I would like to share a vision and accompanying word which I received. It concerns the remnant as we await the promised outpouring and baptism of fire. I have recorded the audio version and will be posting the transcript below as soon as it is done.

NOTE: In my vision, the head of grain I saw was corn, a single cob of full corn in the ear on a long straight stalk.

The Hebrew word is dagan

H1715 increase, grain, corn, wheat

I suspect the Lord used this image because it represents the final stage before harvest and also because the people of God ate corn for their first meal in the Promised Land. Joel 2 also mentions corn:

Joe 2:19  Yea, the LORD will answer and say unto his people, Behold, I will send you corn, and wine, and oil, and you shall be satisfied therewith: and I will no more make you a reproach among the heathen

Audio Version of 'Saturated and Ignited'

Saturated and ignited transcript:

I'd like to share a vision that I saw progressively in the last few days and then a word that the Lord gave me today that goes with it. I was just spending time with the Lord early in the morning and He showed me a head of grain standing. I saw the stalk, the full head of grain and there were leaves on the stalk and the stalk was cut off at the bottom. In other words, it had already been harvested, but it was just standing there straight and tall against a backdrop of darkness. And as I watched, some time went by. But then, as I watched, the leaves, which were dried up & pale brown in color because the stalk of grain had already been harvested — these leaves separated from the stalk one by one and they fell away and disappeared into the darkness. There was no hand that stripped them from the stalk. They just separated and fell away and disappeared. And when the final leaf had done this, then the head of grain burst into flames — but it was not consumed. That was the vision that I saw.

Since then, I've been pondering on it and waiting for the Lord to show me what it was. And then today, He brought it back to my attention. He highlighted the fact that it had already been harvested, that it was standing alone, straight and upright, and it was a full head of grain. And that the dry leaves, which form part of the chaff, fell away and He reminded me of the great falling away that the Bible speaks about, but He showed me that even when the falling away happened, that head of grain stood straight and strong. It was unmoved by the falling away. And he pointed out the chaff is part of the whole stalk of the grain that has been harvested. So He showed me that there was a sifting and separating occurring.

I felt the stalk of grain represented the remnant and that it was a period of time that I was watching pass — almost a waiting period. It was happening amongst the remnant as the stalk of grain stood straight and tall and unbowed against a background of darkness, and then the falling away of the chaff happened. And the Lord showed me that not all that is in the firstfruits harvest is appointed to receive the baptism of fire during the process of standing. Some are stripped away or more rightly, fall away, and those that remain standing become a burning torch among the sheaves. You can find that in Zachariah, I think it is – the tribe of Judah become a burning torch among the sheaves, the governors of Judah a furnace. (Zachariah 12v6).

The verse that also comes to mind  is Song of Songs 6:1; 'My dove, My undefiled and perfect one stands alone above them all. She is the only one of her mother. She is the choice one of her who bore her. The daughters saw her and called her blessed and the queens and the concubines praised her'. So it's speaking of a remnant, a company that stands alone head and shoulders above the rest. The Holy Spirit stressed that only those who remain standing during the great falling away amongst the remnant, which is the sifting of the remnant, become the flaming torch among the sheaves. Only the head of the grain receives the baptism of fire. So I'd like to read you the word that the Lord gave me to accompany this mission. He only really explained it this morning. I asked Him what is the head of grain refers to; the single stalk. And He said to me, "This is the whole house of Israel". And I looked at the stalk... the whole house of Israel? Doesn't seem like that applies. And then the Holy Spirit showed me that what God meant by that phrase was He was referring to those like Jacob who have wrestled with God and had their name changed before the face of God in the night season. Remember, Jacob walked away from Piniel, which means 'the face of God', with a new name and a limp. He wasn't relying on his own strength and he had been permanently changed. So when God says the whole house of Israel, He's not referring to everybody who's ever named themselves by the name of the Lord. He is talking about those who came before him, those who had hungered for the birthright and who had wrestled before his face and did not let go unless He blessed them and they had their name changed. And the change of a name indicates a change of character because a name always indicates the character of the person that carried it. So this is the whole House of Israel, and the Lord stressed to me how 'whole' adds to the understanding, in other words, a complete number and 'whole' as in 'healed, made whole' and 'Israel' means 'straightened of God or prince with God'. So these are those who have had themselves and their lives and their lifestyles straightened to align with the plumb line of His word. And this is what He said to me:

