This morning, the Lord instructed me to go back in my journal to the beginning of April and to look again at the things that He'd shared with me because it was time to share them with others. And so I was reminded that on the 9th of April, I woke up hearing a command, “It's time to arise. I will guard you as the apple of my eye”. Note that phrase – ‘the apple of His eye’ is found in a number of scriptures. Deuteronomy 32:10 speaks of God finding Jacob (Israel) in the wilderness, and He led him about and instructed him and kept him as the apple of His eye. So, I started to do a study on that day when the Lord spoke that command about the apple of the eye. Now in psalm 17:8, it says, ‘keep me as the apple of Your eye, hide me under the shadow of your wings’. The word used for ‘apple’ there is two Hebrew words, ‘ishon’, ‘bat’. Now, ishon means ‘the little man of the eye’ or the pupil, and it comes from the root word meaning ‘man’, which is ‘eesh’. So, ‘the little man’ is the same as the man-child. Therefore, the apple of the eye represents the manchild, the little man of the eye.

And the other word which is used for ‘apple’ in this particular verse is ‘bat’ which means ‘daughter or apple of the eye’. So it's almost like it's written: ‘Keep me as the apple apple of the eye’ in the verse, which is quite interesting, because every other verse that speaks of ‘the apple of the eye’ only uses the first word, which means ‘little man of the eye’, but in this particular one, ishon is masculine and bat is feminine. So that's a very interesting thing - it tells you that the manchild is made up of both male and female; men and women! That is a strike to the religious spirit, because that patriarchal spirit would like to say that only men could be a part of the manchild company, which is completely untrue! In Christ there is neither male or female.

So, we see that the apple or the pupil of the eye represents the manchild. What is the pupil? It is a portal that lets light into the eye, which is then transmitted to the brain, which interprets it and then gives instructions to the whole body of what to do according to the light and the image that the pupil of the eye has transmitted to the brain. So this tells us that the manchild works in tandem with the mind of Christ, in order to transmit information and instruct the whole body of Christ, and this is why the manchild in Revelation 12 is caught up to the throne after his birth - because the man child must see things from the throne room perspective. And this is where the Headquarters of the body is. The eye of the body and the mind or brain of the body work together to cause the whole body to move and react, according to the revelation that is received by the pupil of the eye or the apple of the eye - which in this case is the manchild. So the manchild has a watchman/seer function because they receive light and then work in tandem with the mind of Christ in order to transmit instruction to the Body or to feed the Body the Information and revelation that is needed to rightly react to external circumstances. That's really important. And the interesting thing is that in the human eye, the colored part surrounding the pupil is called the iris. Now, the iris of the eye is a muscle which expands and contracts according to the amount of light that is available. When it gets dark, the iris of the eye opens up the pupil of the eye more, so it can let more light into the Body via the eye. So, even though it's dark, the mind can transmit information to the body about what to do.

I had a look at ‘iris’. What was the etymology of that word? Why is the part around the pupil of the eye called the iris? It started to be used in the early 15th century and comes from the Latin word ‘iris’, which means ‘the iris of the eye (obviously) and iris plant’, but it also means ‘a rainbow’. Now, that's a really important and significant thing for us spiritually in understanding about the manchild’s positioning. So, in the human eye, the apple of the eye or the pupil of the eye is in the center and it is surrounded by the iris or by the rainbow of the eye. Now, let's have a look at Revelation 4. John was called to ‘come up here’ so that he could be shown what must be. In other words, he's going to be given light; he's going to be given revelation. So, at this point in Revelation 4:1, we see John representing the movement of the manchild being caught up to the throne.

Verse 2 says ‘immediately, I was in the spirit…’ Once you've received the calling as the manchild to arise, (like I was told on the 9th of April - it's time to arise), there is a catching up to the throne to see from the throne perspective. And John starts to describe what he sees when he gets to the throne room and this is very significant.

