In this post, I share two visions I have had recently. The first concerns the shot in the arm and the second is connected to Revelation 12. I am posting the link to the podcast first and will add the transcript underneath as soon as it is complete. I must add that I will be adding to the understanding of the visions in the transcript as usually when we rehearse something the Lord has shared, we receive more light on the matter. As Psalm 36 says — 'In Your light we see light'.



I want to share with you two visions that I had in recent days (they're not connected to each other, but I do feel very relevant for the times that we are in as the bride of Christ).


In the first vision, I saw a person being led into a room that was completely pitch dark, except for a vast number of red lights. I was watching from an elevated distance as the person was led into the room and, as you know, when you step into a dark room, you can't see anything – except of course, the person could see the red lights everywhere, and then a bag was put over the person's head... and after a while of the bag being over the person's head, the rest of the bag was unraveled right down to the person's feet; so that they were completely encased and completely imprisoned in the bag in the dark room. And when I prayed and asked the Lord what the meaning of the vision was, He said,

"Such is the present experience of many people. You have been brought into a place of darkness (I did feel this concerned the jab or shot in the arm) and it's pitch dark and that you cannot see what was going on but there are an incredible number of red lights – in other words, there are warnings everywhere that you should not have gone into this room. And yet you went into the room..."

Concerning the bag over the head, the Lord gave me the word 'hoodwinked'. Now, to hoodwink someone – the freemasons do it as part of the initiation rituals – they put a bag over a person's head. In other words you cannot see anything that's going on. You don't know who you are surrounded by and you are completely vulnerable. The word 'hoodwinked' means 'to be deceived'.

In  my vision, after the hoodwink was on the person's head for a short amount of time, then the rest of the bag, or the whole length of the bag; the rest of what was in the bag of tricks was rolled out. It looked almost like when you roll a stocking up your leg, except it was upside down. It was rolled out and the person was totally encased and in a place of complete imprisonment in darkness, in a dark room. Once the hoodwink went on they could no longer see the red lights and the warnings. In other words, no light or understanding was available to them to grasp the terrible danger they were in and they could not get out of that room by themselves. So I do feel that that initial placing of the hoodwink on the person represents people who have gone voluntarily and had the shot in the arm in spite of seeing or being aware that they were surrounded by a considerable number of warning signs and red lights –  possibly in the form of hearing on the mass media of people who've had terrible side effects; hearing of sudden deaths days after receiving the jab; warnings from people who are true prophetic voices in the church.

A red light means 'STOP. DANGER DANGER, DO NOT PROCEED'. Yet these people have still gone ahead and allowed themselves to be hoodwinked. And at the beginning when the bag that leads to imprisonment is put over their heads, it represents that they have had the jab. It is also the first step when a person is hanged by the neck until they are dead — a bag is placed over their head. These people cannot see or grasp the warnings any longer, and there is nothing anyone watching can do. But there are going to be further things (that represent the whole of the bag) which will be rolled out. It is all part of the same bag that initially was placed over the person, and the person will be completely enslaved and imprisoned in darkness.

So that's just a really strong warning to anyone who is on the fence and considering stepping into that room. The door may have been opened for you to go inside, but as you stand on the threshold, you can clearly see the red lights, too numerous to count. You have a choice at this point. Turn around and flee.

Swimming Against the Floodtide

The second vision that I want to share with you is this:

I saw a person swimming upstream in a really filthy debris-laden river; full of giant planks that sailed past. It was a very dangerous swim and the person was attempting to keep swimming against the tide but the strength of the filthy flooding river going downstream against them was so great that they were becoming really tired.

And the first thing the Lord said to me is this is the flood that comes out of the dragon's mouth – and that takes us to Revelation twelve which speaks of the dragon releasing a flood from its mouth to destroy the woman who has just brought forth the man child. And the Word of God says in  Revelation 12 that she was given the wings of a giant eagle and taken to the place prepared, but when I saw this vision, I think it was just before the wings of the eagle were provided. It was becoming increasingly difficult because of the strength of the flood of filth and lies and dangerous  fast moving missiles and objects that were contained in the flood of filth out of the dragon's mouth.

And the Lord said to me, "Don't study the planks. Don't pay attention to the planks." The planks represent attacks launched from people who have planks in their own eyes, but they are attempting to take out the splinter in yours. They are working on behalf of the accuser of the brethren. So this signifies that there is a significant increase in attack and persecution against those who are the Bridal Remnant as they try to swim upstream. I don't know if you have picked it up in recent days, but I have certainly experienced and sensed the strength of the flood increasing. There has been a great invisible force pushing against me and  it appears to have increased considerably. This has been experienced  just picking up and sensing the negative spiritual atmosphere prevalent against me and the Bride of Christ worldwide but has also manifested as those deadly planks launched toward one by other people as one struggles upstream.