"I will have a godly seed in the earth. I cannot have compromise and I cannot have fear. Remember Gideon's little army? The fearful were sent home, only the battle-ready, the alert and the whole-heartedly committed proceeded to be part of My final battle plan. It is time for the three-fold things. Faith, hope, love. But the greatest of these is love. And it is those who love Me above all else, who will stand as a fiery flame in the earth. As the darkness deepens, I cannot ignite what will not give light. Therefore, quality of character and depth of foundation in My word, and proven durability under trial are a necessity. Chaff burns quickly and brightly, but has no staying power because My word is not in them. That which I speak can be purified seven times in the furnace of Earth and yet remains solid and pure and unmarred. Stubble will not stand in the Day of the Lord. Only My word endures forever. Only those rooted and grounded in Me have the capacity to carry the Spirit of Burning and not be consumed. Only my aviv grain can lead the way as a fiery torch in the night hours."

As the darkness deepens, I cannot ignite
what will not give light.

And I want to pause here and say that on Sunday, which was Shavuot or Pentecost for the new moon and Barley ripeness calendar, I went on a trip to a farm to see my mother-in-law. And on the way, I saw two signs in the sky. The sky was completely clear, except for a pillar of cloud about a kilometer high, which remained in the same position in the sky for at least half an hour without moving from its fixed position, something that is not possible at all in the natural. It is speaking of the cloud tarrying in the wilderness – and the people of God waiting until it is time to move again.

(excuse my dirty car window!)

And then we turned off the main road and went on another road. And there before me, in a completely clear sky, was a cloud, a single cloud shaped like a single flame of fire. And the Word says that He makes His messengers a flame of fire. And I knew the Lord was connecting me to what happened long ago on the same anniversary, when the Holy Spirit came like a mighty rushing wind and flames of fire appeared on the 120 in the upper room.

this too remained completely still for at least 15 minutes!

So I'm going to continue now with what the Lord said.

"Only my firstfruits grain can lead the way as a fiery torch in the night hours. Saturation comes before ignition. I did not visit the upper room on the first day they assembled. There had to be an increase of focus, a fixed gaze upon My face before My spirit could arrive on the appointed day and fill them. And so it shall be in this time of the end – all lesser distractions will fade and fall away as all who wait come into one accord, in unity of focus and expectancy of the promised infilling. Set apart above the rest and pressing into My mind, the air becomes pregnant with possibility and come I will — in power to be glorified. In my saints, those who have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice. I come to bestow power and the Spirit of Might in those who have been found faithful in little.  No casual inquirer will receive as the love of this world has swayed their allegiance.

I infill those I can entrust. I infill those I can entrust. I visit those who hunger and thirst for more of Me in a time when dense darkness covers the people, I will come as a mighty rushing wind in the inner chambers and ignite My kings for war. And you will rise and shine with My glory displayed strong upon you. This is not for your own glory and fame, but for the honor and glory of My name. And this is why there has been a delay. The waiting season sifts out the insincere in your ranks. The flesh does not do well with waiting. And so as time has ticked by, masquerades have been unmasked and exposed. This has been the proving of My remnant for many claim this title, but few have passed the test of TIME. Only when the fourth man appears in the fire in your midst is it time to be removed from the flames. Many assign themselves to the remnant clan, but few bear the hallmark of proving under trial. And TIME is the final test. The flesh demands satisfaction and gratification, but those chiseled by trial have subdued the flesh and are fully submitted to My wisdom, My will and My sovereignty. They are completely still upon the altar of sacrifice, bound with cords of love and meek under My hand. And it is on such a sacrifice that My fire falls."

I infill those I can entrust.