Rev 4:3  And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne… 

Now, that word for ‘rainbow’ in the Greek is also the word for iris. So therefore, the throne of God and its surroundings is mirrored in the human eye. There is a central portal or the pupil which transmits light, working with the mind of Him upon the throne, transmitting light, information and instruction; decrees and blueprints to the Body. Right around the throne, there is a rainbow (or you could say there is an iris). And then down in Revelation 4:5, it also says something very interesting – ‘Out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings’ Now we know from things I've shared in the past, that the lightning and thunderings speak of the release of light and of sound; the release of revelation and the release of instruction. And not only is there lightnings and thunderings, there are also voices or sayings or languages. So, from the throne, surrounded by the rainbow of seven colors, there is light, sound and languages or communication proceeding or being released. And that is exactly what happens in the human body! Flashes of light are sent to the mind/brain with the communication or a voice being sent to the whole body via the nervous system as to how to react.

With the lightnings that are being received through the apple of the eye,  Revelation 4:5 also says there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven spirits of God. And we know that the seven spirits of God are also depicted by the seven colors of the rainbow - the Spirit of revelation and understanding, the Spirit of council and of might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord and the Spirit of the sovereign Lord. These seven spirits of God are mentioned in Isaiah 11. This is what Jesus walked in; the power of the seven Spirits of God. There is this rainbow of sevenfold light and revelation coming from the lamps of fire.

Let's now have a look at what was shown to the prophet Zechariah.

Zec 2:8  For thus said the Lord of hosts, after [His] glory had sent me to the nations who plundered you--for he who touches you touches the apple or pupil of His eye…’ 

So after the glory - after an encounter with the glory, there is a sending to the nations. In Zachariah 2:5, the Lord says He will be to her a wall of fire roundabout and glory in the midst. Now we know that the wall of fire and glory in the midst we've already seen is displayed by the throne of God with the fiery rainbow of God round about. And here God is saying He will come and position Himself and pour out His glory in the midst. And He mentions He will also be a wall of fire around about. So, we see that the manchild company is going to be given a garment of the seven spirits of God, which are lamps of fire. In other words, the manchild will wear a garment of fire. - seven hues of fire.

Now, interestingly enough, the Lord prompted me to start printing some of my poetry that is in my three Endtime books onto fleece blankets, so that people can wrap themselves in these word-blankets. And 90 % of those blankets have images of my resin fire paintings and all sorts of scriptures to do with the fire of the Lord. When I had them done, I didn't actually realize what I was depicting - which is being blanketed in a garment of fire; with sayings and Spirit-quickened words. The man child will be clothed with a garment of the seven fiery Spirits of God! WOW! This is why Zechariah 2 also contains the command to come out and deliver ourselves; those of us who dwell with the daughter of Babylon. This speaks of dwelling in mixture and there's a call for complete separation, so that the glory of God can come and dwell in the midst of the manchild company and they can be awarded new garments - garments of sevenfold fire.

Blanketed in a Mantle of Fire

The Spirit instructed me to take note of the length of the audio version of thsi message, which is 26 minutes & 45 seconds.

H2645 is the Hebrew word 'chapah', which means 'covered, veiled, protected'! What a wonderful confirmation of the theme scripture for this message:

Psa 17:8  Keep and guard me as the apple of Your eye; hide me in the shadow of Your wings 

G2645 is the Greek word 'kataloipos', meaning 'remnant'! Halleluyah!

Now, I want us to go back to psalm 17 where it uses those two different masculine and feminine words as ‘apple of the eye’. I want to look at the word ‘bat’ again. It has two Hebrew letters, beit and tav. Beit means ‘house’. And Tav is the completion, the aleph or beginning and the tav or completion; the consummation. So, the combination of these two Hebrew letters depicts ‘the house of completion’. The apple of the eye or the manchild company is the company that brings the kingdom plans to completion in the earth.

Remember in Zachariah 3, where the high priest stands before the Lord clothed in filthy garments. He's been snatched out of the fire, the enemy accuses him. God rebukes Satan and then says, “Remove the dirty garments. I'm going to clothe you with rich garments”. The Lord is speaking to Zachariah and explaining what is going on and he says that He is bringing forth his servant, the Branch. So there's a reason why David speaks of the apple of the eye using both words that mean apple. It's almost like he had a stutter and said it twice, but there's no mistake in the word of God. The feminine word for ‘apple of the eye’, bat, also means ‘branch’. So, we see the manchild company is God's bondservant, the Branch.

