In this part two of Severing & Separation, I want to speak to you specifically about the process of separation. And to do that, I want to refer you to Revelation 12. First of all, when the woman brings forth the man child and he is caught up to the throne and the woman flees to the wilderness - in that whole process is a twofold separation. Firstly, the umbilical cord is severed from the placenta as the child comes forth. And then secondly, there is a severing as far as position goes, as the child is appointed to a different place and position spiritually, and the woman is appointed to the place that has been prepared in the wilderness. Now, on the day that I did the Omega Man radio show, at practically the same time as I was speaking on that show, a friend of mine in another country had a dream. She dreamt that I was standing in my front doorway, speaking to her on my patio, and she was holding a young boy child. Now, in my dreams, she always represents the Bride. I know this from experience and in the dream, she saw three men walking in the street and sensed danger. And they were looking for ways to get to the child and to harm him. So, she quickly gave the child to me and said, “Go inside and shut the door,” and then she left. Now, in that dream, we see the woman and the man child and I have been sharing with them, while standing in the doorway, which is Christ. And then danger comes to the manchild, and I take the child inside, close the door and, in hiddenness and privately, look after the manchild and the woman goes to a safe place. So, we see that this dream is also a playing out of Revelation 12.


When she told me the dream, I was reminded of an angel appearing to Joseph in a dream after the kings had visited Joseph and Mary and the young child. You find it in Matthew 2:13.


‘The angel said, get up, take the child and his mother and flee to Egypt and remain there until I tell you otherwise. For Herod intends to search for the child in order to destroy him. And having risen, he took the child and his mother by night and withdrew to Egypt.’


So I knew the Lord was giving me a warning in my friend's dream that the manchild is in danger, that there is a three pronged assignment against the manchild, and it is time for me to stop speaking to the Bride and manchild publicly, but to go into a place of hiddenness and to begin to minister to the manchild privately. And as I pondered this, the Lord said to me. “Your Omega Man podcast was your swan song”. I was kind of rendered speechless, and then He said to me, “They do not need to hear your voice. They need to hear My voice”. And that was significant because Shannon, who hosts that Omega Man show, had said he loves to listen to my voice and can listen to it for hours. And the Lord was saying, “No, it's not your voice, it's My voice they need to hear at this time”. And He mentioned that I had shared everything I needed to share on being free of the fear of death in that interview and that the sound release was a perfect formation of a swallow dive podcasting swan song for the Bridal Company. And from that point on, I was not to be releasing podcasts. of course, it was the Lord's attention to detail that used the OMEGAman show to tell me it was my last podcast  -omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, corresponding to the Tav of the Hebrew alphabet. There was to be no confusion. That message was my omega sound release, the finishing sound burst for the Tav Company who are watching for His return.


So I have been praying into this whole thing and trying to understand clearly what God was saying. He spoke to me specifically about not broadcasting a sound and the fact that the time for hearing is over & the time of seeing has come! That connected me to Simeon, the righteous priest who was in the temple. The Lord had promised him that he would not die until he had seen the promised son. When Mary and Joseph brought him to the temple and Simeon held him in his arms, he said, “Now my eyes have seen Your salvation and I can depart in peace”. Simeon means hearing, and the Lord has said all the sound that needs to be released from your mouth for the preparation of the Bride for the next period has been released. And the time of them now seeing the manifestation of what has been spoken is at hand.


That next day, when I was still pondering on my friend's dream and trying to get clarity, my son came to visit me and after he left, I became very tearful and I began to weep and I could not stop weeping. And it was the strangest thing. I had had a conversation with him about the injection and he had resisted it somewhat, and I became overwhelmed with grief that there is a distinct possibility of our children being taken from this earth before we die ourselves. Said, “Lord, why am I crying so much?” And he spoke a phrase, ‘Rachel weeping for her children, because they all are no more’. And then I knew that the Lord was referring me back to Matthew 2. After the kings had visited the young child, and Joseph had been warned in a dream to fly by night to Egypt because Herod was intending to search for the child to destroy him, it says in verse 16:


‘Then Herod, when he realized he had been misled by the wise men, was furious. And he sent and put to death all the male children in Bethlehem and in that territory who were two years old, and according to the date, which he had investigated diligently and had learned exactly from the wise men.’


