The Lord is releasing so much revelation to me and I have a strong sense that Conservative and Christian websites are going to be taken down very rapidly in the coming days. It has already started on Twitter and other media-giant sites. Believers are being blocked from accessing their sites, losing their vast numbers of their followers overnight and that sort of thing. So I do want to urge you to download and obtain any articles and any revelation you need from my website quickly, because we do not know how long you'll be able to access it. So having said that (and I know Julie Whedbee has released a similar warning message), I do not know if Wordpress will continue to host conservative and Christian sites. Also Mailchimp which I use to send out my emails to subscribers is definitely not conservative-friendly, but they offer the largest number of free sendouts per month of any subscriber site, which is why I use it. So, this is a strong warning from me that there is very little time to stock your store cupboard of good spiritual food for the next season. Use your time wisely in this week!

So now I want to share with you the vision I received on January 7. When I woke up in the morning, the Lord made a statement:

"My remnant..."

And He showed me a scene of a man pushing a hand plough. It was wooden and it took extreme exertion to push it as it was not yoked to any animals or beasts of burden as a plough was usually used. Then I saw another man pushing a wooden wheel barrow—even the will was wooden, and it was loaded with supplies. Both men were completely focused; not looking around or getting distracted, and both were working in strong sunlight. They were completely bathed in light and could see clearly what they were doing. This was a great contrast to the vision I had seen before, where God said, "My people..." and showed me the billboard and the night rolling in. These 2 men were working in bright light. And I heard the scripture from Revelation about the heavenly city and how they have no need of the sun or the moon, because the Lamb is their light. 

Then I saw a handful of people separately making their way up a very steep rocky hill. I could see perhaps 2 or 3 individuals, but they were not standing close to each other. There was no pathway to the top of the hill (I could see the top) and each one had to make their own path, at times climbing with great exertion as there were only rocks in front of them. Each one was seen moving slowly higher and higher by great perseverance. There was nothing visible at the top of the hill and I said to the Lord, "Why are they climbing this hill, Father?" 

"This is the hill of the Lord; My holy hill, and these are the holy who are becoming more holy". And I heard the question from Psalms asking who can ascend the hill of the Lord? Only those who have clean hands and a pure heart! I asked, "How do they know which way to take? Each one seems to be going a different way..." 

He answered me, "They are led by My Spirit and each receives precise instruction for their part in Kingdom purposes". 

Then I was shown the inner workings of a clock with many different sized cogs; each turning against the others. Each cell was connecting with multiple others and they were turning clockwise and anti clockwise. Then He spoke again:

"I change the times and the seasons and I use the precise movements of my remnant cogs to move the hands of the clock face of the earth. I remove kings and I set up kings— and what I make crooked, no man can make straight. Men would have their way, preserve their comforts, stave off unpleasant change, but what I have written, I have written and it shall be fulfilled in its time and order". 

Then he took me back to the vision He gave me round Rosh Hashanah 5780 during 'The Release of the Firestarters' Conference. It was in September 2019. I saw the index finger on a large right hand changing the time from 11:50 to 12:00, in 1 movement. The time was pushed forward or accelerated. And then I saw (at the same time as this was being done) the left hand was unlocking and opening the vault door of an underground or hidden vault. The Lord told me later that in that vault were His weapons of war, which were stored up for such a time as this. He ALSO decreed the Scripture about Him changing times and seasons and setting up kings and removing kings (Dan 2:21). So He was reminding me that this vision was connected to what I was shown on 7th January 2021— that the changing of times and seasons would be accelerated and cause the people of God to be frozen in fear at the news they were receiving BUT the remnant would not be in darkness at this time, but filled with revelation light and purpose, as they continued to fulfil their part in Kingdom purposes.

Again on 7th Jan 2021, I was shown another scene, where I saw an arm go down from a vertical position, holding a black and white checked flag—and I heard the following spoken by the Father:

"The final lap of the race has begun!"

I tried to see who or what was racing, but once the flag went down, it generated such clouds of dust that the racers were obscured. And I was made aware at the time that the dust clouds represented much fleshly activity and behavior carried out (see the list of the works of the flesh in Galatians 5:19-21). It is important to realize that although one could not see them because of the dust, they were still partaking in this last leg of the race, but hidden. Then the Lord said:

"Run this last leg of the race by faith and not by sight, for if you look around at the manifestation of flesh unleashed, you will be paralyzed by fear. Fix your eyes on Jesus; the Author and the Finisher of your faith. And wait upon Me in this night season—then you will run and not be weary, you will walk and not faint in the evil day".