The manchild, as described in Zechariah 3, moves out of the Aaronic priesthood garments and into the Melchizedek Priesthood rich garments that have been stored up for such a time as this. We know now that these rich garments are garments of fire. They are the garments of the rainbow hued 7 spirits of God that are being poured out. God becomes a wall of fire around the manchild. Filthy garments of the Aaronic priesthood, splattered with the blood of many sacrifices of animals, are removed and a change of garment; a new mantle of the seven fiery spirits of God is applied. God is depicting to Zechariah the bringing forth of his bondservant manchild company, the Branch. He also says, “Behold the stone that I have laid before Joshua, upon one stone shall be seven eyes”. There again we have the mentioning of the seven Spirits of God, and that word for ‘eye’ in Hebrew also means ‘a fountain’. So, the fiery Spirits of God become a fountain to the man child that enlarge the place of the manchild's spiritual habitation - remember that the iris of the eye contracts and makes the pupil of the eye bigger. In other words, enlarging the place of the manchild's tent, so more light can be received, more impartation from the seven Spirits of God can be received. When it's getting dark and dense darkness is upon the peoples, we need more light; we need more revelation. We need more input. And the seven spirits of God are the lamps of the Lord that give us the very necessary input as the manchild company.

We read about the crowning of Joshua in chapter 6; after a rich garment or mantle of office, he gets a crown that has been specially made and then the Lord makes an announcement, “Behold the man whose name is the Branch. He will grow up out of his appointed place and he will build the temple of the Lord and he shall bear or carry the glory and shall sit and rule upon his throne.” The Word of God says we are seated in heavenly places, that is just theoretical knowledge for a long season. But when the man child is caught up and elevated to the throne, from that seated place at the throne, this company begins to rule and execute God’s righteous judgments. From a place of Sabbath rest, from a seated place - ceasing from their labors and working the works of God, they operate in the council of Priest and King. This of course depicts the Melchizedek priesthood. Melchizedek was a priest unto God, but Melchizedek means ‘Righteous king’.

Let us call upon the seven Spirits of God, as the man company, to enlarge the place of our tent, to increase our spiritual capacity to receive light and revelation truth, so that we may work, yoked and in tandem with the mind of Christ imparting to the Body what is so desperately needed. The eye and the brain work together to relay information to the Body. You remember with Jeremiah, God showed him something and then said, “What do you see?” And then He said, “You have seen well”. Once clarity of spiritual vision is established, God begins to say, “This is what I will do…” Jesus said He only said what He heard the Father saying,  did what He saw Him doing. So accurate sight is an incredibly crucial function in these end times for the Body of Christ. The man child company needs to be brought forth and elevated to a throne room perspective, to be called up and rightly positioned to see clearly what God is doing and to hear what God is saying. Then this information - the lightning, thunder and the voices can be communicated, filtered through the mind of Christ to the Body of Christ.

Matthew 6: 22, says ‘The eye is the lamp of the body. So if your eye is sound, your entire body will be full of light’. The word for ‘sound’ in the King James version is ‘single’, it means ‘clear’. To be ‘single’, clearsighted, you have to focus upon Him who is on the throne at this time. There are a lot of distractions in the earth at present, but for the sake of the whole Body of Christ, a manchild company is the lamp of the Body. So, in this season of darkness, we have to be single, we have to be focused. We have to fix our eyes upon Jesus and make it our mission to be totally surrendered to the movements of the seven Spirits of God, so that they can enlarge the place of our tent. We need more light, more revelation, more truth poured into our spirits for the sake of the Body. Matthew 6 tells us that when the eye sees clearly, the entire body will be full of light. And that word ‘full of light’ in Greek is ‘photeinos’. It comes from the root word meaning ‘full of light or fire’. Manchild company, in your watchman/seer function, you must focus! In your calling as the pupil of the eye, do not be distracted at this time. It's time to arise receive a garment of seven-fold fire. Lord, as the darkness deepens, we are your Branch company. Bring us forth, raise us up to the throne, be the glory in our midst and blanket us with Your fiery Spirits. And we may work the works of God in these days. Amen