It has been difficult to keep going forward; to keep pressing in the opposite direction and responding in the opposite spirit. One is already tired at this time because all of us have been in battles for many years in a wilderness training season and we're already tired and now the flood has come hurtling at great speed. And the inclination is to just stop swimming upstream... but you will then be carried downstream by the dragon's flood and swept away and destroyed!

So the Lord said the first thing was do not focus on the planks; do not make a study of the planks! Do not make a study of the debris in the river. Press on with fixed purpose. Psalm eighteen says 'the chords of death entangle me, the torrents of ruin terrify me, then I cried out to the Lord...' and the whole of psalm eighteen is the most beautiful description of the response when God hears your cry and He lifts you out of many waters and brings you forth into a large place. This psalm also says the Lord is my Rock, my Fortress my Deliverer, my God, my keen and firm Strength in whom I will trust and take refuge, my Shield and the Horn of my salvation, my High Tower. I think there's about eight names describing our amazing God. All those things are what we must focus on as we press upstream and call upon the Lord in our distress. Psalm eighteen speaks of how God moves mountains to deliver you from the flood of death and torrents of ungodliness that are threatening to sweep you downstream. What a stunning visual that is!

God moves mountains to deliver you!


Then, a few days later, I was meditating on this whole thing and I said, "Lord, how does one keep swimming upstream in a river with that much filth and debris in it?" and He said this:

"Rest and trust in Me, trust My timing, trust My wisdom. Do not examine the planks or engage with them. Let them simply pass by. Do you not know that they are the fiery brands the enemy throws at you to stop you swimming? If you latch on to one, you will be carried downstream by the flood tide of evil. Take no offense. Simply keep your eye fixed straight ahead with fixed purpose."

(I do sense as I write this, that this advice also includes engaging and fighting with your natural understanding against laws passed, restrictions placed. Latching onto these things and wrestling with them, engaging with them, will steal your focus and cause you to lose ground and end up as part of the great amount of debris in that filthy river). You are aliens and strangers in this world, seeking a city which is to come. Don't engage with Babylon. The Lord's words continue below:

"Yes the tide of evil is strong, and the planks seemingly without number, but pass on undaunted, knowing I am increasing your endurance and strength through this opposition. Men go to gym to build their bodies and increase their prowess, but I have my own workout sessions for my remnant. And I training with the battle in mind. I know your areas of weakness and I target them specifically. I am training dread champions and you will never be tested beyond what you can bear. Before long, those eagles' wings will appear and you will be on your way to the place prepared – even now, finishing touches are being put in place. Even now, last minute supplies are on their way there. You will have everything you need and peace which flows like a river, in the midst of earthly turmoil."

When He said that to me, I was reminded of a series I wrote in 2018, around Rosh Hashanah I think it was, about the barley being finally ripe and a vision He gave me of seed, the barley remnant – the firstfruits offering, being planted in a valley that was surrounded by mountains. As the mountains are around Jerusalem, so the Lord is around His people now and forever. And on the other side of those mountains there was warfare and great unrest and destruction going on, but in that valley bathed in brilliant light of the sun, those barley seeds were planted and growing. I think the post is called 'the barley remnant planted and growing'. Just do a search on my Fresh Oil Releases website.

with the word 'barley' and you should come to it.

Just a word regarding the Lord knowing your weak areas and targeting them with resistance training, it is my experience that because it is a weak area, one gets the feeling one is continually failing as one exercises that spiritual 'muscle' and that you are not getting anywhere, but just the fact that you are resisting the push to go downstream IS exercising and strengthening every part of you, even though all YOU are aware of is the filth around you and the debris and the planks sailing towards you. As you hold your ground and inch forward inch by inch, your core spiritual strength is increasing much more than you realise. You may feel you are making no visible progress but in the spiritual realm you are passing the test because you are still facing upstream and resisting the flood of darkness bombarding you day and night.  Well done, beloved!

Just the fact that you are resisting the push to go downstream IS exercising and strengthening every part of your spirit!

So I pray that those two visions have really blessed you and strengthened you and given your understanding keep pressing on upstream, beloved remnant . Keep pressing on upstream. Do not give up, no matter the strength of resistance against you. The Lord is your strength and your shield. See to it that your heart trusts in Him and he will help you. The Lord gives unyielding and impenetrable strength to His people and He blesses His people with peace.