Then I heard the Scripture about Satan having gone forth with great wrath knowing that he has a very short time (Rev 12:12). Following that, the Scripture about Moses was quoted— where he was undismayed by the wrath of the king and endured because he gazed upon Him Who is invisible. 

Heb 11:26  He considered the contempt and abuse and shame [borne for] the Christ (the Messiah Who was to come) to be greater wealth than all the treasures of Egypt, for he looked forward and away to the reward (recompense). Heb 11:27  [Motivated] by faith he left Egypt behind him, being unawed and undismayed by the wrath of the king; for he never flinched but held staunchly to his purpose and endured steadfastly as one who gazed on Him Who is invisible.

So I pondered these things for some days and then on January 10, I was given more understanding of this remnant vision. The man with the wooden plough is connected to the verse with the ploughman overtaking the reaper (Amos 9:13). The wooden farming implement represented the wood of the cross, as did the wooden barrow with the wooden wheel. It also spoke to me of returning to the good old paths, the ancient ways; the simplicity of the Gospel of Christ. The remnant is energized and moving forward by the power of the cross.

It was very significant that the plough was not attached to any beast—in other words, the remnant will not connected to the beast system, with the fourth beast ruling. This man was ploughing under the instruction and supernatural ability of Heaven and it took a lot of effort to move forward, because of the resistance and not being harnessed to the beast system. 

In Egypt, during the 3 days of darkness, the Israelites had light in their houses. It was a supernatural night. And in the same way, remnant, supernatural light will fill your life and your heart, even as dense darkness envelops the world in this night of trial. There is work to do for the Kingdom; there are greater heights of holiness to climb. Press on higher, remnant of God. Become more holy; more set apart unto Him. The 3 days of darkness was the 9th plague; the second last contraction that pushed the people of God out of the confines of slavery &n the womb of Egypt and the world system and then into the wilderness, where all provision and protection promised in the marriage covenant came into play. The last contraction occurred on the night when the Destroyer passed over. And they were completely and utterly and permanently separated unto the Bridegroom in the wilderness. So the Destroyer passing over is connected to Niburu or Planet X crossing the orbital path of earth and we know that is this is predicted to occur round about Passover 2021 (which is very significant as it's the same as the original timing of the first Passover). 

Then God highlighted again the month of Adar, which I've written about in a previous article when I was sharing about the components of the tabernacle being finished and inspected on the first day of Hanukkah. There was a 3 month waiting period before all approved parts were assembled together. Adar is the month before Aviv. In the last week of the month Adar, the tabernacle was assembled. And the 3 days of darkness in Egypt took place at the beginning of the month Adar. It was a month from the 3 days of darkness until God said to Moses, "This is the first day of the first month..." and the events of liberation from slavery unfolded. That month was instituted by God as the start of as a whole new calendar, and I want to say to you, remnant of God, that a whole new chapter, a new calendar is coming for you!

I MADE A MISTAKE IN THE AUDIO, Adar was the sixth, not the seventh month from Tishrei, but God came and changed the times and the seasons and the sixth month became the twelfth month of a different and new (and never before experienced) Calendar. Six speaks of man—the vessel of the Spirit, 12 speaks of governmental authority and positioning and we have 6 and 12 in the same month and the prophetic implications of that being fulfilled in the endtime remnant in this year of 5781 (2021).  There are 12 gates to the heavenly city. When the work of preparation in your life and heart has been completed, you function as part of the gates of this heavenly city—able to open up heavenly experiences and usher people into that city. You walk in a new authority in higher realms of kingdom purpose! 

If you re-read what I shared on Adar before, in those 2 articles about the tabernacle just before Hanukkah, Adar is the month of setting in place and bringing together all the preserved and waiting segments of the tabernacle, culminating after the first 3 weeks of the month in the separation of the appointed priests of the new order—separated from their family; separated from ordinary life and associations! A separation from and a separation unto... ministering unto Him for the rest of their lives. In the book of Daniel 7:9,10, he had a vision where he saw 10 thousands ministering to the One who sat on the fiery throne, with a thousand thousands standing before the throne. 10,000 is the tithe (1/10) of the total number of people standing before the throne. It is the tithe company that ministers to Him; a Zadok priesthood found worthy and appointed to minister to the Lord because they kept themselves holy when others went astray (Ezek 44:15). God said about the Zadok priests, "They may come near Me and minister to Me". Press on into holiness, remnant! You are appointed to come near and to minister to Him. You are appointed to show people by your life the difference between the holy and the profane, and just like the Zadok priesthood, you are appointed authority to judge matters, because the Lord is making manifest the counsels of men's hearts in the season and then you can judge. 

