I just want to share with you some of the thoughts that the Holy Spirit is sharing with me in the current situation in South Africa. Well, we've had one wave of extreme violence and looting and warnings of another wave to come. The vision that someone had of Leviathan stirring up wave after wave against the nation, South Africa to destroy it, has been on my mind. And the fact that God has given a promise that from the nation of South Africa, the glory of God will be released right up the continent of Africa and into the nations… The Lord has been speaking to me about Leviathan and Job says that Leviathan is king over all the children of pride. So, to dismantle his schemes and disarm his warriors, we need to repent for pride and a lack of conviction of sin and repent for stubbornness and idolatry among those who are availing themselves as warriors for Leviathan in this time. Just as Daniel did identificational repentance on behalf of Israel, even though he was an extremely righteous and God fearing man, so we can repent on behalf of the nation for pride and intellect, for pride in wealth, for pride in our own understanding, for any form of pride and idolatry, (and that would also apply to every other nation on Earth who's listening to this). What the Lord showed me this morning is that the waves that Leviathan is stirring up are the birth pangs bringing to birth the man child company in this nation of South Africa and all over the Earth.

And the prerequisite for a rising with His glory upon us is a background of dense darkness being upon the people. As Isaiah 60, tells us, it says ‘Arise and shine for the glory of the Lord has risen upon you’ but mentions that dense darkness is upon the peoples. And when we look at Genesis chapter 1, we see there was dense darkness upon the face of the deep. So, in Genesis one, there is a pattern given of how God deals with such things and how we as the people of God are to align ourselves with the way God does things. I'll discuss more about that just now.

I don't know if you remember that I have been speaking to you much about the sound of the Blood of the Lamb and God saying that He would saturate our tongues as the remnant with the sound of the blood. There's a very interesting thing that we need to take note of in Revelation 5. After John was lifted up to the throne room to see things from Heaven's perspective, he saw a scroll that was sealed with seven seals. And John weeps because nobody was found who was fit to open the seals of the scroll, and then one of the elders says to him, “Stop weeping. See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah has conquered. He can open the scroll and break the seven seals - and something very interesting follows: ‘between the throne and the four living creatures and the elders, I saw a lamb standing as though it had been slain with seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God.’ And he's just been told that the Lion of Judah has conquered. You would expect him to see between the living creatures and the elders, a lion standing, but he doesn't see a lion. He sees a lamb standing. And it is the lamb that goes and takes the scroll from the right hand of the God sitting upon the throne. So that's something very interesting because the lamb that was slain takes the scroll to open it, but it is decreed that the line of Judah has conquered.

The Book of Revelation continued refers to the fact that there is a wife of the Lamb - we are not called the wife of the Lion, we are called the wife of the Lamb. Now, isn't that very interesting? The Lion is within the Lamb because God told us previously that the sound of the Blood is the sound of His roar. Within the Lamb is the sound of the roar of the Lion. And it is the sound of the Blood because it is the Blood that conquers. That is why Revelation 5 says the lion has conquered, but it is the lamb that takes the scroll. The lamb nature executed the successful Cross Blueprint drawn up by Heaven.

How did the lamb do this? By releasing the roar of the Blood. The more Jesus bled, the louder the roar became, until He could finally say, “It is finished”. Jesus could have called on legions of angels, but He stayed in place until the assignment was complete. That's a message for somebody this morning. He was surrounded by scoffers and mockers, flanked by thieves, stripped of outer dignity, honor and rightful rank. And yet He stayed in place until His assignment was complete; no matter the pain, no matter the suffering or the shame. He submitted to the Father's masterful blueprint, knowing that the enemy had absolutely no clue that he was participating in his own downfall. The Word tells us that if he had known, he would not have crucified the Lord of Glory. Did Jesus look like He was the Lord of glory on that cross? No. As He remained meek as a lamb, totally submitted and one with the divine assignment, it looked like shame and pain and brokenness and a cutting off of His influence and ability to minister to mankind. But it was His most triumphant and powerful moment, masterfully hidden from demonic eyes, who thought they were achieving victory for the realms of hell. And this is a message specifically for somebody this morning. The enemy thinks that what he's putting you through is completely cutting off your influence, isolating, shaming and stripping you of any mantle of authority and dignity God ever gave you. Remember Jesus robe – they stripped it off and they threw lots for it. The enemy thinks that's what he's doing, but God has positioned you as a lamb, conformed to His cross blueprint until the assignment is complete. The Spirit is saying to you this morning, stay in place until God releases you to say, “It is finished”. I know it's tempting and one wants to flee from suffering, from pain and from the feeling of being pinned down in a place that you don't really want to be, because you want to do things for the Kingdom, but God is saying stay in place until the Lamb Assignment is complete, because even though it looks to you that your ability to have influence and be able to minister to other people is being cut off by what you're going through, this is your most triumphant and powerful moment in Heaven's blueprint for your life, because the enemy is being used to contribute to his own downfall in the assignment that God has given you.

In Genesis 1, it says darkness blanketed the deep and the earth was without form and void - that means it looked almost beyond redemption or healing, completely destroyed, and the Holy Spirit brooded over the darkness as it lay there on the face of the deep. Now, brooding always hatches something! When a hen sits on her eggs (and that happens for days on end without a break or any kind of relief), it looks like nothing is happening. She's just sitting still and idle – or so it seems to the eye looking at her… But she's brooding on something, she's sitting there incubating the full potential inside those eggs and cooperating with Heaven to manifest their full potential in due season. And in the same way, in the darkness and the chaos and the void, the Holy Spirit is brooding over the darkness on the face of the deep. And God is hatching a plan - even in South Africa. The Holy Spirit is brooding on the seeming darkness that is blanketing areas in our nation, and it looks like it is without form and void and like chaos has the upper hand, but the God of Heaven is hatching a plan that will drive back the darkness.