So, we realized that Jesus was round about age two years old when the wise men visited him, and verse 17 says the following:


‘Then was fulfilled what was spoken by the prophet Jeremiah - A voice was heard in Ramah, wailing and loud lamentation, Rachel weeping for her children. She refused to be comforted because they are no more’.


That is a quote from Jeremiah 31:15. So, I knew that the Lord was speaking very strongly in warning that the manchild is in great danger at this time because an assignment has been unleashed to wipe them out. And in order to get to the manchild that Herod spirit is going to be slaughtering on a wide scale the children of God. Rachel is weeping for her children because they are no more. Bethlehem means ‘House of Bread’ and also ‘House of War’. And so, at that time, we see a great separation happening in Bethlehem amidst much weeping - the manchild and his parents flee to Egypt. But at the same time, Zachariah, John the Baptist’s father sent his son and his mother, Elizabeth, to the wilderness to hide, in order to save him from the slaughter that was coming. So, we see a threefold separation. Some parents are separated from their children by death. Those who carried the spirit of Elijah and have understanding of the times are at this time fleeing to the wilderness. This is a type of the woman in Revelation 12 fleeing to the wilderness, to the place prepared. Here she was kept safe for three and a half years. And the manchild and parents goes to a different place, Egypt, just as in Revelation 12 where the manchild was caught up to the throne and the woman fled to the wilderness. SEPARATION of those who carried the spirit of Elijah and those who are part of the manchild company. The Word of God says ‘out of Egypt, I have called my Son’. And that is why Jesus and Mary and Joseph had to go to Egypt to fulfil what was written.


So, at this time, there are instructions to separate being released from the throne room via dreams, visions or audible instruction. These instructions are given because of danger to the manchild and those who carry the Spirit of Elijah. These instructions send people that are part of the Bride of Christ and the manchild to different locations – and this has both a spiritual and often a geographical implication, and we have to be obedient. You remember that I shared a little while back about the Lion of Judah roaring in front of His army, uttering His voice before his army (Joel 2). I said there are changes of assignment and changes of platoon. And when He says to one, “Go here, you will now be a part of this platoon,” and the person next to him is not sent there, they remain where they are; that we are to be obedient. And it's easily written but when the moment of sending comes, it's a difficult thing for the heart to leave where you have been standing, shoulder to shoulder with other members of the Bridal Company.


The day after weeping copiously, I was driving behind a heavily armored vehicle, the kind that puts money into the ATMs, and the Lord just said to me, “This is how you will be traveling from now on; armored fully and escorted”. And He told me to take note of the numberplate, and it was 47 SB. H47 in the Strongs Concordance is the word Abiyr in the Hebrew, and it means ‘mighty ones’. So there again, we have a reference to the manchild company and also to Song of Songs where the bridal chariot of Solomon comes out of the wilderness surrounded by 60 mighty men who have their swords on their thighs and they are all expert in war. This is the manchild company - the mighty men surrounding the portable throne of the Bridegroom.


Then I had another dream, which also added understanding. I was at a plant nursery and you know how they have indoor plants inside the building. And I was looking at a plant in a black bag, and it had a topiary frame of wire in the shape of a stag for the plant to grow up. I was quite taken with this stag topiary and then I couldn't make up my mind, so I went outside and looked at the other plants and then decided I was going to buy it, came back in and, as I did so, the lights went off inside the building and the girl that had been serving me was on her way home. And I said, “Oh, you close at four o'clock. I wanted to ask about this topiary, do I have to plant it deep in the soil?” And I said to the owner of the nursery, “I am positioned high up on a mountain on the shaded side, and the sun only comes there later”. And he said he has already coated the legs of the topiary frame with food and protection. So, it would grow well once planted. There was substance already applied on it to feed and protect it.


