Fresh Oil
Light to walk by in the darkness of this world

Moved and Marshalled

AUDIO VERSIONThe days since the Passover weekend have been challenging to say the least. But one thing has stuck with me — the image of the people of God arising and leaving Egypt, marshalled in their ranks. And, superimposed over ... Continue Reading →

Portions From Passover 5781

Here are links to the remainder of the messages shared on the Passover weekend of 5781 in Douglas, South Africa.Sat 27th am ~ Prophetic word Released and EstablishedThis message was released during the worship session on Saturday morning.Sat 27th pm ... Continue Reading →

Seek First My Kingdom!

AUDIO VERSION HEREToday is Tuesday the sixteenth of March. I received this message from the Lord in my early morning time with Him:"I am weary of My people who seek only their own interests, their own comfort, their own provision. ... Continue Reading →

A New Day, a Fiery Day

AUDIO VERSION HEREThis is the third post in a series on the consecration of the priesthood. For seven days in the wilderness, the new priesthood went through the consecration process and on the eighth day, they began to function in ... Continue Reading →

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