to you. Be faithful and do not let it be stolen from you. Bring it forth fully formed in its appointed season.


    Forty years later, the wilderness sifting and refining is done; the preparation for the Promised Land is over and a new chapter requires new leadership. What made God choose Joshua? I believe it is more than the fact that he gave a good report of the Promised Land when the 12 forerunners when to check it out. The leaders that will be endued with authority and commissioned to lead God's remnant into the Promised Land will all have one thing in common—they have remained for many hours soaking in the presence of God:

    Exo 33:7  Now Moses used to take [his own] tent and pitch it outside the camp, far off from the camp, and he called it the tent of meeting. And everyone who sought the Lord went out to [that temporary] tent of meeting which was outside the camp. ...Exo 33:9  When Moses entered the tent, the pillar of cloud would descend and stand at the door of the tent, and the Lord would talk with Moses. ...Exo 33:11  And the Lord spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend. Moses returned to the camp, but his minister Joshua son of Nun, a young man, did not depart from the [temporary prayer] tent.

    THIS is the difference between the Moses generation of leadership and the Joshua generation of leaders. Both Moses and Joshua had ascended higher up Mount Sinai when the Israelites first came out of Egypt. In that place of face to face with God, Joshua must have developed an insatiable hunger for God's presence. Because later, as the wilderness years rolled by, there was a distinct difference evident between Moses and Joshua. Moses went into the tent of meeting, got the necessary instruction and went out and delivered it to the people. He was on active duty. Meanwhile, his understudy REMAINED in that tent of meeting hour after hour.

    Moses longed to see the Promised Land and experience the fullness of inheritance but he disqualified himself through disobedience. It may seem a small error to others but our whole lives carry a message and when we do not fulfil God's instruction to the letter, we rob ourselves of the fullness of manifestation. Yes, the old leadership will see the land with the eye of faith, but they will never walk its length or dwell there. It is sad but it is true.

    The place where the remnant is going in this next season requires leadership by those saturated in God's presence. It requires impartation on a level and depth not sought by the previous chapter's leaders. Yes, Moses laid his hands on Joshua when transferring leadership (see Deut 34:9) but Joshua had his own history with God. He had soaked in the manifest presence of God year after year himself, long before any public mantle of authority was transferred to him. Such is the caliber of those who will be inaugurated in this hour. They are the carriers of the double portion.

    And this new leadership needs that much anointing because they are leading into giant territory! They need the manifest presence of God in their bones, not just a surface level of mantle! A number of times, God said to Joshua, "Be courageous!" There was a reason for that—he was headed into territory which would scare the living daylights out of anybody walking in their own strength and leaning on their own understanding!

    God knew that, and not only did He impart a superior level of spiritual wisdom to Joshua, He also sent His angelic army to do the heavy work at their first battle in the Promised Land. The people of God used a supernatural strategy and wisdom which confounded the leaders of Jericho and as the armies of heaven and the army of God on earth each played their designated part in God's battle plan, those walls were flattened! God is going to be pulling out battle plans kept secret and hidden from the eyes of the enemy, held back for this very hour in time we are entering. They are going to decimate the enemy camp and we will take the land by walking in the profound unsearchable wisdom of God which is so much higher than man's wisdom. It is God's right hand and the incredible power of His supernatural favor that will transfer the ownership of the land of promise to His remnant:

    Psa 44:2  You drove out the nations with Your hand and it was Your power that gave [Israel] a home by rooting out the [heathen] peoples, but [Israel] You spread out. Psa 44:3  For they got not the land [of Canaan] in possession by their own sword, neither did their own arm save them; but Your right hand and Your arm and the light of Your countenance [did it], because You were favorable toward and did delight in them.


    on 6th Adar, after commissioning Joshua, Moses wrote down the words of a song that God dictated to him. Then he taught it to the Israelites. And God says something very significant:

    Deu 32:2  My message shall drop as the rain, my speech shall distil as the dew, as the light rain upon the tender grass, and as the showers upon the herb.

    Remember how I shared that Adar is the month of the latter rain which brings the grain to full maturity? In these words spoken during the first week of Adar, we find out what the latter rain consists of—God's spoken message; the sound of His words whispered gently in your spirit like rain falling on good soil. Then HE says His message is like showers falling upon herbs. The Hebrew word for 'herb' also means 'sparkling light, illumination'—in other words, the herbs represent the revelation you already have planted in the soil of your heart. God is going to water those revelations and add to them. He is going to add the light of His Word to them so that you start seeing much more clearly what He meant by those revelations. He is going to EXPAND and grow the revelation you are already nurturing in your heart. The water of the words He releases over you in these days will bring those revelations to maturity and they will so nourish you and impart life to your spirit that you will be found ready for harvest and marked as part of the barley firstfruits offering at the end of Aviv.