And when I woke up, the Lord said to me that I needed to pay attention to the time 4pm. This is an hour into the evening watch. Jesus died at three p.m. His time of being displayed publicly and paying for the sins of the world on the cross ended at three pm. His assignment was finished. And then at around about 4:00 p.m., the soldier pierced his side with a spear and blood and water flowed out. He was confirmed dead and taken down from the cross and given into the hands of Joseph of Arimathea, who was, not coincidentally, Mary’s uncle. He knew Jesus well, as He was his great-nephew. The Lord highlighted the fact that round about 4:00 p.m, there was a release of blood and water. Now, for those of you who are new to this blog, I want you to go and look up the word I wrote called ‘Two Companies Released’. It is about those who carry the sound of the Blood and those who carry the sound of the water of the Word. And you will find they are a reference to the man child company who carried the sound of the Blood and to the Bride of Christ who carry the sound of the water of the Word. Once again, we see a separation. 4PM indicates separation time. It's the time when the lights go out in the nursery. And it is time to count the cost, pay the price, take the framework and blueprint, represented by the topiary of the stag. This is the required structure for the manchild to grow, to mature manhood, in a place of safety high on the mountain. The appointed position was not only high up on the mountain, but on the shaded side, the protected side. He is our shade at our right hand and another very important point in the dream was that it was mentioned the sun would be coming later. In other words, the return of the Bridegroom would be later. But the man child needed to be planted high on the mountain and to grow to the measure of the stature of the fullness of the manchild in that sheltered place.


When I woke up from that dream about the stag topiary, the Lord gave me a scripture in Song of Songs 2:17.


‘until the day breaks and the shadows fly away, return hastily, my beloved, and be like a young stag upon the mountains of Bether’.


The word ‘Bether’ means ‘separation’. So once again, the Lord was speaking about a separation between the Bride who is speaking this verse in Song of Songs and her beloved, the young hart or the young stag. Upon the mountains of separation. So, what the Lord was saying is there is a manchild company, a young stag, that needs to grow to the full measure of the stature of the blueprint as they are caught up to throne room authority and planted in a place high on the mountain. And the topiary had already been coated with the necessary food and protection for the for the young plant to grow very well into the shape it was required to grow.


Jesus, obviously, was the manchild. You know, when we say ‘manchild’, it just means male child. It's a very old-fashioned thing to say: when a woman had a baby, they would ask, “Did she have a girl-child or did she have a man-child?” In other words, has she had a boy or a girl. The word ‘manchild means ‘boy or son’. So, Jesus was the Son and was conformed to the measure of the stature of the fullness of the Son upon the cross of Calvary, where He completed His assignment. But just before he completed his assignment; before he died at three pm, He was separated from His mother. Now, there were a lot of women described in John 19:25.


‘They stood by the cross of Jesus, his mother and his mother's sister, Mary, the wife of Cleopas and Mary Magdalene’


In other words, His mother, His aunt and two other Marys and Jesus looks at these four women and He speaks to one; He speaks to his mother and gives her a commissioning.


‘He saw his mother and the disciple standing by whom He loved, who was John. And He said to his mother, woman, behold your son. And then He said to the disciple, behold your mother. And from that hour, the disciple took her into his own home.’


So here we see the separation of the son from the mother and the mother is taken to the place prepared; the place of safety, the place of care. It was a place of intimacy in the home of John, the disciple whom Jesus loved. And that's a very significant prophetic type concerning the place where the woman in Revelation 12 flees to - the house of John. John wrote the Book of Revelation. She's taken to the house of ‘seeing into the spiritual realm and receiving the full revelation of Christ’. She's taken into the house of ‘intimacy, to be cared for by the man who lay with his head on the heart of the bridegroom and heard his heartbeat. She's taken into the place of protection. This described in John 19:26 and 27 is the point of separation of the mother and the son. And then it says in verse 28 that after this. Jesus, knew that all things were accomplished and there was one more scripture to be fulfilled concerning the vinegar being offered to drink.


Then He said ‘it is finished’ and He bowed his head and gave up the ghost. First the woman who brought Him forth is dispatched to a safe haven and then He goes to His tomb. So, we see here, the manchild being conformed to His death and carried to the place of hiddenness, a sealed place - which was not the place of death, but the place of resurrection power and secret assignment. Remember, Jesus went into the place of the dead and preached to those the souls that were in prison and led captivity captive and led away a train of vanquished foes. That is a depiction of the assignments of the manchild; done secretly away from the eyes of man. The manchild must be in a place with a shut door. That's why in the dream I took the child, entered my house and shut the door.