One sentence from the lips of God Almighty produced an explosion of divine light in Genesis 1. It was the entrance of a substance so powerful that the darkness had no option but to retreat before it and be vanquished! God imparted His essence into the chaos. He is light and there is no darkness in Him. His breath and His word impart that light and the decree, “Let there be light!” announces the end to the reign of darkness on the face of the deep. It announces a new chapter of restoration and reconstitution. In the same way Jesus on the cross released a sentence - It is finished - and yielded up His spirit. And there was an almighty earthquake and the graves were opened. Now, the power of the decree “It is finished” is earth shaking. It's a short sentence, but it is a decree that executes the rolling out of righteous judgments.

It releases people from the tombs, it shakes the earth; it breaks open the earth. And when we carry the sound of the decree of the full payment of the Blood of the Lamb; when we release that sound, the earth is shaken, graves are open, things are changed, death is overturned. But remember, it didn't look like it! For another two days, Jesus seemed to be completely dead. Even though “It is finished” released power and authority and change into the atmosphere of the Earth, the fullness of the Cross Assignment was not fully manifested until the morning of the third day. Just like those eggs do not hatch on day one of the brooding. And in the same way, when we release the sound, “It is finished”, yes, there is a shaking. Yes, there is a breaking open, but the full manifestation of the power of that decree is not seen or another period of time until the fullness of the assignment has been carried out.

You know, the New World Order has a motto ‘Out of chaos, order’, but they have forgotten Who gives them the breath that they breathe every minute of every day. Their demonic plans want to trigger a chaos that leaves humanity so broken and downtrodden that they can institute their version of order and control without any resistance. But God sits in heaven and laughs. This chapter we are entering is the power of the Cross Blueprint on steroids. As the man child companies birthed by wave upon wave of assault from the spirit of Leviathan, they come forth from the womb of preparation with resurrection power in their bellies.

They come forth fearless and in endued with the seven spirits of God, and they are immediately conferred with throne room authority as they are lifted up to the throne (like Revelation 12 describes). these are His overcomers who have become conformed to His death. What is being conformed to His death mean? Yes, it means ‘not my will, but yours be done’, But it also means being conformed and aligned to the sound of the Blood; being saturated with the spirit of might as this manchild company executes His righteous judgments in the earth.

Oh, yes, when Jesus was crucified for two days, it looked like the forces of hell had achieved their aim. But in the hidden realm of the spirit, far from the eyes of men, He who is the Resurrection and the Life was busy leading captivity captive and taking the keys of death and hell. I have news for you, Remnant! Jesus never gave those keys back. The enemy does not hold the keys of death and hell any longer. And the lamb part of the cross assignment by Jesus is complete, and now the role of the Lion of the tribe of Judah will be heard in the earth. The roar of the Lion of the tribe of Judah that is within the Blood of the Lamb will be released upon the earth. The spirit of might snatched the keys of hell and death. The spirit of might released those held in death's domain.

Can you hear the sound of the Blood, can you hear the decrees in the frequency of the Blood? Now, to be able to hear these things, you need to silence the voice of opinions that you've heard spoken, of your own opinions, of your own understanding and let the voice of the Blood be heard within your spirit. The voice of the Blood still speaks from the mercy seat. The blood decrees the opening of prison doors and the opening of the eyes of the blind; the Blood decrees liberty to the captives and a decrees the Year of the Lord's Favor. All these things are in Isaiah 61, but it also decrees the Day of Vengeance of our God.

Precious remnant, will we surrender our tongues to become carriers of the Blood? Will we surrender our tongues to carry the sound of the Blood, or do we still want the luxury of voicing our own opinions about situations? You know, when God looked at the state of the earth, He did not discuss the terrible state of the void and the chaos and the lack of form. He looked a state of things and He used His mouth to release a heavenly light and the darkness and chaos were automatically dealt with step by step. He saw and he spoke. You also see and then you speak. But what do you speak when you see the chaos and the void and the disorder and the destruction? Harness your mind and heart to the sound that comes from the mercy seat.

Not to do this, you have to come up higher, you have to see everything as God sees it, so that you could speak what God speaks. Jesus only said what He heard the Father saying, and He only did what He saw Him doing. Father God is still speaking and still doing in this day - will you be a carrier of the sound of the Blood?

Now, as I was recording this message, I saw an image that came up on my laptop screen - you know I have a screensaver that scrolls through my photos. And the photo came up that was a big brass bowl containing scrolls with different color ribbons on; red and blue, gold and orange. And as I stared at the scene, the Holy Spirit gave me a vision. I saw one of these scrolls opened and as it was unrolled, it released an audio sound-byte. The scroll carried a sound, and the scroll was an assigned sound for a willing, surrendered vessel to release. God has a bowl of scrolls that He wants to hand out. God has sound assignments that He wants to be released in the earth. Are you willing and are you ready to receive your sound-byte from the mouth of God? Because He wants you to say what He is saying. That individually assigned scroll contains the sound-byte of what He wants to speak using your tongue. Are you ready to receive your assigned sound scroll this morning? Because the bowl is ready and waiting to be handed out….