    The Hebrew word for 'latter rain' also means 'eloquence'. The word for 'early rain' means 'teaching'. It is the early rain that compacts the soil and forms a firm foundation for the seed to take root downward and begin to grow upward. But the harvest comes to ruin if it receives no latter rain!

    Zec 10:1  ASK OF the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain. It is the Lord Who makes lightnings which usher in the rain and give men showers, and grass to everyone in the field.

    Beloved, ask for rain in this time when the latter rain is being freely released. There is a portion of latter rain for you! Soak it all in—every word He speaks to your heart.

    I have mentioned before that the test of 'aviv' barley is passing the grain through the fire. Aviv barley; mature barley grains, are not damaged by fire but rather hardened and transformed into a state in which the nutrition they carry within is accessible to others. Barley grains which are not mature enough just vaporize when passed through the fire. Considering that we are expecting a baptism of fire, it is vital we experience this in a state of full maturity and readiness. Actually, it seems it is the baptism of fire that weeds out and removes those who are not ready to carry it into the next season. There is a required standard of holiness and purity which is the prerequisite for being able to dwell with a baptism of fire residing within:

    Isa 33:14  The sinners in Zion are afraid; trembling seizes the godless ones. [They cry] Who among us can dwell with that devouring fire? Who among us can dwell with those everlasting burnings? Isa 33:15  He who walks righteously and speaks uprightly, who despises gain from fraud and from oppression, who shakes his hand free from the taking of bribes, who stops his ears from hearing of bloodshed and shuts his eyes to avoid looking upon evil. Isa 33:16  [Such a man] will dwell on the heights; his place of defence will be the fortresses of rocks; his bread will be given him; water for him will be sure.

    Not only did God sing over His people through Moses, but Moses also released a second sound; a prophetic blessing on the tribes as he bid them goodbye. There is a prophetic blessing released by the old leadership over the remnant that is going to cross over and possess the land of Promise. It is the second portion of sound impartation released over the people that day. The first portion is the word of God over the people. The second is the word of a father, a shepherd over the sheep under his care. It is a creative word; a word calling forth that which is not yet to become manifest in the future. It is the seed of a word sown into hearts that will only bring forth fruit in a future season.


    God completely removes the old leadership BEFORE the days of crossing over. They will not live to criticize the new leadership from the wings or offer advice on how to tackle the next giant. It is time for them to enter into their rest after a long period of faithful servanthood. And that death knell signals the loss of all that is familiar, all that has been. The normal they have known in the preparation years will never be again. Everything is about to change dramatically and the removal of old leadership 6 weeks before crossing into the Promised Land is only the beginning of the changes they will experience. And as is fitting when a great leader is taken home, a period of 30 days of mourning begins at the end of the first week of Adar.

    It is a time of reflection, of letting go of what has been before, of turning one's back on the familiarity of the day to day life of the very long preparation season one has traversed. And it is the setting of one's face like a flint towards the unknown chapter that lies ahead. One has heard about the Promised Land, but one's eyes are yet to see it, one's feet have never trodden on its soil. But these 30 days of mourning are the time of coming to terms with the fact that there is no going back. Nothing will ever be the same again. There is absolutely no point in longing for life to return to normal. You have come to a juncture that signals the end of all that has been and the transition into something new.

    Say your goodbyes, but is no use holding fondly on to the mental snapshots of the days of manna and quails. Once we have crossed over, that form of provision will cease. And the garlic and leeks of Egypt have never been tasted by this remnant army that weeps now in the desert. These ones have only ever tasted supernatural provision. They have no idea what the food of the world tastes like. They have no craving for it. Their appetites are not spoiled by the delicacies of Egypt. They know what angel's food tastes like and it is on this diet that they have grown to maturity and are ready for the battles that lie ahead to possess their inheritance.

    Deu 34:7  Moses was 120 years old when he died; his eye was not dim nor his natural force abated. Deu 34:8  And the Israelites wept for Moses in the plains of Moab thirty days; then the days of weeping and mourning for Moses were ended.

    Weeping endures for a night but joy comes in the morning. The season on the other side of the Jordan is a season of joy in the presence of the Bridegroom; a season of Kingdom exploits together. Fully participate in the prophetic season these seven days speak of; receive all that is earmarked for you. Soak in that sound release and prepare to let go of all that is past forever. The season of possessing the Kingdom and your inheritance is ahead.