The Ministry of John brought forth Jesus into His public ministry also, like the woman brought forth the manchild. And that's why, when Herod's slaughter assignment was unleashed, John and his mother, Elizabeth, fled to the wilderness but Jesus and his mother and father fled to Egypt - separation. And of course, we know also that when Joseph was in his place of authority in Egypt, having prepared for the famine, his family came very urgently and speedily into Goshen, which means ‘the place of drawing near’ in Egypt, because Joseph said to them, “There are still five more years of famine. Come and we will care for you”. Two years of famine had already been. And so there again, we see the number two. As in the man child being two years old, and there's a death assignment; famine, and the family of God, the people of Israel, moved into Goshen. This is a type and a prophetic shadow over this time we are entering into where the Bride of Christ is being sent speedily to her appointed Goshens. I have a friend who was staying somewhere else, and then, very speedily ,God moved her to an endtime refuge literally called Goshen. And I knew her life was a prophetic sign that it is time now, (just as in my friend's dream of me speaking on the patio), for the woman to flee to safety. It is time for the manchild to be put behind closed doors because the death assignment has been unleashed. Whether it is through famine, or through slaughter in the natural, the manchild needs to come to a place of hiddenness - into what looks like a tomb. But it is the place of the releasing of resurrection power.


So, my assignment is changing hugely. And I've really struggled with this whole thing of not ministering to the Bride, because the Lord had asked me if I was willing to feed His sheep during the flood of the dragon, and I had said, “Yes, Lord”. And then I said to Him, “Lord, I've just paid the price for this whole website to be rebuilt, to be shored up and protected and made safe from being cut down and from cyber sabotage. And now You're saying to me, ‘leave it’, I don't understand. And the Lord said to me, “Yes, your assignment was to shore up and to rebuild and protect the watering hole for My sheep. But I do not need you standing there dishing out cupfuls of water to the sheep. It is a spring springing up unto eternal life. And there is a full measure of the revelation of the water of the Word in this watering hole for the sheep to come and drink. And I will bring them here”.


And so now, it seems He's now directing me to feed and minister to a smaller flock privately. So, I will no longer be adding public blog posts onto my blog. The Lord has declared that there's no need for me to add buckets of water here. At a minimum, there is seven years’ worth of the revelation of the water of the World here to equip the Bridal company for what lies ahead. Perhaps in a sense, the watering hole has now been fully birthed or brought forth and the time of severing the umbilical cord and allowing it to stand on its own is what the Lord is directing. May He continue to pour out His anointing through those waters.


I just want to give you some examples of the continual relevance of words given here by directing you to four particular writings:

  1. The Dove Chronicles
    If you search using the word ‘dove’ on the blog, I wrote an 8-part series on the Dove Chronicles. The above link goes to part 1. And it's very important for you to read ALL parts of that at this time. This is VERY TIMELY AND RELEVANT FOR NOW.
  2. Dovetailing with His Blueprint 1 & pt 2
    This is more instruction for the martyrs-to-be.
  3. The Treasures of Wisdom.
    I was amazed at how fresh those words from the Lord taste at this time.
  4. Food for the Journey
    These are words that were given to me in Elul 2020 just before the year 5781 began (exactly a year ago), and that word is still speaking.
  5. Vision and Word from the Lord April 2020  THis is an enduring warning vision for the endtime saints. Pay close attention!


We have to get out of this fast-food consumer mentality, where we think a word must just tickle our fancy. We read it… “Oh, yes, that's good, that's great… Oh, I need to hear a new word…’ That is not what the word that God releases for the preparation of the Bride is like. He releases a word that continues to speak for the whole season of preparation. You need to pray into these words, pray these words, walk out these words. Thse words are maps for your journeys. And every time you revisit the watering hole, the Spirit of the living God and the seven Spirits of God will give you something different; a greater depth, a different measure, a highlight, a different instruction. So, these words do not go out of date. And I would encourage you to search this watering hole, which was built at a great price personally, and ask the Holy Spirit what cup of water is for you today on the site? Because even as far back as 2014, there are words that are still speaking today; they are still equipping and encouraging and nourishing the Bride of Christ.