On January 7, as I was sleeping in the middle of the night, I turned over in bed, and as I did so, I surfaced briefly and opened my eyes and I saw a heavy sheet of water pouring down through the ceiling of my bedroom. And I knew this was completely impossible in the natural because there is a second storey on top of my bedroom. So the roof is not above the ceiling of my bedroom. I knew it was not a natural rain. Then the Lord said to me, "The latter rain is coming". Note that the heavy latter rain is the rain that brings the harvest to completion. And it's the harvest of the barley that we're looking at, because the barley is what is harvested as the first fruits offering; an Aviv offering for Passover. This heavy latter rain that is going to be released to bring the Barley Remnant 's growth and maturing to completion. 

Remember in Hosea 6, it says 'Come, let us return to the Lord. He has broken down that He may build up; He has wounded that He may heal. Let us be zealous to know the Lord because His coming is prepared and as certain as the dawn. After 2 days, He will revive us and on the third day, He will raise us up to dwell in his sight (before His face)'. Remnant of God, the things that are happening in the earth at this time are shocking, with people whom we have believed to be faithful and devoted Christians turning out to be betrayers and agents of the enemy. Brother is betraying brother. After the events of January 6 at the capitol building (which was a false flag event infiltrated by Antifa), the police are rounding up those who took part and arresting them. And children are reporting their parents and betraying the parents to the police. So what did the Lord say about the end times? He said children will deliver their parents up to death. So we have entered this time with a bang—a real bang! We are in the first watch of the night. It ends at Rosh Hashanah 5782. But we have probably about a quarter of the way, with just under 3 months before Passover. By half way through this first watch of the night of trial, we will know for certain that the night of trial for the Body of Christ is begun and that the fourth beast of Daniel is definitely unleashed. 

So, remnant of God, note this: you are part of the heavenly city; your name is registered as part of the Church of the Firstborn in heaven and you are part of the heavenly city that has no need of the sun or the moon to see where you are going. You work by the light of the Lamb and the Lamb is your light and the Lamb is your temple. And you have kingdom purposes to fulfil. Just as that man ploughed with his wooden plough, you are to plough the ground you have been assigned, so that the seed can be sown—the seed of the righteous sons in. You are to store up; you are to climb the holy hill of the Lord with clean hands and a pure heart. Narrow is the way that leads to life and few find it—very few!  A remnant is very few. Press on, do not get distracted. Press on higher, let the holy become more holy! Endure as gazing on One who is invisible.

~ I want to remind you that I have made available PDF's to download all of my articles. There is a link on my Storehouse page of my website to that Dropbox folder. What you do is: you find the title you want to download and look for these 3 little dots to the right, click on that and the opportunity to download the file will present itself. So I would encourage you like that man pushing the wooden wheel barrow, stock your storehouse with good food at this time because my website is not going to be up much longer. One day you can be reading on it & the next day you can open up your laptop or your phone and try and log on to my website Fresh Oil Releases & it's going to be gone and everything that's on it will be gone! So please hear my urgent warning that these are the last few days—I don't know if there's even a week or two left that you'll be able to download & stock your spiritual store cupboards... You can also download my podcasts as well. Please stock up, please please please stock up. I also want to say I'm going to be putting out a lot of revelation in the next few days as the Lord has given me this urgency and as I have been given a lot to share. You don't have to eat it all at once; eat as the Spirit leads you. Pray for more revelation; pray for confirmation; pray for wisdom and understanding of the times so you may know what to do.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He cause the full light of His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. May He lift up His countenance upon you and give you His peace; His shalom—that unshakable shalom that mounts guard over your heart and your mind as you trust in Him in this evil day. I love you and I bless you for your support, for sharing my articles and my podcasts. I have been greatly encouraged by the fellowship I have had with the remnant—and I consider it an honor and a privilege to be counted worthy to share the breaking of the bread of His Word and the wine of the Word with you in this hour in which we are privileged to be chosen to run the race.