To finish off, I just want to share what the Lord shared with me today for the completion of the old assignment. But first, let me make it clear that after this post, I will no longer be posting on this blog. I will only be releasing newsletters privately into people's inboxes. If you want to keep hearing what the Lord is saying to the manchild, you need to sign up for my newsletters on my blog site. There's a place to subscribe. PLEASE ALSO ADD to your address book as a safe sender or contact as many people’s newsletters end up in their spam folders.


I will no longer be adding to the podcasts. The podcasts will remain at the podcast site; Fresh Air Releases will remain up because they are now words - every single one of those words is what the Spirit of the living God has provided for you as the Bride of Christ for this day. I will leave those there just as they are (and a confirmation that the Omegaman radio show is my last audio is that I have no more space left on that podcast to upload any more sound files, which shows you that it is at completion).


The Lord also said to me it's very important that there be no footprints left around the watering hole so that His sheep can be tracked after visiting the watering hole of Fresh Oil Releases website. So, I am going to switch the comments off on the blog posts. You may come and drink as freely and as often as you like, without price, without putting yourself in danger of being tracked and followed because of posting comments. Just a reminder to bookmark the following IP address as the New Fresh Oil Site:


If you do want to say something to me or share something with me after reading a particular blog post, you may write to me privately at  or at my proton email, which is .


Finally, let me read you what I journaled today:


‘I said, “Lord, I am bereft about leaving the watering hole of Fresh Oil. I feel the sense of stewardship so deeply; the weight of responsibility to give the right food at the right time. How can I in a time when the sheep are more stressed and distressed than ever, walk away from it? Lord, you asked me to feed Your sheep during the flood of the dragon, I don't understand why You would remove me from stewarding this watering hole now at this crisis point”.


He said, “This watering hole forms part of the safe place that is being prepared to feed and protect the woman during the flood of the dragon. It is fully prepared, fully stocked and very deep. Every lamb I lead here will have their thirst quenched, their heart encouraged, and their quiver filled with words that are weapons against the enemy. Would I build a granary for the days of famine and then forget to stock it? No, I have been leading you every step of the way. And there are seven years-worth of good grain here. I am the captain of the ship. You do not need to have your hand on the wheel for Me to steer it through safely. Relinquish this yoke, for I have other tasks for you. The manchild must be planted upon the mountain and positioned to receive equipping, because the dragon is preparing to make war with the remnant worldwide. You cannot tell others to go meekly to new assignments and yet be reluctant to proceed yourself.”


And I said, “But, Lord, I don't know what I'm going to. I can't see the parameters of it or grasp the detail of the assignment”. And He said, “Entrust the Bridal sheep to Me, daughter. I am able to keep feed and guide each one in these dark days. I have need of you elsewhere. Now, be quick about it. Time is of the essence.”


And I said, “How do I minister to the manchild if I can't add one more podcast? If that was my swan song and I must walk away from the shored-up watering hole, I cannot see how You want me to reach them”.


And he said, “You are a watering hole and a granary, daughter. You are a portable feast. I cannot have you locked into one location any more. It's time for the corporate ark of My presence to be on the move. The cloud is moving and the Red Sea will open. But you must now pull up those tent pegs and go forward”.


I had a sense of moving from the Holy Place and the silver vessels to the Holy of Holies and the golden sensor with the incense crushed very fine, and the Blood speaking from the Mercy Seat. And He said to me, “Yes, daughter, keep the newsletter going, as you did in the beginning. You have come full circle - back to simplicity. One letter, one scroll delivered personally and privately. How can I move you into your appointed position in the Melchizedek priesthood that functions beyond the veil, if you will not let go of your duties in serving up the bread of My presence and lighting the lampstand in the Holy Place? There is a double portion of incense, crushed very fine, that needs to be carried into the Holy of Holies. And as part of My golden senser, I require your participation, will you yield to Me?”


And what can I say, except, “Here I am, Lord, I delight to do Your will.”